B&B Monday Update 2/16/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/16/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Over on Nick’s boat, Thomas makes his outrageous request to his uncle again: “Please, let my dad adopt Brooke’s baby so that we can be a family again.”  Nick tells his nephew that he understands where he’s coming from, and why he’s doing this, but that he can not under any circumstances turn his back on his child.  Thomas tries to paint the picture of parent hood to Nicker-bocker; a kid means no more partying, sailing around the world and smoking cigars. 

Nick wonders then why Thomas would want a rug-rat running around the house then.  Thomas explains that his house has a whole bunch of people traipsing about who would love to take care of the spawn where as Nick would be all alone with no help at all.  Nick tells Thomas though that he’s excited about being tied down to the kid, now more then ever because he’s seen what a great kid Thomas is.  Thomas then goes on to whine about how he and his sisters have already lost their wonderful mother Taylor, and about how much they need the Brookester to fill that void. 

Nick says that he understands what it’s like to be raised with only one parent, but that he can not and WILL not just give up his child.  Thomas is oh so disappointed.

Over at Forrester Fort Two, Ridge is standing around by the window sulking. 

Catherine comes on down to say how sorry she is about Brooke no longer staying at their Forrester Fort.  “She brought an energy that I haven’t felt here since...” “Taylor died,” Ridge finishes and they both agree.  Upon questioning where Thomas is, Catherine says that she doesn’t know.  She thinks that he slipped out with the car while she was busy with the girls.  Ridge isn’t too thrilled.  Just then, Thomas comes waltzing in to a Ridge-ream-out as to how bad he was to take the car out that late without asking.  Thomas explains that he went to see Nick to try to persuade him to let Ridge adopt the baby so that he, his sisters, Ridge and the Brookester, along with hope can all be a family again.  Ridge is proud of his son for looking out for his family like that, but tells him that it’s not necessary. 

Upon letting Ridge know that he knew about the annulment papers, Ridge apologizes to his son for knowing too much.  That’s not a problem with Thomas though; he likes being informed so that way he can help.  “I even went over to Brooke’s office to try to stop her from signing the papers,” Thomas confesses. Ridge again tells his son that that was a noble deed, but that you can’t turn back time.  “You sound like Brooke,’ Thomas assesses.  “Brooke and I have gotten pretty wise about the world,” Ridge tells his son.  “But, sometimes you have to let go of people you love for the better good,” Ridge shares.  Thomas decides that Uncle Nick needs to take a lesson in that; if he could let go of his son then it would be for the better good of him and his sisters, along with being best for BRIDGE.  Ridge seems to agree with that statement.

Down at Brooke’s office, New Imposter Bridget stops by to see how her mother is holding up.  Brooke tells New Imposter Bridget that Ridge served her annulment papers today.  “I know that I was the one urging him to end the marriage, but actually having it happen is hard to accept,” she tells New Imposter Bridget. 

Brooke also tells New Imposter Bridget about Thomas coming to see her and about how she feels so bad that she can’t create the family that they so desperately want and need.  As New Imposter Bridget attempts to console her mother, there is a knock on the door.  Brooke assumes that it’s Dr. Paxon, but low and behold, it’s Nicker-Bocker instead.  New Imposter Bridget excuses herself so that BRICK can have a chat.  After she’s gone, Nick tells Brooke that he heard about the annulment papers and wanted to makes sure that she was OK.  Upon telling her about Thomas coming to visit, Brooke assures Nick that he’s only looking out for his family. 

Nick says that he understands and thinks that he’s a great kid for trying to help out.  “But no one is going to make me give up my son,” Nick firmly states to Brooke.  Then Nick sweetly informs Brooke that he will always be there for her and the spawn, morning noon or night, no matter what.  Brooke is very touched by this sentiment, and replies that the same goes for her and the spawn being there for him.  After Nick pecks her good bye on the cheek and leaves, we see a tear stream down out of the Brookester’s leaky left eye.

Things are quite gloomy at the Marone Mansion as Jackie mopes about on the terrace in utter shock that the spawn might be Ridge’s after all.  Then the door bell rings.  After about four chimes, young Caitlin invites herself in to give Jacksters a sketch that got left in her car. 

Upon seeing Jackie completely distraught and shaken, Caitlin lends and ear to hear her troubles.  Jackie gives Caitlin the g-version summary of the spawn story; that there might be a shot that her son’s son might not really be his.  Caitlin is very sympathetic as Jackie cries to herself that this child has to be Nicky’s, “It has to be”. 

At what I’m guessing is a short time later, Jackie gives Brooke a call at her office.  Brooke informs her that she thought that Jackie was Dr. Paxon and tells Jacksters about the Doctor’s supposed visit.  As Brooke tells Jackie that she hadn’t talked to the good Doctor yet, her other line cuts in, forcing Brooke to put Jackie on hold.  As Jackie is waiting, Brooke gets disturbing news on the other line. 

“Oh my God!  Well, fill me in when you have all the details,” is about all we hear from Brooke.  Then she gets back on the line with Jackie.  “You won’t believe this; it’s about Doctor Paxon,” is about all Brooke gets out to Jackie.  Upon hearing these couple sentences though, we see Jackie sink down to the floor in a ball of tears as she’s on the line with Brooke, waiting for what she thinks is coming next...BUT WILL IT BE WHAT JACKIE’S THINKING, OR SOMETHING ELSE!?!

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