B&B Tuesday Update 2/17/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/17/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Still on the phone with Brooke, Jackie assures Ms. Logan that no matter what happens, both she and Nick will be there for her. Brooke seems a little bewildered as Jacksters go on to say how terrible the whole situation is and that they just don’t know anything for sure yet. Brooke tells Jackie to take a time out; she’s a little confused. “We know for sure that Dr. Paxon is dead,” The Brookester replies sadly. Now Jackie is quite confused. Apparently, the good Doctor died in a car crash on her way to visit Brooke. Upon pressing the Brookester for more information, Brooke hangs up telling Jackie that she just can’t talk about this.

Jacksters doesn’t really know how to take this information; she’s completely in shock as she tells herself that Nicky needs to know the truth and she’s got to be the one to tell him.

Hudson comes on in to say howdy do and notices that Jackie is quite perturbed. Jackie tells him that something horrible has happened and that she’s got to see Nick right away.

Over at Forrester Fort Two, Ridge and Thomas are still having a father and son chat about the crashing of the BRIDGE and about how much he and the twins especially need Brooke to come back. “You and me are doing just fine, but what about the girls? They need someone to talk girl talk with,” Thomas comments. Ridge reminds his boy that he does have back up in the form of Eric, Stephanie and Thorne. Thomas just doesn’t see uncle Thorne planning sleep overs and gushing about teen heart throbs with his nieces though. Just then, the door bell rings. It’s the Brookester! Thomas immediately thinks that Brooke has come to try to work things out with Ridge; but oh he’s wrong.

Brooke tells Ridge about Dr. Paxon’s death. She feels quite badly about the whole she-bang, especially since Doctor Paxon was on her way over to see Brooke. After talk about the Doctor settles, Thomas not so subtly informs Brooke again about how much she is needed at his Forrester Fort; how much the girls need her. Brooke tells her ex-step son that no matter what, she’ll always be there for them. Thomas tells Brooke that losing her is almost like losing TAYLOR all over again.

Brooke informs Thomas that he had the best mother ever; Taylor, and that he is everything that she would have ever wanted in a son. Thomas tearfully tells a teary-eyed Brooke that if he can’t have Taylor back, then he wants no one else but the Brooekster to play his mommy. Ridge looks on at all of this, slightly teary-eyed himself.

Up at Nick’s penthouse, cute sweet saucy Sammy is showing him all of the cool nautical themed stuff that she’s gathered together for his spawn.

The two of them kid around with the toys, and Nick tries some baby food...blah blah blah, but yes, adorable. “You amaze me,” Sammy informs Nick, just with how he’s totally dived into this whole parent thing with both feet. Nicker-bocker returns the “you’re amazing” comment back since Sammy is just so good at all of the baby stuff.

“Have you ever thought about having a rug-rat of your own?” Nick playfully asks Sammy. Sam kind of looks away and avoids the question by saying that she better shove off. (What’s up with that?)

Right after Sammy leaves, Jacksters barges into Nick’s pent house. Nick thinks that she’s there to play with all of the baby stuff that Sammy brought over and wastes no time showing his mommy all of the goodies.

It is very obvious that Jackie is so touched watching her son be so excited over the unborn spawn. Then, Nick mentions his visit from Thomas earlier and about how he had asked him to give up the kid. Nick again says that he feels the kid’s pain, but he can’t turn his back on his son. “I haven’t even seen the kid’s face yet, and I’m completely in love with him,” Nick gushes. Jackie, ever the serious one finally brings herself to say to Nicky, “I’ve got something to tell you, and it breaks my heart to have to say it.” DUN DUN DUN!

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