B&B Wednesday Update 2/4/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/4/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Well, it is morning in LA, and the macho Marone men are all sitting around the dinning room table at the Marone mansion having a little break fast while chewing the fat and shooting the poop...you get the drift. As they all nibble, Jackie watches from in the living room, telling good Hudson about how tickled she is to see Nick participating in some male bonding. Hudson comments on happy Massimo has been since his boys have come into his life, along with Jacksters of course. Jackie assures Hudson that his bosom buddy will stay happy-go-lucky, because they have taken care of all of their previous issues. Hudson is just as pleased as punch to hear the news. Before Ozzy leaves the table to get to the grind at Forrester Creations, Massimo tells him to hold on a second; he wants to say something. (Here we go...it wouldn’t be a meal at the Marone Mansion without a long winded speech from Massimo the ass man.)

Massimo just wants to tell Nicky and Ozzy that they have kissed and made up as far as Eric Forrester goes, and that he wants no revenge against the man. Ozzy is happy to hear that, since their feud had not only started to take it’s toll on REAL AWSOME JF Bridget, but also he and New Imposter Bridget as well.

After Ozzy leaves, Jacksters sits Massimo and Nicker-bocker down to have a chat about the Brookester. Jackie thinks that Brooke should start coming to these lovely little family gatherings that they have at the Marone Mansion. Nick isn’t sure that’s such a good idea; after all, isn’t Ridge, his BROTHER more a part of the family then the Brookester? Jacksters corrects her son... Brooke just isn’t the BROOKESTER, she’s the MOTHER OF THE SPAWN...HIS SPAWN! Nick agrees, but doesn’t want Jacksters to get too ahead of herself; after all, he and Brooke haven’t exactly molded the “BRICK” yet. Massimo giggles; if Jackie has anything to do with it... BRICK will be together sooner then later. After all that is said, Jacksters takes off; she’s got an important matter to attend to. When Jackie is officially off and running, Massimo and his number two son have a little heart to heart about him being a papa. Massimo tells his boy that he’ll be great at it, and lucky that he gets to spend these special younger years with his spawn; unlike Massimo.

Nick admits that he is just so excited and can’t wait; but he is hoping that Brooke will eventually come around and see the light: that BRICK is a solid choice and that the BRIDGE has crumbled. Massimo grins and says that Jackie plans on doing anything to make that happen.

Speaking of BRIDGE, they are over at Logan designs, and the key word of the day there friends is AWKWARD.... remember that...it will come up later. So, as the Brookester is going over paper work, Ridge is fondling a dress that he’s working on. He tells Brooke that he’s changed something on it and wants her input on it. As Brooke and Ridge go to paw at the dress at the same time, of course we’re subjected to the time honored cliché of their hands touching at the same time. Ridge tries to lace their fingers together, but of course pulls away. Then she gets the brain storm that she needs to just quit working at the company; it’s just going to be too hard and...AWKWARD.

Ridge says that if anyone should leave, it should be him...after all, her name is above the door. The two then dwell once more on how the spawn should have been Ridge’s and then they pull together for a touching embrace. After Ridge is done stroking the Brookesters’ hair, he decides to give her some alone time.

But, the Brookester isn’t alone for long. Nope, nope, nope... it turns out that Jackie had come into the hall way part way through BRIDGE’S conversation, and upon Ridge leaving she hid behind a rack of clothes. After Ridge is good and gone, Jackie waltzes into Brooke’s office to have a chat. Although Brooke isn’t really thrilled to see Jacksters, she doesn’t kick her out...(she’s a slow learner apparently). Any who, Jacksters has just stopped by to invite Brooke to more Marone family functions...they all have such a great time, she wants the Brookester to join in al of the fun.

Brooke doesn’t think that she’s quite up to it yet, but then Jackie throws in her whole: we want you to be a part of our family thing. She tells Brooke that none of what she went through with Stephers will happen with her; Jackie vows that both she and Nicker-Bocker will be there for Brooke through thick and thin. Brooke is very touched, and the two embrace. How sweet. By the way...WHERE THE HELL IS STEPHANIE LATELY ANYWAYS??? I MISS HER!

Down at beach house number one, Thorne’s little shack, Sally has decided to stop in and see the precious Alexandria. She brings her a teddy bear and is all wanting to cuddle and coo the little infant. In her baby talk, she tells Alexandria and her daddy that one day, she’ll have boy friends lined up around the block...JUST LIKE MACY. (Funny how when Darla isn't around, Sally totally forgets that this baby isn’t Macy’s child. SO SAD...CAUSE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN! THORNE’S SPAWN SHOULD HAVE BEEN MACY’S SON, NOT DARLA’S DAUGHTER!...Anyways, I digress) Well, Thorne thanks Sally all so much for the support that she has given him and Darla. Sally says “no prob!” After all, babies have a way of bringing people together in her opinion.

Well, Thorne agrees that they are a blessing, but they can also tear people apart. Sally says that it isn’t the kids that do that...it’s their idiot parents...oh, and by the way, what happened with him and Macy is all water under the bridge now. Well, Thorne’s glad that Sally doesn’t hate him or Darla anymore, but what happened with him and my poor darling, and precious Macy wasn’t what he was referring to. (After all Thorne... Macy who?? Were you ever married to Macy? Did you ever know anyone named Macy?? Hmm... Sometimes I WONDER.) Well, Sally tells Thorne that she has no sympathy for his idiotic brother; he should have dumped Brooke when he had the chance. Thorne, ever the softy where Brooke is concerned, (WHY?!?!), doesn’t think that it’s fair. After all, the Brookester sacrificed what she’s wanted most in this world, a life with Ridge for everyone... that should stand for something.

Well, Sally doesn’t rightfully care, and thinks that Brooke is finally getting what’s coming to her. (HERE HERE SALLY! YOU SAY IT!...Although, I’m all for Brooke getting what she deserves, I hate having to watch it... all she does is whine and cry and it’s BORING!)

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