B&B Wednesday Update 2/25/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/25/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

It is night time in LA, and Brooke has made it home back to her bungalow and is happy to be there. Nick is still very concerned about the Brookester and the spawn’s condition, but Brooke assures him that mother and son are doing quite well. Little Hope comes running up to hug her mommy.

Hope remembers Nicker-bocker from the plane ride back from Paris, and Nick picks her up and swings her around, pretending that she’s flying all about. As Hope and Nick are laughing it up, Brooke looks on with a pleased look on her face. Once Nick brings little Hope in for a landing, he pulls out the sonogram picture of the spawn to show her her little brother.

After Hope has been put down for the night, Nick moseys on into the Brookester’s bed room to check on her. Brooke assures him that she’s just all fine and dandy. Nick re-asks her the question that he asked her in the hospital: “Can you let us love our son together?” Brooke admits that she doesn’t really know what to say to that. Nick seems to see where she’s coming from, but he tells her that he thinks that they are the luckiest people in the world:

Not only is Hope such a cute sweet kid, but they’ve got their spawn on the way. When it looks as though Brooke has clonked out and Nick is gone...he isn’t. Nick pops himself back into Brooke’s room to have a look see at her. As Brooke sleeps, Nick watches her, pulls the blanket up around her, strokes her hair, and then places the picture of their spawn so that it’s facing her on the night table.

Over at Marone Industries, Ridge is starring out his window as he holds a picture of him and the Brookester.

Sammy comes on in to see how he is doing. “Did Brooke and the baby end up OK?” she asks. Ridge fills her in on the fact that mother and son are OK before he goes on to whine about Nick and the whole crapy situation. “Nick wants us to call a truce. He doesn’t think that all of this fighting is good for HIS baby.” “You know, he has a point,” cute sweet Sammy reminds him. Ridge tells her about the connection that he felt when he looked at the spawn on the monitor; “That baby should have been mine,” Ridge complains. “But he’s not yours,” Sammy reminds him. Sammy gives Ridge some good old fashioned, things will get better advice.

Back at Dr. Paxson’s funeral, we see Jackie still standing around by the good doctor’s coffin saying aloud that she isn’t going to say anything about this to any one. Then Jacksters closes the Doctor’s coffin, thus sealing the secret.

Down at Forrester Creations, Caitlin has stopped into Eric’s office to say hey. When she notices all of his Stephanie Sketches, she questions her previous guess about Jackie Marone being his muse. Eric informs the intern that while he cares very deeply for Jackie, but that old reliable Stephanie is and always will be his inspiration. “I just wish that Ridge could get his life back together though,” Eric comments. Caitlin states her prediction that everything will work out for Ridge now to Eric.

“Do you know something that I don’t?” Eric asks the spry young intern. Right when it looks like Caitlin is going to spill the beans, in comes Jackie.

As Eric wonders aloud what’s going on between the two of them, he gets buzzed out on a slight company emergency. After Eric leaves, Caitlin asks Jackie why they just couldn’t tell him. Jackie tells Caitlin that there is no longer anything to tell. “I found out at Dr. Paxson’s funeral that it was all a mistake; that the test was indeed correct. “So, why bring any of this up if there is nothing to tell?” Jackie questions Caitlin.

While Caitlin is very disappointed for the Tay-tots’ sake, she agrees with Jackie that since all of this was a bit “miss-understanding” the no one should know anything about it.

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