B&B Thursday Update 2/5/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/5/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

Apparently, Brooke has agreed to come on over for din din at the Marone Mansion, for Nick is all spiffed up in a suit and tie for the occasion.

Jackie is just so tickled at how wonderful he looks, inside and out. She has never seen her boy this happy and comfortable in his own skin, and she owes it all to Brooke.

Nick says again for the umpteenth time to not get her hopes up too high; the BRICK has not yet been completely molded yet after all. Jacksters just can’t contain her joy, and really does believe that everything will work out for the couple in the end. Then, Jackie pulls out a surprise that she had gotten for Nicker-Bocker. It’s a guitar! A $20,000 guitar! Do we remember the withdrawal that Massimo was questioning her about? Well friends, that’s what she spent it on!

Nick is just so thrilled; apparently this is a very special and unique guitar. Jacksters thinks that it would be wonderful if Nicky passed it down to his son someday because the gift of music is such a great thing. (Which it is, I will agree). As Nick starts strumming his new strings, we hear the melody to Jack Wagner’s new song that had the stupid “Happy Family” montage with it last week. Jackie comments that she’s never heard that ditty before and wants Nicker-Bocker to sing a few verses for her. (First of, Jackie obviously doesn’t watch The Bold and the Beautiful because otherwise, she would have known the song within three cords, and secondly, A FEW VERSES? HOW LONG DOES SHE THINK THE SONG IS?) Well, Nick of course tries to get out of singing, but he concedes and performs a few bars. Of course when he’s finished, Jacksters correctly guesses that Nicky wrote the song for Brooke. And, of course Nick denies it. Jackie thinks that it would be wonderful if Nick sings his little tune for the Brookester tonight at their little shin-dig. That’s a no go for sure. (Who does she think the Marone clan is? The Van Trap family???) At that, Nick decides that he better shove off to pick up the Brookester. Before he leaves, Jackie again tells him what a wonderful daddy he’ll be and how happy the BRICK will be once it’s molded and dried.

Well, speaking of the Brookester, she’s having a chat with new imposter Bridget. New imposter Bridget is so proud of her mommy for giving up Ridge to spare the spawn of a life of scandal and embarrassment. Brooke knows that she has made the right choice, but she just can’t accept that the Bridge has crumbled. New imposter Bridget suggests that Brooke and Ridge can still be bestest buddies and soul mates. Of course, the Brookester doesn’t want that... she wants to be the wife! New imposter Bridget knows that this will be oh so hard for BRIDGE to accept and get over, but it will happen one day. Then talk changes to the hullabaloo down at the Marone Mansion tonight.

New imposter Bridget is glad that the Brookester will be in attendance, but Brooke still isn’t quite too sure if she’s ready for this. Brooke is afraid that she’ll get everybody’s hopes up as far as getting together with Nicker-Bocker. New imposter Bridget doesn’t think that Brooke should have to worry about any of that; she thinks that they only thing that the Marone clan is expecting is her appetite. (Yeah, SURE new imposter Bridget.... Jackie ain’t expecting anything else...well, all I got to say is that OLD REAL AWSOME JF Bridget would know that Jackie is expecting more than the Brookester’s appetite tonight).

After Brooke has left her office, Ozzy stops in to see his favorite fiancée new imposter Bridget. (Time out. What is he doing at Logan Designs? Ozzy works at FORRESTER CREATIONS...and it’s not like he and new imposter Bridget were going to the party right from there because when they showed up at the Marone Mansion, they were wearing different clothes... that didn’t make too much sense to me.) Any who, I digress. New imposter Bridget confides in Ozzy about Brooke’s concerns about partying hardy with the Marone’s tonight and says that it will take a miracle for her to get over Ridge.

Speaking of Ridge, he’s sitting in his office starring off into space as Massimo comes on in to say hello. Mass the ass man invites his number one son to Jackie’s little gathering tonight themed: “Let’s welcome Brooke into the family”. Ridge asks Massimo to check to see if he can twist the knife in his back a little harder.

Massimo tells his golden boy that he knows how he feels, but that Nick is the father of the spawn and that the sooner he accepts that the better. Besides, the spawn still should mean something to Ridge; after all, he’s its uncle. Ridge is oh so happy that that’s all he gets to be to it...very sarcastically of course. Ridge then begins to make Mass aware of Jackie and her motives and about how much he’s not caring for her ways of handling things.

After Massimo heads for home, Papa Eric decides to pay his number one son a visit. Ridge warns him that he’s not good company, but Eric, the caring and wonderful man that he is decides that he’ll take his chances. Ridge informs his fake dad of the party at the Marone Mansion and about how sick it makes him feel. Then he lays into Eric too on how much of a pain in the ass Jackie has been lately. Eric again reminds Ridge that Nick is the spawn’s sperm donator and that Nick does have the right to stake a small claim where Brooke is concerned. Ridge comments that he’s almost starting to accept this whole thing except for the fact that he just feels like he and Brooke’s life together was just stolen from him. (Well Ridge, AT LEAST BROOKE IS ALIVE! Think about Caroline...THINK ABOUT MY POOR POOR TAYLOR!....THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN! *Oh, that’s right, I forgot...Stephanie’s boys have short term memory when it comes to MY girls).

Well, everyone has all assembled at the Marone Mansion for supper! We got: Massimo the ass man, Jacksters, Nicker-Bocker, The Brookester, New Imposter Bridget, and Ozzy. But, before anyone can chow down, Jackie now needs to make a long winded speech. (Massimo is really rubbing off on her). In her dribble of words, Jackie just can’t thank the Brookester enough for the happiness that she’s given her boy Nicky and about how happy she is that they are all together as a family. Then, for good measure, Jackie throws in that she’s sorry that Ridge feels as though he’s not a part of the clan, but hopes that he’ll get over that sooner then later. Then, Jackie goes back to thanking Brooke, but as she begins to talk about the spawn, she breaks down into joyous tears and has to be hugged by Massimo. At that, the Brookester puts on her “nicey nicey” face and thanks Jackie for opening up her heart and family to her and tells her that Nicker-bocker will make an excellent father before pulling her in for a squeeze.

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