B&B Tuesday Update 3/2/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/2/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Ridge's front room:

Ridge is still studying Taylor's picture as he hears a knock on the door. It is Brooke. After making sure it isn't too late for a visit, Brooke enters the room.

She immediately tells Ridge that she had a visit from Taylor today. Ridge admits that he saw Taylor tonight also. They talk about the different conversations that each had with Taylor. Ridge tells Brooke that when he heard she was in the hospital today, he didn't care about anything else. When Brooke realizes that all went away when Ridge saw the ultrasound of Nick's baby. Ridge wonders how they got to the place they are. They both agree that Taylor came to both of them because they are both searching for answers.

Brooke thinks that if Taylor found her way to both of them, anything is possible. Ridge wonders if that includes the two of them being together again. Brooke isn't sure what it means. She tells him a bit more of her conversation with Taylor, and that Taylor said she was proud of Brooke. Brooke knows that if she had handled things like she used to in the past, and clung to Ridge no matter what, that she would have eventually lost him. Now that she has changed, nothing can take their love away.

They agree that they each will always be a part of the other. Brooke decides it is time to go home after they share an intimate hug. Ridge wishes her sweet dreams as she goes out the door.

Baby's room at Nick's penthouse:

Samantha and her pooch are still visiting with Nick. She questions Nick's motives. Is he sure that he didn't just want her to get Ridge's attention so Nick would have Brooke all to himself. Nick denies that. He only wanted Samantha to find out what she really feels.

He shows her the picture of the baby and declares that he now has a new life. The baby will have a hell of a good life also, with both his mother and his father. Samantha looks at the picture of the ultrasound and comments that the baby is beautiful. As she stares at the picture, Nick inquires what she is thinking about.

She tells him that she is thinking a lot of things, what is he thinking about? Nick tells her that he thinks she will be a very good mother some day. Samantha thanks him. Nick thinks his son is a very lucky boy, because his son has a woman that is already a very good mother.

Nick has a very happy look on his face. Samantha teases him that the 'tough Captain Payne' does have a human side.

Marone Mansion:

A drunk Jackie demands to know who this woman is and how she got into the house. She threatens to call the police. Taylor tells her to call the police if that is what she wants to do. Jackie decides she must be there to see one of the servants. Taylor corrects her, she is there to see Jackie. When Jackie claims she doesn't know who the woman is, Taylor asks her 'Don't you?'

Jackie turns to look at Taylor, then recognition flushes over her face. She looks to the picture album still laying on the coffee table. Taylor nods that she is correct. Jackie rushes to the book and finds the picture of Taylor. Jackie really starts to freak out a bit. Taylor is dead! Talking to herself, she decides this is some kind of a trick, or maybe it is too much alcohol. She is hallucinating for some reason. She is really frightened now and tells Taylor to stay away from her. She runs to the stairs screaming for Massimo. (Hope she is never really in danger, Massimo will never come to her rescue if that wailing didn't wake him.)

Taylor tells her that Massimo is in a deep sleep. Jackie demands to know how Taylor knows that. It still hasn't sunk in exactly what is going on. Taylor reminds Jackie that she didn't join Mass when he went to bed because she needed to ease her pain. Jackie yells at her to get out. Taylor knows that drowning her sorrows isn't helping. Jackie again yells for Taylor to get out of her house. Taylor explains that she is there because Jackie asked for help, she is there to give Jackie that help. Jackie insists that she doesn't need any help. Taylor can't believe that everything is just fine. Jackie insists everything is wonderful. She has a beautiful house, married to the man she loves, her son is close by and about to make her a grandmother. Taylor reminds her of Ridge's pain. Jackie thinks that is why Taylor is here, to make her feel guilty. She insists that she has nothing to feel guilty about. Taylor tells Jackie that she going down a dangerous path.

Jackie pretends not to know what Taylor is talking about. When Taylor pressures Jackie a little bit more, Jackie tries to go outside to get some air, but the doors won't open. Taylor tells her it is time she stop running. Jackie says she is not running from anything. Taylor informs her that she knows Jackie is running from what she is hiding, and Taylor knows what she is hiding also. Jackie insists that she is not hiding anything. She goes to pour herself another drink. She tells Taylor that she didn't tell Nick about the paternity test because there is no reason to. She knows the baby is Nick's.

When Taylor pressures her a bit more, Jackie gets angry at her again. She challenges Taylor to tell her who the father is. Taylor explains that she doesn't know the answer to that question, but the only way Jackie will get any peace is if she comes clean and let them all retake the paternity test. Even if the child isn't Nick's she will feel more at peace in knowing she did the right thing. Jackie is getting angry again. She loves the way Brooke and Nick light up when they are around each other. Brooke and Ridge just a 'habit'. Jackie throws her glass at Taylor who promptly disappears. She reappears behind Jackie by the door.

Before she fades away, she tells Jackie that if she doesn't do the right thing, she will regret it for the rest of her life. Once Taylor has faded out, Jackie clutches a pillow to her stomach on the couch and cries.

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