B&B Tuesday Update 2/24/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/24/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Still at the hospital, Jackie is continuing watching Brooke interact with Ridge and the Tay-tots. Caitlin brings her some coffee, and wonders if she’s told Brooke about the new paternity problem. Jackie snaps back that she didn’t want to interrupt the Brookester’s chat time with her guests. Caitlin again makes her plea on Thomas’ and his sisters’ behalf that Jackie tell Brooke what’s going on as soon as possible. “It would mean so much for them to be a family again,” she whines. Jackie makes it very clear to the young intern that SHE will tell Brooke what SHE thinks is necessary when SHE thinks the time is right.

Down in Brooke’s hospital room, Ridge calls an end to family hour with her and the kids. Brooke and the twins seemed saddened that they need to end their Hallmark step-mother/ step daughters moment, but none-the-less comply. Thomas makes sure that Brooke and the girls know that anytime they want to visit, he will tote them around; after all, he has his license. “You kids are just growing up so fast,” Brooke gushes. As Ridge ushers the Tay-tots out the door, Ridge eyes Nick talking to a nurse at the hospital desk. He tells Thomas to take the twins home after he drops Caitlin off. Thomas seems to get why his father wants them to all sckee-daddle, and reluctantly complies.

After the kids are gone, Ridge and Nick approach each other. Nick blames what happened to the Brookester on their fight and wants to call a truce. He tries to get Ridge to realize how upset and hurt Brooke was when she heard all of the hateful things that they were saying to each other. “This fighting isn’t good for my child,” Nick points out.

He doesn’t want his spawn or Ridge’s Tay-tots to have to be around all of this hostility and tension. “Brooke and I are having a child together,” Nick informs Ridge, “And you either accept that or you don’t.” Ridge wonders what happens if he doesn’t accept that. “Then keep it to yourself,” Nick booms. Ridge points out that no matter how strong of a bond the spawn creates between Brooke and Nick, it will never erase the history of the BRIDGE. “Brooke’s heart will always be with ME. How are you going to be able to live with that?” Ridge questions Nick.

Back in Brooke’s room, Stephanie has come to see how the Brookester is doing and to find out what happened. Brooke explains that she had slipped on Nick’s boat because she wasn’t paying attention. “I was trying to get away,” Brooke confesses as she tells Stephanie about the Brothers’ Marone’s fight. “I left town for them to be able to work this out, but things aren’t getting any better,” Brooke fears. Stephers makes sure that Brooke is aware that going back to Ridge in attempt to play family won’t be the answer. “I know that,” Brooke says, but she just wishes that there could be a way to fix things without all of this hurt going around. Stephers tells Brooke to not give up. “You are a very strong woman, and things will work out.” Stephers also reminds Brooke of the tremendous sacrifice that she had made for Ridge and the Tay-tots. “I don’t think that I could have done it,” she sheepishly admits. Brooke wishes that she didn’t have to go through all of this alone. “You’re not alone,” Stephanie informs her before making sure that she is on the top of Brooke’s support ladder.

After Stephanie leaves, Nick comes on in to have his chat with Brooke. When Nicker-bocker tells her about his conversation with Ridge, Brooke initially fears that it got out of hand again, but Nick urges her not to worry. After discussing Brooke’s status on the health meter, Nick comments that Jackie had left the hospital to go to Dr. Paxon’s funeral. Brooke thinks that it’s nice that Jacksters went to represent the family. Then the two chat again about how hard it is for Brooke to not be a full time step-mom to the Tay-tots...blah blah blah. Nick tells Brooke that she’s just going through a bad storm and storms pass. “And if you need someone to go through a storm with, I’m the best that you can do,” Nick brings to her attention before asking Brooke: “Can you let us love our son together?”

As BRICK is having their tender moment in Brooke’s hospital room, Ridge and Stephers are sitting together outside. Ridge whines about how hard it is for him to not be the one comforting Brooke. Then he tells her about Nick’s truce request. “He doesn’t think that our fighting is good for his son,” Ridge says sarcastically. “He’s got a point,” admits Stephanie, “I know that it’s not good for MY son.” Stephers urges Ridge to go home, but he just can’t seem to leave. Then he mentions that he saw the baby on the ultrasound machine. “And how did that make you feel?” Stephers wonders. Ridge admits that he was ecstatic and that was how he had pictured the Brookester and his Tay-tots meeting THEIR baby when all was right with the world.

Over at Doctor Paxon’s funeral, Jacksters moseys on in and up to the coffin. She voices over to the good doctor the whole story about how Brooke and Nick have really come together and about how she just doesn’t know what to do. Jackie admits that she is keeping her mouth shut not only because she doesn’t want to hurt BRICK, but also because leaving Ridge and the Tay-tots was the hardest thing that the Brookester has ever had to do. “I don’t want to put her through that again for nothing,” Jackie says to herself and the doctor. Then, it seems as though Jackie has an epiphany. “If I don’t tell anyone, then we’ll all be able to get on with our lives and finally move on.” After thinking about it a little more, Jackie re-approaches the good doctor’s coffin, and states:

“You went to your grave with this secret and God willing I will go to mine keeping it as well.”

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