B&B Monday Update 3/8/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/8/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

We open today’s episode with Jackie driving in her car having flash backs to her conversation with Big Bad Deacon about Brooke, Ridge, Nick and the paternity of the spawn. Jacksters repeats to herself that Deacon is not going to spill the beans about the error in the test.

Over at Logan Designs, Ridge and Brooke are being a little rude to Deacon and don’t really care what he has to say to them. Deacon urges that he’s baring good news and that if they would just give him a minute of their time their day would start to look up. “Brooke, I care about you, I can help,” Deacon pleads after telling them that he knows everything about the baby. “Alright, then say what you need to say,” Brooke says, ever annoyed but somewhat intrigued. Then, the phone rings, thus interrupting the conversation. After Brooke hangs up, Jackie comes barging in to interrupt yet again. As the four of them are all standing around, Clarke comes bopping in to notify Brooke and Ridge that a water pipe burst on the fourth floor and that the whole hall way is flooded. At that, Bridge goes traipsing out of the room to fix the problem because apparently they have plumbing experience.

After Brooke and Ridge leave, Deacon comments on Jackie’s impeccable timing. “I call it lucky,” she sneers. “Jackie, all you’re doing is prolonging the inevitable. The truth is going to come out.” Jackie urges to Deacon that he must not tell what he knows; it would only cause more grief. “If Brooke found out about this, it would just send her running back to Ridge and if the results turn out to say that Nicky is still the father then all of it would be for nothing.” Deacon comments that Brooke belongs with Ridge and that Jacksters really shouldn’t be messing with this. Then the two take a seat.

Deacon wonders if this is the part where Jackie is going to beg him to keep his mouth shut. “I don’t beg,” Jackie says through gritted teeth. Jacksters flat out tells Deacon that she doesn’t want to hear about morality and all that mumbo jumbo, especially coming from him. Big Bad Deacon tells Jacksters that he refuses to lie for her. “I won’t lie to the people that I care about; not anymore,” Deacon proclaims. Jackie then attempts to persuade Deacon to do other wise by bringing up Massimo’s name, pretty much saying that she could put in a good word for Deacon with Mass the ass man. Right as Deacon looks as though he’s really contemplating the idea of respect from Massimo, Brooke and Ridge come waltzing back into the office. “Deacon, you’re still here?” Ridge asks rudely. “Alright, what is your earth shattering news?” the Brookester demands to know, “Spit it out!”

Over at Forrester Creations, Thomas is cleaning up his attempt of a lunch that he had set for him and Caitlin. Thorne walks in and questions his nephew about the happenings of the day. Thomas tells Thorne about his lunch date with Caiters, and about how her dad Hector showed up and dragged her out.

Thorne comments that he had run into the studly fireman at the Insomnia and was surprised to find out that he didn’t know that Caitlin was working at Forrester. Thomas now understands why Caitlin never mentioned her internship to her dad. Then Thomas mentions that Stephanie had recognized him and wonders what the connection is between Hector the fireman and the Forrester Clan. Thorne informs Thomas that he had never seen him before, thus leading the two to conclude that he must know Ridge from way back when.

Down at the not so happy home of Hector and Caitlin, the father and daughter duo have returned to the house and Caiters is not a happy camper. “I can’t believe that you embarrassed me like that!” she yells. Hector tells his little girl that he’d be glad to have a rational discussion about what went down, but only if she calms down. Hector wants to know why Caitlin never said anything to him about her internship at Forrester Creations. “Because I knew that you wouldn’t like it,” she tells him straight up. Well, Hector isn’t all too thrilled with her answer and doesn’t want her to associate with them anymore.

Caiters questions her dad about Stephanie recognizing him. Hector finally admits that he had played soccer against Ridge in high school. They were apparently on different teams from different schools, but it was a big rivalry. “So you were famous?” Caitlin asks. Hector reminds her about a corny metaphor about a tree and its shadow and about how the shadow represents fame; something about how the shadow is the first thing that you see, but it isn’t real. “Is that why you don’t like the Forrester’s, because they’re famous?” Caitlin asks. “I have nothing against them, I just don’t want you working there,” the fireman responds. Caitlin doesn’t accept his reasoning, and refuses to quit without a better explanation. Hector hugs his daughter and promises her that he’ll help her find another internship in the fashion industry, “Any where but Forrester,” he says.

Over at Forrester Fort One, Eric comes home to find a rather shaken up Imposter Bridget. “What’s wrong?” he asks his daughter. “It’s Pucci,” Imposter Bridget replies, “she’s dead.” The two just don’t know what to do for they are mighty aware that Cute Sweet Sammy will be more than upset. Just then, Stephers and Sammy come on in with shopping bags. Sammy seems miffed that she didn’t get to see her mother as she was passing through LA.

As Sammy sets down her bags, Eric and Imposter Bridget reluctantly tell her the bad news about that adorable little puppy dog.

At first, Sammy seems to be in denial, and then slowly walks over to where the dog is laying under a blanket on the living room floor. She looks under it and then grabs a hold of the blanket and starts weeping in hysterics. When Stephers comes over to comfort Cute Sweet Sad Sammy, Sam tells them that she’s had Pucci for 15 years. Stephers tries to say some encouraging words, but Sammy sobbing gets the better of her and she runs out of the room. After Imposter Bridget leaves to go and talk to Sad Sammy, Stephanie is mighty worried about her young friend. “I knew that she’d be upset, but that was over the top,” Stephanie comments to Eric, “Something tells me that there is more going on then what we know.” The wondering Stephanie goes over to grab her cell phone and gives Priscilla, Sammy’s mom a call.

Stephers tells Priscilla the tale of woe, and while she seemed to know why Sammy was over the top upset about the dog’s death, she isn’t all too big of a hurry to come to her daughter’s aide. “I wouldn’t even have brought this up if I wasn’t truly worried,” Stephanie pleads to Priscilla as she asks her to come and see Sammy. Reluctantly, Sammy’s mother agrees to skip her flight to come see her.

Up in Sammy’s room, the poor sweetie is crying into her pillow over the loss of her precious Pucci. Imposter Bridget comes up with some tea, and sympathy. “I know why you’re so upset Sam; Pucci was more then just a pet,” Bridget says. Sammy just looks at her through her tears.

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