B&B Friday Update 2/13/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/13/04

By Space bug
Pictures by Boo

Today, on this Freaky Friday, we begin right back at Brooke’s office. Ridge has just left, and the Brookester is now looking over the annulment papers, pen in hand, ready to sign.

Just as she is ready to put the ink on the page, Thomas waltzes into her office, begging her to not sign the papers. Brooke is quite shocked, and doesn’t even know how Thomas is aware of what’s going on. Thomas informs the Brookester that he knows ALL... that Nick is the father of the baby, and what really went down. “Kids grow up fast,” Thomas says in reaction to Brooke thinking out loud that he must be so confused. “There has got to be a way for you and dad to work this out,” Thomas pleads. Brooke tells her step son that she and Ridge have exhausted all of their options; there is just nothing left to do but to move on apart. Thomas tells Brooke how much he and the girls, along with Ridge need her. “We all ready lost our mother; we’re not about to lose you,” Thomas says with utmost sincerity.

Brooke let’s Thomas know that she will always be there for him and his sisters, even though they won’t be living under the same roof. “But it’s not the same,” Thomas whines. Then he gets a brain storm. He tells Brooke that he’s got an idea that might fix everything, and before he prances out the door, he pleads to Brooke one last time to not sign the papers.

Over at Forrester Fort Two, Ridge is home and looking a little gloomy. Eric and Stephanie are right there in the living room waiting for him; they tell him that they know about him giving Brooke the annulment papers and are all so sorry that Bridge has to go through this. Stephanie suggests that getting this closure might just give him the push that he needs to move on with his life. Ridge just isn’t sure if he knows how to do that without the Brookester. “I miss her smile and the simplicity of her laughter,” Ridge says as he thinks about his begotten love.

Eric and Stephers decide to give their number one son some time alone, but before they traipse on out, they inform Ridge that they are BOTH going to Forrester Fort One...TOGETHER. “We’re reconciling,” Stephanie announces, beaming. Ridge looks like a little boy on Christmas morning; his face is all aglow as he hugs Stephers and shakes Eric’s hand; he is just so thrilled. “You two deserve this,” he says oh so happily. “So do you and Brooke,” Stephanie says as she tells Ridge to not lose all hope. Ridge doesn’t call his getting annulment/moving on a loss of hope, but a reality check.

Down at the Shady Marlin, Nick is strumming his guitar and still singing that damn song as Thomas comes prancing in. He wants to have a chat with his uncle about Bridge and the spawn. Thomas tells Nicker-bocker that he knows what happened between him and Brooke, that he knows that she’s carrying his spawn, and that he doesn’t blame him or Brooke for it. But, Thomas confides in his uncle how much he and his sisters need Brooke. He gives Nick the same, “we can’t lose another mother” speech that he gave Brooke, and pleads to Nick to let Ridge adopt the baby.

Nick stresses that he can’t turn his back on his child, and he really hopes that Thomas won’t hate him for that. Thomas assures his uncle that he doesn’t hate him, but that he’s there to try to change his mind. Thomas says that he’s there on the Shady Marlin representing not only himself and his sisters, but the BRIDGE itself. “We need this baby,” Thomas pleads, “Let us have our little brother.”

Jackie is all a flustered in the Marone Mansion about the Doctor’s pending news. After more pressure, the good Doctor Paxton finally cracks and tells Jackie that there as a glitch in the lab’s software and that the paternity test might not be accurate. Jackie is flabbergasted as she starts bitching at the doctor. She whines about the consequences of this alleged screw up; “Ridge and Brooke have separated because of this!” she yells before going into about how Nick has just become such a new and wonderful person. “Nicky needs this baby!” Jackie cries.

The good Doctor tries to tell Jackie that there is still a chance that this child could be Nick’s but that they are just going to have to start from scratch and do the tests over. Just then, Doctor Paxton receives a call on her cell phone. It’s the Brookester, returning her earlier message. The Doctor tells Brooke that she has something very important to discuss with her tonight, and will meet her at the office. After she hangs up, Jackie utters, “You’re going to tell Brooke.” The doctor assures Jackie that the sooner the truth is discovered, the better everyone will be. Jackie is now kind of in a scary trance as she shows the good doctor out. After Doctor Paxton is off and running to meet Brooke, Jackie breaks down on the sofa sobbing “Nicky!”

Back over at Forrester Fort Two, Ridge sets a picture of the Brookester on the mantel and stares at it, remembering happy moment’s of BRIDGE’S history. *Enter yet another sappy Bridge montage here. At the end of the montage, we now see Brooke, crying of course. As she sniffles, the Brookester picks up her pen and FINALLY signs BROOKE LOGAN FORRESTER on the dotted line of the annulment papers. THE BRIDGE HAS CRASHED...officially and legally.

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