B&B Wednesday Update 3/3/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/3/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Greetings B&B watchers.

A few gripes since I haven’t done this in a while. What’s up with the opening? Old Bridget has been gone since like mid-January, yet her picture it still up and there’s a new actress playing her part! I complain about the show’s slackness in that department (like not updating dead characters…like poor Macy who has been dead for 6 months now [who is actually on AMC now!!]), but this is just ridiculous.

Okay, so it’s a new morning in LA. At the Mojo pad, Jackie is hung over from her night ‘o brandy. Oscar thinks she probably just had too much to drink. Jackie is also unnerved by her Taylor visit. She thinks aloud the whole thing must have been a dream. Yeah you keep telling yourself that babe.

At Forrester Creations we get to see long lost characters like Deacon and Amber! Apparently Deacon is all healed now. Did I miss something? I thought he still was using a cane when Caitlin showed up. Oh well, gotta love medical miracles. It’s the debut of Sharpe designs!

Deacon is busy getting everything ready. Sally and Amber assure Deacon that Eric will show up to their shindig on time. Amber’s hair is almost jet black now! Looking good! Deacon isn’t sure Eric is going to approve their designs, but Amber thinks he is overreacting. Eric, Stephanie, and Thorne show up to approve the designs. Deacon gets up on stage and introduces the line (equipped with a spotlight). Is all this really necessary? I mean it’s a show for three people who work in the same company!! Couldn’t Eric approve sketches? Who’s doing the lighting? Then there is applause and I have no clue where it’s coming from. I guess there are reporters hanging out in the back at the snack table?

Cue the trashy models. Can you say ugly??? Dangling heart shape earrings? Ugh. Wow a whole 4 pieces in the collection. Stephanie seems relieved that the loud music is over. Hehe. Deacon asks what everyone thought.

Steffers: complaints about the music. Eric: Doesn’t want to produce the collection. He thinks it is too edgy for Forrester. Amber and Sally think they’ll just tone it down, but Deacon thinks this is just Eric’s personal vendetta. With that he quits!!

Later, Amber and Sally attempt to calm Deacon down. No such luck. He storms out…again.

Thomas is surprised by Caitlin in the hallway outside of Eric’s office as he delivers a package. Is Thomas in school? She thanks him for opening up to her about his mom.

Thomas explains that everyone was feeling better today, but he’s not sure why. He’s also not sure if it will last long at all. The topic moves on to relationships and how risky it is to ask someone out. Me thinks it is warming up in the hallway. The topic shifts back to Ridge and how frustrated Thomas is that he can’t help him. Just then Jackie waltzes into the hallway and seems surprised to see Caitlin. Thomas leaves prompting Caitlin to ask about the paternity test…again. Hung over and agitated, Jackie doesn’t want to talk about it.

They go into Deacon and Amber’s office to talk about it. Jackie lies through her teeth and says the lab people told her the tests were re-done and she found out at the funeral. Hah.

Deacon overhears the majority of their conversation from outside in the hallway! Hehehe!

See ya tomorrow

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