B&B Friday Update 2/20/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/20/04

By Space bug
Pictures by Boo

As we begin today’s episode, Brooke is still writhing around on the deck of Nick’s boat. Nicker-bocker helps her up, questioning if she and the baby are OK. Brooke thinks that she just hurt her back and that everything is fine, but then she feels a cramp in her stomach. Nick isn’t taking any chances; he’s taking the Brookester to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, the good nurses get Brooke all situated in the chair to wait for the doctor as Nick worriedly looks on. Finally, Brooke’s new doctor comes on in to see what all the fuss is about. Upon asking the Brookester what happened and where her pain is, Nicker-bocker jumps in and answers everything for her before she can finish any statement. When the doctor asks Brooke how far along she is, everyone is quiet... “I thought that you’d just answer it for me,” Brooke says slyly to Nick. Nick apologizes. “First time dad,” he says to the good doctor. After the MD checks Brooke and the spawn’s heart, he thinks that he should do an ultrasound just to be on the safe side.

Over at Marone Industries, Jackie barges into Nick’s office calling for him. Upon seeing that he isn’t there, she again does her whole inner monologue of “how do I tell Nicky this?” as she looks at a picture of BRICK sitting on a table. Just then, Massimo pops into the office and is pleasantly surprised to see his wonderful wife there. Massimo invites Jacksters to stick around and have lunch with him, but Jackie must find Nicker-bocker. “I have to talk to Nicky,” she repeats, “it’s about the baby.” Massimo jokes with Jacksters; making sure that she understands that the spawn won’t arrive for quite some time and that she’s got a long while to teach Nick all he needs to know about parenthood. Jackie sighs a laugh but assures Massimo the ass man that that’s not the problem. Just when it looks like she’s about to crack, her cell phone rings. It’s Nicky! He called to tell Jackie about Brooke’s tumble, but that everything should be OK. “Your father and I will be right there!” Jackie yells into the phone. Despite Nick’s protesting that it isn’t necessary, Massimo and Jacksters scurry to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Brooke is now ready for her ultrasound. Apparently they are using the new 4-D kind so that you can get a really accurate picture of what’s going on. Brooke is very impressed when Nicker-bocker announced that he had read all about it and knew what it was. Just then, Mass and Jackie come traipsing in. Upon being told that everything should be alright with the kid, Jackie asks if they can stay to see the baby. The Brookester agrees to let them stick around, but she asks Massimo to call Ridge to let him know what’s going on. As Massimo runs out to make the call, the Doctor fires up the machine. Brooke sees the look of worry on Nick’s face, but tells him that the spawn will be fine; “He’s a tough kid; he’s your son.” After the ultra sound, the doctor concludes that there is nothing wrong, and allows the couple to see the spawn on the screen. Brooke is quite tickled to see her second son bopping about on the screen. Nick is utterly mesmerized by the sight and leans it with his nose almost against the screen just looking at it. Then he beings to talk to it, telling his son that pretty soon they’ll be fishing out on his boat. When he asks Brooke if she’d mind fixing them up some fish and chips, Brooke chimes in that she plans to be right out with the two catching the biggest fish around. Jackie looks on at the budding couple and asks herself in her head “How can I be the one to take this away from you Nicky?”

Down at Cafe Insomnia, Caitlin notices young Thomas with his nose in his books as she gets her daily caffeine fix. Then she has a flash back to her conversation with Jackie about how the spawn might really be Ridge’s after all. Caitlin is thrilled that Thomas and his sisters could possibly be able to have the Brookester back in their lives yet again, but decides that it’d be wrong to tell him now and raise his hopes. Then she trots over to visit with the young Forrester stud in the making. Thomas notices Caitlin’s good mood and tries to get her to dish about it, but she doesn’t crack. Caitlin changes the subject by asking how Ridge is doing. Thomas comments that it isn’t going well; “How would you feel if the baby that you wanted more then anything turned out to be someone else’s?” Caitlin agrees that it would be no picnic, but that things might just work out right in the end. Then the two start talking about their late mothers. Caitlin wishes that she knew more about hers, but it’s too hard for her dad to talk about her. Then Caitlin inquires about Thomas, and whether he’s more like his mom or dad. “I have my mom’s brains and compassion, and my dad’s good looks and charm,” he comments. Caitlin giggles and then wonders who the girls take after. Thomas thinks it’s funny, but that they are a lot like Brooke, “always in your face with something to say.” Then he tells Caitlin about how he and Brooke started out a little rocky in the beginning but that he eventually succumbed to her charms, and also about how he and the twins proposed to her.

After Caitlin gets up for a minute, Ridge and the twins come traipsing in wondering if Thomas is ready to go sailing with them. As soon as Caitlin comes over, the girls immediately begin to tease Thomas about Caitlin being his girlfriend. Well, the five of them sit down for a chat, and once it is established that Caitlin is an intern at Forrester Creations, she immediately begins to gush about how brilliant Eric is, along with Ridge. Ridge is impressed with the interest that Caitlin takes in fashion and offers her advice anytime she wants. After more sibling arguing, and the twins wanting to know why they hadn’t heard Thomas mention Caitlin, she informs them that he talks about them all the time. “He told me about the time that you guys all proposed to Brooke,” she says. Ridge comments that at one time, they were all one happy family. “Some how I think that you’ll be that way again,” Caitlin comments with a smile.

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