B&B Thursday Update 2/26/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/26/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

Over at Caitlin’s house (which is set up to be rather plain, and a complete contrast to that of all of the Forrester Forts, Beach houses, Bungalow’s owned by Brooke, and Marnoe Mansions that we normally see on the show), the young intern is sitting on the couch stroking the patch on a letterman’s jacket, (that I think we’re supposed to assume is Thomas’).

Just then, Caitlin’s dad comes on in. He sees the jacket on the couch and notices the patch. “I know this school; it’s a prep school in Beverly Hills. Who do you know who goes there?” he asks rather aggressively. Caitlin reminds him of her new buddy Thomas. Her dad isn’t so thrilled that Caitlin is hanging around with a rich kid right that and wants her to stay away from him. “What could you possibly have in common with a boy like that?” her dad wants to know.

Caitlin informs her father that like her, Thomas has lost his mother, and that gives them something to converse about. Her dad informs her that rich people like Thomas don’t understand the hardships that people go through. Caitlin thinks that he’s wrong. But, her dad has no time to chat; he’s gotta get heading back down to the fire station; he’s on call tonight. As Caitlin’s dad is getting stuff in the back of the house, she hears a knock on the front door. When Caitlin opens the door, she finds Thomas standing there. Right as the young Forrester stud begins talking, Caitlin hears her pop and slams the door in Thomas’ face. After Caitlin’s dad hugs her goodbye and heads out the back, she opens the door back up on Thomas.

“What are you doing her,” she asks, rather concerned. “I came to get my jacket,” Thomas reminds her, and then goes on to see if he can talk to her about how crapy his day was. “I thought that since you were there, you’d understand, but I guess that I was wrong,” Thomas says sulking. As he starts to walk away, Caitlin welcomes inside. Thomas takes a seat and begins ranting about how hard it was for everyone to see the sonogram of the spawn today. “Dad had this look on his face that right when he saw the baby; he thought that it was his. Then reality smacked him in the face. If only that baby was dad’s,” Thomas wishes.

Up in the bedroom of Brooke’s bungalow, Rick comes on in to check on his mother. Brooke is glad to see him as he takes a seat next to her to hear her troubles.

Brooke whines about how the Tay-tots feel so abandoned and it’s all because the spawn isn’t Ridge’s. Then, the Brookester looks over to see the spawn’s picture sitting where Nick had left it. “I’m so confused. How can this beautiful life be growing in side me while at the same time it feels like a part of me is dying?” Brooke tearfully asks her son. Ridge knows how she feels; after all, she’s loved Ridge her whole life. “But you and Ridge have never worked out. Maybe it’s time that you tried something new,” Rick suggests. “You mean someone new,” Brooke infers. Rick begins to sing Nick’s praises and about how important it will be for the spawn to be raised with his natural father. “But I don’t want Nick, I want Ridge,” Brooke whines some more. But, the Brookester’s reason does prevail when she states to her son that no matter what, she’s not recanting on her original decision. “I want this baby to be raised with a sense of morals. I tore through the Forrester family like a hurricane; Ridge and Thorne will never be as close as they once were and I don’t want that to happen to the Marone family,” Brooke says. “It’s what Taylor would have done. She was an amazing woman.” Rick hugs his mother and tells her that she isn’t all that bad either before he heads on out.

Down at the Marone Mansion, Massimo the ass man has summoned Ridge over to have a chat. He wants him to know that he’s sorry for what he and the kids had to go through when they saw the spawn on the sonogram. Ridge doesn’t really want to hear this lecture again. He yells at Mass that he and Brooke would still be together if Nick hadn’t taken advantage of Brooke. Just then, Jackie walks in and attempts to get Ridge to listen to reason. “I sympathize with what you’re going through, but if we learned anything from today it’s that Brooke and Nick are having a baby together and that we all need to accept that.” Right as Ridge looks as though he’s about to puke he begins to head out. But, before he can make it to the door, Nick comes waltzing into the living room flashing the picture of the spawn to Jacksters, all excited that he’s going to be a papa.

Once he sees that Ridge is in the room though, his joy is put to a screeching halt. After the brothers throw some insults at each other, Jackie decides to open up her big mouth in defense of Nick wanting a family. “Ridge, you have already had three children with your devoted wife Taylor. Nicky just wants to have the same with the mother of his child. Can’t you find it in your heart to let Nicky enjoy this time, and you treasure what you have with your children and reminisce in the wonderful memories that you had with Taylor?” Jackie asks. Now Ridge is pissed. “I don’t need to be told how to live my life, especially from you!” he yells. Well, Massimo isn’t going to stand with Ridge treating his step-mommy like that. Massimo tells Ridge that none of this is Jacskters’ fault; she is not the enemy. Ridge’s life changed when those test results were read and there is nothing that can change that. Then, Mass the ass man makes Nick stick out his hand, and makes Ridge grasp it.

As the brothers’ Marone shake hands, Massimo states that they have declared a truce taking effect this minute. Ridge immediately pulls his hand back, grabs a hold of Nick’s shirt and says that he’ll never accept a truce from him before running out the door. As Ridge is standing outside, he screams at the sky, “Brooke, what has happened to us?”

Back at Brooke’s bungalow, Brooke is having some wicked dreams that keep her tossing and turning. First she sees the flames in the foundry right before the fondle, then Ridge’s face in the ‘brook’ when she found him alive, then the reading of the paternity test, followed by the ultrasound of the baby. Brooke wakes up with a start, and asks the same question that Ridge had previously shouted: “Ridge, what’s happened to us?” Just then, the wind that has been blowing strongly through out the entire episode picks up and blows the doors to Brooke’s terrace open.

Then, a white glow comes in through the window. The glow then begins to take shape and we see that it’s....TAYLOR!!!!!! “Taylor?” Brooke questions. “Brooke, I can tell you what happened,” Taylor angelically states.


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