B&B Thursday Update 2/12/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/12/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

Today we begin at Forrester Fort Two, Ridge’s humble abode. Eric and Stephanie have sat Thomas and the girls down to tell them some great news: they are back together again! The Tay-tots are very happy that their grandparents have decided to give their love another go, but they are really holding out for Bridge to reunite. Thomas pleads that with Bridge together, along with Hope, the three of them were just beginning to feel like a family again; a feeling that they haven’t had since their beloved mother Taylor had died. They all miss Brooke and Hope oh so much, and wish that they would come back to their Forrester Fort. After Katherine ushers the twins upstairs to finish up their homework, Thomas confides to Eric and Stephanie that he knows what happened to the Bridge; that Brooke is carrying Nick’s spawn. Thomas just doesn’t think that it’s fair that Brooke and Ridge have to be apart because of this; he thinks that they deserve to be together, and he and his sisters deserve to have a family again. After Thomas leaves the room, the Forrester matriarch and patriarch, AKA, Eric and Stephanie discuss the Tay-tots’ concern and plight. Eric tells Stephanie that after today, hopefully Ridge and the kids can officially pick up the pieces of their shattered family and move on back to life as the four of them. “What’s so important about today?” Stephanie asks bewildered, as Thomas eavesdrops from the foyer. “Ridge is giving Brooke annulment papers today,” Eric says with a heavy heart. Stephanie replies that she had hoped that it wouldn’t have come to this, as Thomas just shakes his head, looking like he’s up to something. As Eric and Stephanie continue their heartfelt chat, Thomas sneaks out of the house.

Over at the good Doctor Paxton’s office, a nurse comes on in to let her know that they had just gotten a notification from some laboratory, saying that there was a glitch in their software, and that some of their test results might have been inaccurate. At first the Doctor isn’t all too concerned until she sees that a certain someone’s test was one of the ones that could have been screwed up. After bitching at the lab herself, and telling the nurse that she’s going take care of this specific case personally. As she sets down her file, we see BROOKE FORRESTER circled in red amongst the list of names.

Speaking of Bridge, they are still in the Brookesters’ office at Logan Designs. Brooke just can’t believe that Ridge is giving her these annulment papers. “It’s like our marriage never even happened,” Brooke whines. Ridge agrees, “Maybe it shouldn’t have”. As Brooke hems and haws over the papers, Ridge pleads with her that she can’t have it both ways. Brooke picks up the pen to sign her name, but she just can’t seem to manage, and drops the pen as she breaks down.

Ridge comforts her, but then tells her to just let him know when she gets the papers signed. He has decided that he needs to move on with his life for his kids’ sake; after all, they miss the Brookester and baby Hope so much already... he needs to come straight with them that they aren’t coming back. Brooke just feels awful. As Ridge walks out of the office, Brooke follows him into the hall. “I don’t want to lose you,” she babbles. “I don’t want to lose you either,” Ridge replies. Then, they smooch and say their good byes.

As the two embrace, Brooke’s office phone starts a-ringing. The two ignore it, along with the message from Dr. Paxton, asking Brooke to contact her ASAP. Finally, Ridge decides that it’s time for him to shove off. They say good bye officially, and Ridge hops into the elevator and Brooke stands there crying as she watches him leave.

Across town at the Marone Mansion, young Caitlin has dropped by to show Jackie Eric’s latest collection. The two have share some small talk about how happy Jacksters is to be a grandmother and about how young she looks to be even having a grand child to begin with. After their pleasant little chat comes to an end and Caitlin opens the door to leave, who is on the Marone Mansion’s doorstep but the good Doctor Paxton. Jackie is quite baffled to find the Doctor at her home. Apparently, the MD is in search of Nick, and thought that since she was on her way over to Brooke’s office to have a sit down with her, that she’d just grab Nicker-bocker along the way. Jackie wants to know what this is all about. The doctor informs her that this situation is confidential, but Jackie doesn’t really grasp that concept because after all, mothers have a right to know EVERYTHING. Upon Jackie asking if this has something to do with the paternity of the baby, the Doctor has that bewildered, you guessed it but I can’t tell you till tomorrow look on her face.

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