B&B Tuesday Update 2/10/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/10/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Well, today’s Tuesday episode begins with a rather chipper Stephanie delivering her number two son Thorne a hot cup of coffee.  Thorne and his mommy giggle about how much work little Alexandria is, but that in the end, the kid is all worth it.  Thorne gets a little serious though, and informs Stephers that he had a chat with Eric last night about her.  Stephers knows already that it couldn’t have gone well; Eric is just still so angry with her about everything.  Thorne hopes that in time Papa Eric will come around, but Stephanie ain’t holding her breath.  She hurt him deeply, and once that trust is broken, it’s rather hard to get it back.  (Any of this sound familiar Thorne!?).

After Stephers hits the hallways, Thorne runs into Sally bopping around near his dungeon office.  After a quick chat about Alexandria, Thorne informs Sally of what’s going on, or not going on rather with Eric and Stephanie.  “I’m a grown man, why does this matter so much to me?” Thorne asks his ex-mother-in-law.  (My thoughts EXACTLY Thorne!)  Sally says that no matter what, all children want to see their mommies and daddies getting along and happy-go-lucky together.  Thorne agrees, and says that that’s one thing that little Alexandria has nothing to worry about.  (Question:  WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH DARLA EXACTLY THORNE?  DO YOU EVEN KNOW?  I was sure left out in the dark.)

Up in Eric’s office, the Forrester Sr. has just finished sketching his new collection: all model’s bearing Stephanie’s face.  He just can’t believe it.  Later on, Stephanie makes her way up to Eric’s office to have a little pow-wow at his request.  “Damn you Stephanie Forrester”, Eric sneers at her.  Stephers is quite perturbed at Eric’s language.  Eric lashes out at her for all of the pain that she’s caused.  Stephers just nods and frowns; she knows what she’s done.  Eric describes how creatively challenged he’s been lately and whines about how he just couldn’t seem to get any inspiration.  “Do you wanna know how I found it again?” Eric asks.  Of course Stephanie is quite curious.  Eric shoves what could be the “most inspirational” designs of his career in her face.  “All of the models have my face,” Stephers observes.  Apparently, she’s just as confused with the source of Eric’s inspiration as he is.  Eric goes on to paint the pretty picture of having all four of their children back working for the Forrester Creations, their legacy.  (And he even remembers to mention Kristen and Felicia… incredible!)  Eric then informs Stephanie that she’s the most “conniving and infuriating” woman that he’s ever known, but despite all of that, at the end of the day he just wants to come home to her and only her.  (And he says this through his little pout/half crying face)  AWWWWW, how sweet!

Over at Logan Designs, New Imposter Bridget has decided to drop in and see how her mother the Brookester is doing.  “Did you have a good time last night?” New Imposter Bridget asks.  Brooke complies that she had a very pleasant evening.  New Imposter Bridget verbalizes all of the positive changes that she’s seen in Nick and hunches to Brooke that he’s head over heels in love with her.  The Brookester ponders the thought, but says that there is just no way that BRICK will happen; especially since her heart is still with Ridge.  New Imposter Bridget asks Brooke if she’s second guessing herself as far as ending her marriage with Ridge, and allowing the BRIDGE to crumble.  Of course Brooke is having second thoughts, but “Being with Ridge and raising his brother’s child would just be immoral,” Brooke sighs.  (I can’t even comment on that statement coming from The Brookester).  Brooke just fears that Nick and Massimo and Jackie are just expecting all too much.  “I don’t want to hurt Nick,” she tells New Imposter Bridget.  Then, Brooke decides to take off right then and there to set the record straight with Nick; That BRICK will never happen.

After Brooke shoves off, New Imposter Bridget has a rather meaningless conversation with Clarke in Brooke’s office.  New Imposter Bridget tells Clarke what a wonderful guy Nicker-bocker is, and that if he can just open up his heart to Brooke, then BRICK might not only be solid, but HAPPY.  Clarke seems to agree with New Imposter Bridget, (cause after all, when has Clarke ever had an original thought?)

Down at Nick’s favorite hang out Chuck’s, he wanders in to find a group of his cronies hanging around, wanting him to have a drink and go out partying with them.  Nicker-bocker says thanks but no thanks; he’s singing with the house band in a few shakes.  Nick’s buddies want to know what’s up with him lately.  “Aren’t we good enough for you anymore?” they ask, a little hurt.  Nicker-bocker tells them that he’s making some changes since he’s gonna be a daddy soon.  Well, all of Nick’s pals are just so happy for him, and give him a few pats on the back before they head on out the door.  Later on, the band comes in, and we are subjected to a few meaningless scenes of them setting up/tuning/uttering stupid lines like: “Nice lyrics”, and music stuff like, “Give it all on the bridge,” and “let the sax solo really come out”… stuff that we don’t care about.  Then, when all of their primping is done, Nick and his band buddies start to sing…what else friends, but “Going back again”.  (How many times have we heard this song?)  Just as the group starts the second verse of the ditty, Brooke comes on in, (for she had found a note on Nick’s boat saying that he was at Chuck’s).  Brooke stands by the doorway, listening and watching Nicker-bocker sing his little heart out, looking ever so intrigued by his display.  During the rip-roaring sax solo, Nick happens to notice that Brooke’s is in the bar, and he just kind of stands there looking like a deer in head-lights.  *I hope that he comes out of his trance before he has to sing the chorus again!

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