B&B Wednesday Update 2/11/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/11/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Down at Chuck’s Nick is still singing away at his song as the Brookester looks on. Nicker-bocker looked a little thrown at her presence, but he continued on singing his heart out through to the end of his tune. *Also, while Brooke is watching Nick sing, we see Jackie creep her way into the bar also. After Nick finishes the last note, he moseys right over to Brooke to ask her what she was doing there.

Brooke tells Nicker-bocker that she saw the note on his door, and decided to come down to the bar to have a look see at what he was doing. The Brookester tells Nick that she’s very impressed with how terrific he sounds.

Nick is quite humble, and reluctant to take her compliment as he obviously starts to tense up. Brooke correctly guesses that Nick’s tune is the same song that he was writing on the way back home from France. “Was it written for me?” Brooke asks after she recites a couple of words. Nick again reluctantly tells Brooke that she was the inspiration for his song. Brooke is quite flattered. *As BRICK is having this conversation mind you, Jacksters has planted herself over at the next table, unseen, listening to the whole thing. After she dishes out a few more “the song was beautiful” lines to Nick, Brooke decides that it’s time that she traipses back to the office. Before she leaves, Nicker-bocker asks Brooke why she had come down to see him to begin with. “It no longer matters,” Brooke replies as she gives him a hug and heads on back to Logan Designs.

After the Brookester departs, Jackie comes up behind Nick and immediately begins rambling on about how wonderful his song was, how great it is that he is opening up to Brooke and expressing himself like this, and how she thinks that Brooke is beginning to reciprocate his feelings. “What the hell are you doing here mother?” Nick asks, and looks very annoyed as she continues chirping none stop about how if he will just open himself up a little more, he and the Brookester really do have a shot of making the BRICK. Nick informs Jacksters that she really only sees what she wants to see, and needs to face reality a little bit better.

Jackie stands firm on what she saw: while Nick was singing, he and Brooke made a connection.

Over at Logan Designs, cute sweet Sammy happens in on Ridge as he packs up the rest of his stuff from the Brookesters’ office in a rather large box. Sammy tries to explain to Ridge that running away from Brooke isn’t the answer. “No matter where you go or what you do, she’ll always be a part of who you are,” sweet Sammy reminds him. Ridge agrees that that’s all well and true, but at the end of the day, Brooke is still carrying his brother’s child, and he’s finally coming to grips with that. A while later as Ridge is STILL packing; Brooke comes on back to find him in her office. The Brookester wishes that he wouldn’t leave, but Ridge is adamant that he has to. “The distance and tension between us is killing me,” he moans. Then Ridge goes on to say that seeing her, SMELLING HER (EW), and just plain being around her is just so hard because he can’t love her the way that he would like. “But I’m still your wife,” Brooke reminds him.

Ridge says that he has already taken care of that technicality and whips out one of those orange envelopes...with you guessed it, ANNULMENT PAPERS INSIDE! “Annulment papers?” Brooke questions, horrified.

Over at Eric’s office at Forrester Creations, Stephanie is still a bit baffled about Eric’s whole “You’re my inspiration/ I wanna come home to you/ I forgive you” comments. Stephers just can’t grasp that Eric is ready to forgive her and start over. “There’s something that you have to know,” Stephanie confesses. Then she lowers the boom... that she might have always known that Ridge wasn’t made of Eric’s sperm, but that she didn’t want to accept it.

Eric is a little perturbed at this latest development, but doesn’t look too off-kilter. Stephanie draws the conclusion that this little tid-bit that she just dropped on him has totally ruined his thoughts of a reconciliation. “I’m glad that I was your muse for even a short time, and I’m glad that you’ve regained inspiration again,” she says, and then adds that she’s glad that he was willing to try to forgive her before she walks out the door.

As Stephers opens up the door to Forrester Fort One, screaming that she got the house keeper’s message to come home right away, she doesn’t find a house keeper in her living room at all. She finds Eric standing there with candles lit, music playing and martinis ready to be drunk. “What are you doing?” Stephanie asks him, very confused like. “I’m making myself more at home again,” Eric says as he hands her a drink. Stephanie STILL doesn’t get it.

Eric goes on to say that since they have been apart, there has been this great void in his life. First, he tried to fill it by getting the company back, but that didn’t work. Then he thought he’d have some fun going after Deacon’s shares, but that was no fun either. “What was missing was you,” he tells Stephanie. “There can’t be any more secrets between us,” Stephers utters as Eric comes closer. “No, there won’t be. There aren’t, are there?” Eric kids as he gets the intended chuckle out of Stephers that he was aiming for. The two admit that they have a lot to sort through still, but Eric says that they’ll do it together. The two embrace...and kiss...awww, how sweet!

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