B&B Friday Update 2/27/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/27/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Brook's bedroom:

Brook can't believe her eyes. An angelic Taylor confirms that it is her. She is there to help Brook. Brook rushes to give Taylor a hug. (Since when can you 'HUG' a ghost?) Brook tells her that she is trying to live her life more like Taylor lived hers. Taylor knows that Brook has changed, and that she is very devoted to her baby.

Brook explains her anguish to Taylor. She wants to do what is right for everyone involved. She wants to be a family with Ridge, Thomas and the twins. Taylor assures Brook that she has done right by her (Taylor's) children. Brook is being too hard on herself. Taylor realizes that Brook has sacrificed so much to do what she believes is right for the baby she is carrying. Brook really is torn. She wants to do right by the baby, and she wants to do right by Ridge and Taylor's children.

Taylor tells Brook that she has watched her children grow up and she sees the positive influence Brook has had on them. Taylor tells her that she has confidence that Brook will figure it all out. Brook asks Taylor if her and Ridge will ever be able to be together again. Taylor explains that this is Brooks journey, not hers. Brook has to figure this all out on her own. Taylor does assure her that if she continues to live her life like she has been, it will all work out for her.

Brook is left with even more questions as Taylor slowly vanishes in the night air.

Caitlin's house:

Thomas doesn't want Caitlin to think he is crazy for wishing Brook's baby were his dads. He knows that he can't change it, just like he can't change that his real mother is dead. Caitlin tells him that she believes her mother's spirit is always going to be looking down and watching over her. Thomas thinks that is a comforting thought. The conversation moves to the differences in their lives. Caitlin tells Thomas that her father saw his jacket and reminded her that they come from different worlds. Thomas wonders if that is how Caitlin feels. She explains that her dad has had it rough trying to raise a family. Thomas thinks it is the same thing. Caitlin thinks her situation is a lot different than his.

Thomas reminds her that they both lost their mothers, not many people their age can relate to that. Caitlin explains that she never really had a mother to lose. There were always people around the house to raise her. Thomas thinks she is talking about 'nannies'..he had those too. She corrects him and explains that her father used to take in strangers off the street. People who had lost their homes in fires and had no place else to go. Those are the people that raised her. Thomas is impressed. He remembers that she said she had some news for him. Caitlin is really sad to tell him that her news didn't pan out. Thomas tells her it is okay, she has made him feel better just by listening. He enjoys having someone he can share things with. He kisses her very sweetly on the cheek before he takes off. Caitlin smiles as if she is developing a bit of a crush on Thomas.

Ridge's house:

Phoebe has fixed some Rice Krispy treats for her father. She informs him that Krispy treats are like fine wine, they are to be savored, not inhaled. She is worried about Ridge. She knows that it upset him to see Nick and Brook today, and seeing the ultrasound. She tells them that they were all thinking the same thing. Wishing the baby were his and not Nik's.

Ridge is touched that his daughter is trying to get him to talk about it. She reminds him of Taylor. He tries to explain that he worries about them since Taylor is gone. They are denied a real family, all they have is him. Phoebe tries to assure him that he is enough. She asks if he thinks she is a good kid. Of course he does, she is the best. She tells him that is proof enough that he is a great dad. Ridge tells her that he sees Taylor and Brooks influence in all of them too. He sees Taylor in Phoebe's eyes.

Phoebe takes down a picture of Taylor and looks longingly at it. She thinks Taylor had beautiful eyes. Ridge assures her that her eyes are just as beautiful. He wishes they had all had more time with Taylor. Ridge walks to the windows and looks out at the wind. In a strange way it reminds him of Taylor tonight. Thomas joins the conversation now and admits that he was at Caitlin's house also talking about his mother. Ridge thinks without Taylor, he feels like he doesn't know anything anymore. Phoebe responds lovingly to her father: "Just because you're an adult, doesn't mean you have to have all the answers." The children leave the room and Ridge picks up the picture of Taylor and lays down on the couch to remember. The wind picks up a little bit. He wishes he could hold Taylor again, just for a moment.

The wind picks up just a little bit, and a disbelieving Ridge sees Taylor standing in his front room.

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