B&B Monday Update 2/23/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/23/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Still at the hospital, Brooke is still hooked up to the ultrasound as Nick gawks at his baby. The good doctor announces that there is nothing wrong with the spawn; he is healthy and strong. Jackie looks on through all of this as she says to herself in her head that the baby has to be Nick’s. Then, Nicker-bocker goes over and sits by the Brookester.

He tells Brooke how much he cares about her and how much he loves the spawn. “There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for either of you,” he tells a teary eyed Brooke. Jackie notices Brooke caress Nick’s hand. “Please let this baby be Nicky’s,” Jacksters says in her head yet again.

Over at the Cafe Insomnia, the twins are skeptical at Caitlin’s optimism. They don’t see how things will work out for the best for their family. Ridge brings more coffee over and joins into the conversation. “You’re a very lucky man Mr. Forrester,” Caitlin informs him. Ridge reminds her that he hasn’t been having the best streak of luck lately, but Caitlin knows that it will change. “I can’t tell you how, but you’ll know,” she assures him. Just then, Ridge’s cell phone rings. It’s Massimo calling to tell him about the Brookester’s tumble. As soon as Ridge finds out where everyone is, he takes off with the Tay-tots to check on Brooke.

Back at the hospital, Jackie is now in the chapel praying to God. She thanks the divine not just for protecting Brooke and the spawn, but also for all of the good that has come out of Nick at least thinking that he’s the father. “Don’t take that away from him,” Jackie pleads, “You can’t take that way from him.” Then Jacksters asks the Lord what she should do about her plight...to tell or not to tell. She begs for a sign to point her in the right direction. Just then, Nick traipses in. He confides in Jackie about how scared he was. “Now I know how you felt when you heard that my tanker went down,” he comments. After a little father/mother comforting, Jackie tells Nick that she’s going to go and visit with Brooke before she leaves. As Jackie goes to walk out the door, she notices Nick walk up to the alter to have a few words with the Father.

Nick thanks the Lord for all of the good that he has received this year; a father; a family, a spawn. Nick just doesn’t know what he did to deserve this, but he’s oh so grateful. Jackie is touched as she watches her son tear up as he prays in thanks.

A little while later, Massimo stops by the chapel to have a father/son chat with Nick. The two comment on how great it must have been for Nick to see his son. Nick admits that it was a pretty big event. “The next few years are going to be filled with things like this,” Massimo comments to his number two son. Nick says that he realizes this, and makes Massimo the ass man swear that he’ll remind Nick to appreciate every one of them. Then the father and son Marone duo share a firm embrace.

Down in Brooke’s hospital room, Ridge and the Tay-tots come traipsing in to see how she’s doing. Brooke is so touched that they made the trip over to see her. The twins immediately offer to help Brooke out with what ever she needs, “We would love to baby sit for you,” they sing together. Thomas suggests that Brooke just come back to their Forrester Fort and stay with them.

“That’s a great idea,” one of the twins chimes in, “That way you will have people around to take care of you all of the time!” The other twin tries to seal the deal by telling Brooke that they will never let anything bad happen to her ever again. After the kids take a quick hike, Ridge and Brooke chat about how much they miss her. Ridge is sad that it’s no longer his place to comfort Brooke any longer, and that it really pained him to have to find out this type of thing second hand from Massimo. “When the kids come back, we’re going to leave,” Ridge comments to the Brookester. Brooke makes it clear that they don’t have to depart early, but Ridge thinks that it’s best. At that moment, the Tay-tots come frolicking back in with a balloon and some flowers. The one bearing the buds suggests that she bring home Brooke’s flowers and put them in her old room at Forrester Fort Two. Ridge thinks that it’s better that Brooke bring the flowers back to her bungalow, because after all, that’s where she’ll be staying. The twins are crushed that Brooke has turned down their offer to move back to their fort. Brooke makes it clear to the children that they are free to come and visit her at her bungalow anytime that they want. As Brooke attempts to console the girls, the doctor’s assistant comes in to de-hook her from the ultra sound. Before he does though, he turns on the picture one last time so that Brooke can see the baby. It is very obvious that Ridge and the Tay-tots are very hurt seeing the spawn. “There it is, Nick’s baby,” Thomas comments. Ridge is pretty speechless. For once Brooke isn’t babbling; she doesn’t know what to really say either, except that she doesn’t want the kids to blame their Uncle Nick or the baby for her decision to not be a family with them. Then, to break the silence, one of the twins comments how they wish that that was their little brother. “Then we could all be together.”

Outside the room, Caitlin is about ready to enter in when Jackie stops her. Caitlin tells her that she was with Thomas when Ridge got the news and that the young Forrester stud was going to give her a ride home. “Have you told Brooke that this might not be Nick’s baby?” Caitlin flat-out asks Jacksters. “No, you haven’t, have you?” Jackie quickly answers. “No, I haven’t but I wanted to,” Caitlin comments before she pleads to Jackie of how much it would mean to Thomas and the twins to have Brooke be a part of their lives again and to have their family back.

As Jackie goes to enter Brooke’s hospital room, she looks through the window to see the twins hovering over Brooke saying how much they miss her. Jackie looks touched by the kids’ pain, but very conflicted as of what to do.

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