B&B Monday Update 2/9/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/9/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

*OK... before we begin, I need to ask this rhetorical question: WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYBODY??  I swear everyone on all three of my soaps was BUCK NUTTY today!  I mean, you got Kendall and Greenlee dooking it out and Erica walking around mindlessly (as usual though) on AMC; Danny thinking that because he’s not a famous rock star anymore that Cricket isn’t gonna like him, along with Sharon trying to dump the body of an attempted rapist while getting attacked by more rapists, and Kevin actually thinking that Lauren will date him...on VALENTINES’ DAY on Y&R... and then the shenanigans on B&B?  EVERYONE IS FREAKING CRAZY TODAY!

Alright, we start today off at the Marone Mansion where Jackie and Massimo are waving to New Imposter Bridget and Ozzy as they pull out of the drive way.  Jacksters just thinks that it’s oh so wonderful to see two people so in love and can’t wait for another Marone marriage. Right when it looks like she’s going to never shut up, Nicker-bocker begs to be saved from yet another long-winded speech.  Massimo ushers his number two son out to the terrace, thus leaving the Brookester with Jackie to chew the fat in the living room.  Jacksters emphasizes to Brooke that she is in no way meaning to push her into the Marone clan, but her happiness is just too much to contain.  Brooke understands Jackester’s glee, but makes it clear that she’s not ready to make a long term commitment to Nick, or anybody for that matter.  Jackie is just so thrilled at how everyone has come together though.  Brooke wonders if Jackie thinks that they’ll all start prancing down the yellow-brick road anytime soon.  Jackie tells Brooke to get her ruby slippers out cause she’s foreseeing it; with Massimo the ass man donning the lion suit cause although he’s all growley and such, he’s really just a pussy cat.  (Refer to the bottom of this little update for my thoughts on B&B doing the WIZARD OF OZ).  Jackie sees where the Brookester is coming from, but she feels that she needs to state just how grateful she is for what Brooke has already done for her precious Nicky.  Jacksters doesn’t even recognize Nicker-bocker anymore; he’s a completely different person now, and for the better.  He’s even started strumming his guitar again.  Brooke is happy that Nick is beginning to find happiness and is glad for the part that she’s played in it.

As Jacksters and the Brookester chit chat mindlessly inside, Massimo and his number two son Nick light up some stogies on the terrace and chat about Nick’s impending fatherhood.  Nicker-bocker informs Mass that he’s planning on giving up his long distance sailing adventures for the kid.  Massimo is proud of Nicky’s willingness to be such a great pop.  But, Mass’ good mood is slightly over-shadowed by the fact that Nicker-bocker’s happiness had to come at the expense of his number one son, Ridge’s.  However, Massimo, along with Nick is positive that Ridge will eventually come around and see the light.

After the cigars are all smoked out, Mass comes in to give Brooke a couple compliments and tells her that he couldn’t think of anyone who he’d rather have carrying his grand-child then the Brookester herself.  (1. Massimo obviously isn’t a very social person to not be able to come up with anyone to be his grand-kid’s mommy, and 2. Brooke, with your history with Mass, I’D BE RUNNING FOR THE HILLS!)  Nick comes in just in time to witness Mass and Brooke’s hug and is just as shocked as I am at the gesture.  Mass assures Nick and Brooke that all of their past hostilities are gone and that he wants nothing more then to be one big happy family.  *Nick, beware... History may repeat itself if your daddy is too nice to Brooke...she’s already got both Marone brothers down... the poppa could be next!  EWWWWW!!!!

When all of the nauseating family time is over, Brooke and Nick finally get outside and ready to get to the car.  Brooke tells Nick that she had a really nice time.  Nicker-bocker is oh so happy at this development.

Over at Forrester Fort Two, Stephanie tells Ridge to stop obsessing about Brooke hanging about the Marone Mansion.  (WHY HELLO STEPHANIE!  GOD HOW I’VE MISSED YOU!!!!  :*)  Then the two re-hatch the whole debate over how the spawn should have been Ridge’s blah blah blah.  Stephanie then reminds her number one son that she knows exactly what he’s going through because it greatly resembles what she went through with Eric. Stephanie confesses that she always feared that Ridge might not have been made of Eric’s sperm, but she pushed that fear deep down.  Ridge doesn’t think that neither he nor Stephers deserves to be this miserable.  Stephanie admits that she thinks that she got what she deserved for deceiving Eric the way that she did.  Ridge gives his mommy a pep-talk.  “One day, Dad will come around,” he says and tells her that he believes deep down that Eric still loves her very deeply as he pulls her in for a firm embrace.  After Stephers hits the sheets, (I’m only guessing) Ridge sits in the living room of his Forrester Fort in the dark and calls Brooke, only to get the answering machine.  “You’re still with him,” Ridge grumbles to himself as he sits sulking in his sorrows.

Down at Forrester Creations, Eric is sitting on his desk, mesmerized by one of those little pangolin things with the line of metal balls on the strings.  (I don’t know what their called, and guess what...IT’S NOT IMPORTANT!)  Just then, the Forrester Family number two son Thorne comes on in to say howdy do to Papa Eric.  Thorne is mighty distraught that Eric is playing with his balls, (sorry, I had to) instead of doodling on his win-lose-or-draw sketch board.  Eric lashes out at Thorne that he knows how behind he is, but that he’s just lost all of his artistic energy and he blames in on the person who has totally screwed up his company.  Thorne guesses that Eric is either gripping about big bad teary-eyed Deacon or Massimo the ass man, but Eric screams out STEPHANIE!  THIS IS ALL HER FAULT!  Thorne is lost, of course.  He doesn’t get where all of this anger is coming from.  Eric starts ranting that if it wasn’t for Stephanie, Ridge would still be at the company (and actually, that’s about all that he can come up with).  Thorne tells his pop to put aside his pride and take a time out; if it wasn’t for Stephers, Eric wouldn’t even HAVE the company.  Thorne further more goes on to defend his mommy, saying that it’s no wonder that Eric can’t draw with all of this anger blocking him up.  “You spent most of your life with her, she’s a part of you and you can’t erase that!” Thorne yells.  (Yeah, Thorne, you looked mighty cute today, but SHUTE UP!  YOU ARE SUCH A HYPOCRITE THAT I CAN’T BEAR TO LOOK AT YOU ANY LONGER!)  Apparently Eric feels the same way and opens up his door telling Thorne to go and pack it.  After Thorne takes his righteous ass to other places, Eric sits down again at first mocking Thorne’s suggesting of thinking of all of the good times that he and Stephers had spent together.  Then we have a little montage of Eric/Stephanie flash backs.  Eric then starts to scratch a little at the win-lose-or-draw board.  Then he gets pissed again and throws down his pencil.  Then he has a few more flash backs, and what does Eric do friends?  He starts to draw again... and when he’s finished, what does he have?  But a design with the model wearing Stephers’ face and hair cut!  Eric just can’t believe that he found his inspiration in good old reliable Stephanie.  (Do I smell a reconciliation?? I THINK SO!)

*Alrighty, B&B does the WIZORD OF OZ.  Alright, we need to double cast some of this: SCARECROW: Ridge/ Clarke, TINMAN: Nick/Thorne, LION: Eric/Deacon, WICKED WITCH: Jackie/ Shelia, GLINDA: Taylor/ Macy, WIZORD: Massimo/Sally, FLYING MONKIES: Darla/Rick/Thomas/Amber, AUNTIE EM: Stephanie, TOTO: Poochie, (big surprise), and DORETHY: Bridget/Sammy.  Oh, and I forgot to cast Brooke...well, let’s see... yeah, she would have to be the witch who had the house fall on her because she don’t really like Sammy, nor her doggie.  (I know I could totally have Mace be that witch too cause she wasn’t quick enough to move out of the way of the falling chandelier, but that’s not fun for me, and besides... MACY IS GLINDA ALONG WITH TAYLOR CASUE I SAY SO!

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