B&B Tuesday Update 2/3/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/3/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Still in Brooke’s bedroom, Ridge is still making his plea that they should be together. The Brookester admits that she is still in love with Ridge, but that they just can’t be a couple any longer. Ridge just doesn’t understand why; if he can handle having her carry Nick’s spawn, then so can the rest of the world.

Brooke reminds Ridge of how much Rick and Bridget suffered when she tore apart the Forrester family way back when, and she doesn’t want Hope and the spawn, along with everyone else to be dragged through that type of mud again. Ridge doesn’t care about that at all. He says that if he had to choose between family warfare and the Bridge, then “bring on the feud”. Brooke whines that she’s trying oh so hard to do the right thing, but Ridge is undermining her attempts by tempting her to give in to their passion.

Ridge is finally starting to realize that Brooke ain’t budging on her decision to destroy the Bridge once and for all. The two embrace as tears stream down the Brookester’s face. (Too bad, OH SO SAD….yawn…)

Over at the Marone Mansion, Jackie is just so over come with the sweet gesture that Massimo made with the “Indian in the Cupboard” key, that she is speechless. (Well, that sure is a first!)

The two gush about how they have renewed their commitment for each other and about how happy they are. Massimo admits that their new found understanding was brought about by none other than Eric Forrester. Massimo tells Jackie about the conversation that he and Eric last had and about how it finally made him realize that if he kept up his ass-hole ways, he’d lose his beloved. Jackie is quite surprised that Mass took Eric’s advice, (as am I for that matter), but Mass says that when ever he hears a good idea, even if it’s from the competition, he takes it and applies it. After that is all sorted out, the now happy couple go on to chit-chat about Brooke and Nick and the spawn and about how excited they are to be grand-parents. Massimo admits that he hopes that the Brookester and Nicker-bocker can work something out, but he is saddened that it might have to come at Ridge’s expense. Jacksters puts on her “I feel so sorry for Ridge” face and says that it is a tragedy, but that they need to focus on the good that will come out of his mess. Then the two love birds decide that they want to fly on up to their bed room to flap around…if you know what I mean. But, right as Jacksters gets up to flutter, she comes across her bank statement setting on the coffee table.

Jackie is a little put out that Massimo is rummaging through her personal account, but Mass says that he was checking for any discrepancies… and he found one… a $20, 000 one. Jackie says that there isn’t any problem… she was the one who withdrew the cash. “It’s for a present for Nicky and the baby,” Jacksters tells her husband. (What? Its college education?)

Up at Nicker-bocker’s new pent house, cute sweet saucy Sammy has come on over to give him decorating ideas. She comments on how excited Nick seems to be about this fatherhood thing. Nick admits that he can’t wait to be a pop. Sammy tells him that he’ll be a natural.

However, when Nick happens to tell her that he would like the nursery to be next to the room that “we’re going to take”, (inferring Brooke), Sammy catches him on it and asks if the Brookester will be leaving her bungalow to join him in the pent house. Nick corrects himself, saying that none of the sort will be happening…yet, but that he just wants to be ready. Sammy again thinks that Nick is just oh so sweet.

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