B&B Thursday Update 3/4/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/4/04

By Matthew           
Pictures by Boo

Greetings fans!

Jackie manages to confuse/calm down Caitlin about her fears concerning the paternity test of Brooke’s baby. Deacon overhears everything and follows Jackie to Café Russe. Incidentally, in the scene before the theme song, we see Jackie leave Forrester, then right after the theme she is in Café Russe. Talk about fast transit! She orders a double scotch (looks like someone has already started her spring break…mine starts tomorrow!!) and tries to calm down. Deacon pops in and smokes (!). Jackie calls him on it and long story short he tells her he heard the conversation. He wonders who will tell Brooke the truth: him or her. Doh!

Hector enters Insomnia looking for Caitlin (you’ll recall she told her dad that she worked there because for some unknown reason he would hate for her to work at Forrester). Thorne overhears him question a waiter about Caitlin (who doesn’t have a clue who she is) and explains he knows a Caitlin Ross at Forrester. Well, Caitlin’s last name is supposed to be Ramirez. Oops! Caitlin changed her last name to Ross for Forrester?! Why?? Thorne recognizes Caitlin’s picture, prompting Hector who is seriously pissed to high tail it to Forrester.

Thomas (with Megan’s help) arranges for he and Caitlin to have lunch in his office. What?! He has his own office? A 16 year old? I can’t even get a real cubicle in my grad-student office and a teenager gets his own private one? What the hell does he do and why isn’t he in school? But anyway, Caitlin shows up and is impressed. Apparently you can get French fries from Café Russe. Get it? French? Okay…they enjoy the meal and talk about how much help they have been for each other. Thomas gets up for his first kiss with Miss Ross, eh Ramirez, when who should pop in, but Hector! He is none too pleased and demands she get her things so they can leave.

At Brooke’s, Hope, Brooke, and Nick spend the day together. Brooke thinks she dreamed the whole “Taylor” thing, but expresses how much better she feels now. Everyone has a lot fun in the pool as we hear Jack Wagner’s song “Going Back Again” for the umpteenth time. It’s not like I don’t like it, but do we have to hear it played ad nauseam? At least the background is better this time than when Nick dreamed they were at the marina. I still don’t understand the “rolling down the hill” portion of that dream. This time they all played in the Jacuzzi, the pool, and had cool sunglasses to match. At the end of the sequence, Nick leans in for a kiss with Brooke. Ahh how sweet. But, where is Hope? I guess Helen (or is it Marta?) is taking care of her somewhere.

Have a great day! Enjoy the warmth of Florida if you can!

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