B&B Wednesday Update 2/18/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/18/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Up at Nicky’s pent house, Jackie is just at a loss for words as to how and what she’s gonna tell her son. She gets out the part about the good doctor getting killed, but before she can get into the juicy details, in comes the Brookester to deliver the news herself. Brooke comments to Nick about how tragic the accident is and about how she blames herself. From the look on Jacksters’ face, it almost seems as though she thinks that Brooke has an idea of what Dr. Paxon was on her way over to her office to tell her about, but realizes that Brooke doesn’t have a clue when Brooke comments that she may never know what the good doctor had to tell her. As Brooke mourns the loss of her Doctor, Nick agrees that “stuff” happens, but that this is all the more reason that they need t live in the now. Jackie again gets up the courage to tell BRICK what the Doctor was on her way to share with Brooke, but is interrupted yet again by her cell phone. As Jacksters goes out on the terrace to chat with Massimo, (her caller), Nick starts showing Brooke all of the baby stuff that he’s rounded up for the spawn. As Jackie returns to find BRICK having some quality couple time, she just can’t bare to break the news. As she stands there watching Nick and Brooke talk about baby food and stuff, Nick invites the two of them for some take-out and baby decorating the pent house. Brooke is all game since she’s famished, but Jackie has decided that it’s time that she heads home. As she leaves, Jackie mumbles to herself that there’s “no reason why this can’t wait till tomorrow”.

Over at Forrester Fort Two, Ridge is laying on the couch day dreaming about the Brookester and their happy family. He has a “flashback that the viewers never saw” to Brooke, the TAY-tots, him and Hope sitting in the living room playing Monopoly just like the family next door. “We had it all Brooke,” he says to himself as he’s half conscious. Then Ridge flashes to when they found out that the spawn wasn’t his; when the BRIDGE came crashing down. Just then, young Steffy comes in carrying Brooke’s scarf that she left behind. “Brooke was here, wasn’t she?” the young Forrester Fille asks. Ridge proclaims that Brooke’s visit was short and unplanned; that she was only there for a minute. Steffy is quite perturbed that she and Phoebe didn’t get to see their ex-step-mother and then goes on to talk about how much she misses her. Then, Steffy glances at the BRIDGE’S most recent wedding picture; of them dressed up like the Mayan natives for the ceremony. Steffy pokes fun at their wardrobe choice, but as Ridge describes how romantic the event was, she changes her tune. Soon, Ridge comes back into the living room with some hot chocolate for his daughter, but finds her fast asleep on the couch snuggled up with the wedding picture.

Over at Café Insomnia, young Thomas has found his new buddy Caitlin sitting around doodling in her sketch pad. Caitlin senses that Thomas is feeling blue, and gets him to dish about what’s troubling him. Thomas tells Caitlin the short version as to why his family is in shambles, and also informs her about Dr. Paxon’s untimely date with the grim reaper. Caitlin can’t believe it; “I just met her when I was at Jackie Marone’s house this morning; small world.” Caitlin sympathizes with Thomas’ family issues; she remembers reading all about BRIDGE in the papers thought that their love affair was right out of a fairy tale. “Yeah, it was until the wicked step brother cast his evil spell,” Thomas comments. Caitlin thinks that Brooke or no Brooke, Ridge has and will continue doing a fine job raising Thomas and his sisters. “I never even knew my mom,” she comments before saying that she thinks that her dad has done an excellent job on his own. “You’ll get to meet him, he’s coming to get me any time now,” Caitlin tells the young Forrester lad. “Just don’t mention that I’m working at Forrester,” she pleads. When Caitlin’s father does finally show his face, he seems like a nice loving papa. Thomas introduces himself, but Caitlin cuts him off before he gets to the Forrester part of his name.

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