B&B Thursday Update 2/19/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/19/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

We begin today over on Nick’s boat, the Shady Marlin. As Nick is throwing random objects into a box in an attempt to “baby proof” the boat, Ridge stops by to tell Nicker-bocker to stay away from his family. Nick doesn’t get what he’s talking about at first, but Ridge wastes no time to tell him that Thomas mentioned their little pow-wow from the other night. Nick corrects Ridge by saying that Thomas came to him. “You can’t blame me for that,” Nick says. “Oh, but I can blame you for the reason why he came,” Ridge replies snidely. Ridge goes on to bash Nick yet again for being the reason why the BRIDGE collapsed and for the fact that his three Tay-tots are in such pain because their family has fallen apart yet again. Nick again tells Ridge how bad he feels for that and then informs Ridge that Thomas is a great kid; “I saw how much he cares for you and Brooke and how much he wants to take care of his family. I can only hope that my boy turns out as good as yours.” Ridge wants to be spared hearing about Nick’s boy. “In a fair world that child would be mine and Brooke and I would still be together with the family that we’ve always wanted.” Ridge screams. Nick apologizes yet again for the way things have turned out, but there’s nothing that can be done about it now. Ridge then re-hatches what happened at the foundry as he berates Nick for attempting to court Brooke. “You essentially raped her!” Ridge yells, trying to convince Nick that what ever he feels for Brooke, she ain’t reciprocating.

Over at Brooke’s bungalow, Stephanie has stopped by to see how her new bestest buddy is doing. Brooke seems glad to see Stephers, but none the less, things aren’t going well. Brooke shows Stephanie the annulment papers that she’s been toting around. “I just can’t bring myself to take them down to the lawyers’,” Brooke replies sadly. Stephers feels her pain; “You’re doing the right thing, Brooke,” she says compassionately. “Now you’ve just got to move on with your life; be your own woman.” Brooke isn’t all too convinced with Stephanie’s girl power speech; she doesn’t want to be her own woman if it means that she can’t be with Ridge. As Brooke holds a picture of her and her sweet heart, Stephanie wonders if the BRIDGE isn’t supposed to be together....RIGHT NOW. “That’s the same thing that Sister Madeline said!” Brooke gasps, “I think you missed your calling!” The two giggle as Stephanie replies that “she’s not a saint.” Stephanie goes on to reinforce that as painful as it is, Brooke is doing what’s right for everyone. Brooke realizes that that’s what Stephanie was trying to do with her whole paternity problem with Ridge way back when. Stephanie agrees, and then tells Brooke that she told Eric about the doubt that she had always had; that she had always known that it was a possibility that Ridge was not his son. “And you know what Brooke? It brought us back together!” Brooke is just as pleased as punch that Stephanie and Eric are back together. As the two share a firm embrace, Stephanie informs Brooke that she was her inspiration to come clean. Brooke is glad that some good came out of this nightmare, and hopes that like Stephers and Eric, BRIDGE can have a happy ending some day too.

Down at the Marone Mansion, Jackie is still rather dazed about the information that she is currently with holding from everyone. When the door bell rings, she opens the door to find Caitlin on her door step wanting Fendmore’s order from Forrester’s new line. As Jacksters whips up the numbers, Caitlin asks her if it’s true that the good doctor kicked the bucket. Jackie answers yes and that it was such a tragedy. Caitlin wonders if the doctor was able to deliver the paternity news that she was on her way to do. “No, she wasn’t able to,” Jackie mutters. “Brooke doesn’t know yet.” “Brooke?!” Caitlin questions with surprise. “You mean this baby could be Ridge’s?” Jackie has said too much, and wonders how on Earth Caitlin knows about the spawn situation. Caitlin informs her that she and Thomas have been quite chummy as of late and that he’s confided in her about the problem. Jackie just doesn’t know what to do. She understands how wonderful it would be for the Tay-tots to have their family back together, but she just can’t devastate her Nicky like that. Caitlin seems to think that it’s a win-win situation, plus the fact that there are a lot more lives to consider then just Nick’s. Jackie realizes this, but she just doesn’t want to ruin Nick’s life. “But it has to be done,” Caitlin reinforces. “Yes, it has to be done,” Jackie utters.

Back on Nick’s boat, Nick is shocked by the accusation that Ridge just threw at him. Before he can really retaliate though, the Brookester shows up to yell at the boys for fighting. She screams that she knows that everyone is doing the best that they can to deal with this whole she-bang, but that their best isn’t good enough. “There’s a baby on the way, and we need to prepare for it!” Ridge again makes it perfectly clear to Nick that Brooke doesn’t love him, as he tells Brooke to give Nick a phone call when the baby is born, and then let him have his every-other weekend and call it a day. “Stay away from my family!” Ridge hollers, and then before he fondles Brooke’s hair on his way out the door, he recommends that she should stay ways from Nick as well. After Ridge is gone, Brooke yells at Nick for aggravating him. “Just let him yell and vent, don’t antagonize him!” Brooke hollers along with reinforcing the fact that the BRIDGE is crashing for everyone else. “Ridge and I want to be together, but we’re not for everybody else’s good! This isn’t easy for us!” Nick apologizes again, and when Brooke has decided that she’s done listening, she storms out...only to trip and fall on the deck, grabbing her stomach in tears. Nick rushes to her side as she writhes around on the ground...crying.

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