B&B Monday Update 2/2/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/2/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

HAPPY GROUND HOG’S DAY!... happy six more weeks of winter too…ugggg… that damn rodant

Well friends, we begin today’s manic Monday episode right where we left off on Friday; with Jackie blocking Ridge from strolling up the stairs in Brooke’s bungalow to pay her a visit.

Ridge coolly removes Jacksters’ hand from his shoulder and tells her to get her butt out of his way. Jackie quite rudely tells Ridge that he has lost all rights of concern for the Brookester; their marriage is over, she’s carrying another man’s spawn, and Ridge needs to get over that and get a life. Ridge of course is royally pissed at Jackesters’ interference and doesn’t understand where she even thinks that she has the authority to have any say in the destruction or reconstruction of the Bridge. (Man, and Ridge thought that Stephanie was a problem.) Finally, Ridge tells Jackie, “You know what, you’re right. I can work this whole thing out in the morning.”

Jackie is more than tickled that Ridge has seen the light and is mighty pleased to see him leave Brooke’s bungalow.

Meanwhile, up the bungalow stairs, Nick doesn’t think that it’s such a good idea for Brooke to be seeing her Ridge right away. Nicker-bocker is mighty worried that the rejoining of the Bridge could undo all of the peace that Brooke found with the nuns in France. Brooke sees his concern, but she misses Ridge oh so much. Well, after a little more chatting, Nicker-bocker decides that it’s time for him to mosey on home. Brooke thanks him for all that he has done and hopes that everything will eventually work out for everybody. After Nick is gone, Brooke makes a phone call to Ridge. She pretty much says hey, I miss you, but since you’re not home, I’ll see you tomorrow.

After Nick finally makes his way down the stairs, he is a little perturbed to find his mother still there. When Nicker-bocker informs Jacksters that nothing has happened between him and Brooke, Jackie tells her boy that all will be in good time. Nick is still very annoyed with his mommy as he ushers her out of the house and on back to the Marone Mansion.

However, after Nick and Jackie make their way up what I’m supposing is the drive way, Ridge comes on out from behind a bush and goes on up to see Brooke.

The Brookester is mighty surprised, albeit happy to see Ridge. She tells him about where she went and about the spiritual enlightenment that she attained. Ridge comments that there is new array of confidence streaming out of Brooke unlike he’s ever seen. Then, after mumbling how much they each missed each other, Ridge pops out Brooke’s wedding band in hoping that he can shove it back on her finger. Brooke tries to explain to Ridge that they just can’t rebuild the Bridge at the moment, but her pleas are falling on death ears. Ridge gives his whole “we can get through anything Logan” speech…blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, and of course Brooke’s leaky left eye is a streaming at all of Ridge’s bea-u-t-ious sentiments.

Ridge begs his Logan for just one night to remind her how great they are together... (hmmmm.. .sound familiar to ANYBODY?????) Of course, at this request, with his hands clutching her face, Brooke is left to ponder on what to do till tomorrow.

Well, as all of this is going on, Jacksters has made her way back home to the Marone Mansion all a fluttered that Brooke is back, she and Nick might be a family, and she’s showing! Mass just kind of sits on the couch looking mighty distracted at the math that he is apparently doing. (He had what looked like an adding machine out on the coffee table and stuff…maybe taxes? But wouldn’t he have PEOPLE to do that for him? What ever) But, as soon as Jackie mentions how she stopped Mass’ Golden Boy from seeing Brooke, Massimo perks up. He just hopes that Ridge, his number one son will be able to get through this. At this slight display of compassion, Jackie whips out her: poor poor pitiful Ridge face to mask her horary for Nicky smirk that she was previously sporting. Massimo is just so distraught at what this whole spawn situation has done to his boys. He hates to see them fighting so. Jacksters suggest that they be the ones to set the example for the boys’… you know, really show them what forgiveness and understanding is all about. Mass is game for that, but feels that it might be just a tad contradictory on their part since they haven’t really been all to understanding with each other. Massimo finally admits that he’s been a slight bit of a chauvinist pig, and doesn’t want to keep Jackie locked away like some bird in a gilded cage. Mass has finally decided that he’s going to trust her and their marriage enough to let her “spread her wings”. Massimo then gives Jackie a little key, (that could unlock, I don’t know, a hutch or a cabinet) with a ribbon tied to it, and tell her to fly. *Apparently it’s the key to Jacksters’ cage… great…. Actually, now that I think about it, the key is kind of like the one in “The Indian in the Cupboard”. Jackie is deeply moved and professes her love for Massimo the ass man once again.

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