B&B Friday Update 2/6/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/6/04

By Space bug
Pictures by Boo

Well it is still party time at the Marone Mansion, and everyone has gathered round to chow down. And, as always, Massimo has to say a few words...WILL HE EVER JUST SHUT UP! According to Massimo, itís a Marone tradition to say a blessing before they gorge themselves in their food at these fancy dinner parties. (Really? How many of these STUPID dinners have we been subjected to?? THEY HAVENíT SAID GRACE...ONCE!) Anyways, Jacksters cuts in, cause apparently she canít shut up now either, and wants to say the blessing. Jackie blesses everyone and hopes that the Brookester and Nicker-bocker can find the same happiness with each other that she and Massimo the assman have found. (Yeah, cause that is a lot of joy all the time). As everyone starts to dig in, Ozzy has to comment on how life is so great now that heís an official Marone, and New Imposter Bridget has to chime in with how wonderful her mother has been and how sheís so fortunate to have her as a parent. During desert, of course the Brookester has to say her little spew about how sheís never been accepted into a family like this and about how happy it makes her to have everyoneís support...blah blah blah. After she finally shuts up, she and Nick decide to traipse about on the terrace. Nick tells Brooke how heís just so excited about the spawn, but wants her to know that he, along with everyone else isnít trying to push her into the Marone clan. Brooke knows and understands that, but is mighty glad that they are all being so jolly and nice. Nicker-bocker then goes on to say all that heís feeling about the spawn and being a father; that he feels guilty for being so happy, but that part of him knows that it would be a crime if he wasnít jumping for joy. He then tells the Brookester that he had never believed in miracles before, but what with how wonderful his life has become this year, heís a firm believer now. Brooke finds that just so sweet and pulls Nicker-bocker in for a firm embrace.

But, as BRICK is hugging on the terrace, of course Jackie has to see and gush to Massimo about how Nicky is going to finally have the happy family that heís always wanted...how sweet.

Over at Marone Industries, Papa Eric expresses his concern for Ridge and his plight; especially when Ridge tells him that heís gonna leave Logan Designs and work exclusively at Maroneís now because he just canít work so closely with the Brookester. Eric understands his plight, but doesnít want Ridge to leave the world of fashion. ďCome back home to Forrester,Ē Eric suggests. As sweet and touching as the offer is, Ridge declines; he feels that he needs to focus on something other than drawing dresses at the moment. Eric keeps the offer out on the table; after all, it would be so wonderful to have the Forresters all back together once again. Speaking of Forrester Creations, Ridge asks Eric how everything is going over there. Eric tells his number one fake son that heís got some designersí block; heís lost his inspiration. Ridge tells his faux daddy to buck up; he knows how it goes...Eric will be back to doodling at no time. At that, Ridge thanks Eric for looking in on him and gives him a pat on the back before Eric shoves off to parts unknown.

Later on, we see Ridge at Logan Deigns in the Brookesterís office with a box. Apparently, Ridge is there to package up the stuff that he had laying about her office. (Again, Ridge owns the company...why didnít he have his own office??) As Ridge pitches his designs in his box, Clarke stops by to see whatís going down. Ridge tells Clarke that heís moving on to greener pastures and that Clarke should be happy about that...Ridge is handing over the design reins to him. Clarke doesnít want to see his compadre go though; heís going to miss Ridgeís talent and vision. Clarke also emphasizes that Ridge not give up on BRIDGE just yet. (Ok, so Eric AND Clarke are the only two pillars left attempting to hold up the crumbling BRIDGE...well, with Clarke on the team itís sure to not completely be destroyed... IíM SURE RELIEVED!) Ridge tells Clarke that he will never give up on Brooke, even though she feels that they just canít be together at the moment. After Clarke hits the beaten path, Ridge picks up one of the many pictures of he and the Brookester sitting on the desk and we are subjected to yet ANOTHER STUPID SENTIMENTAL MONTAGE OF BRIDGE. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzSNNNNNNNOOOZZZZZEEE!!!! After Ridge is done fantasizing about the past, he dowses the light and shuffles off.

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