B&B Friday Update 1/30/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/30/04

By Space bug
Pictures by Boo


Well, today new imposter Bridget decided to stop by and see Ridge yet again; although this time at Logan Designs. Ridge says that he’s just so sad about Brooke and he just needs to see her oh so badly. New imposter Bridget says that she really wishes to hear from her mommy as well, but she thinks that Brooke will return home soon; especially if Nick can convince her to come on home. Ridge says that it makes him sick to think that Nick is out playing hero, but there isn’t really much that he can do about it. Ridge then tells new imposter Bridget that despite the fact that the Brookester broke the Bridge and that she’s having Nicker-bocker’s spawn, he is still madly in love with her.

New imposter Bridget believes that Brooke is still in love with Ridge as well; that’s she’s just trying to do what’s right. Just then, the phone rings; its Ridge’s scouts at the airport telling him that the Marone jet has landed. Ridge immediately whisks off to see the Brookester.

As implied above, the Brookester is indeed home and back at her old house. As soon as she, Nick and cute little Hope walk through the door, they are bombarded with and over enthusiastic Jackie who is just so excited that Brooke is home. (Question: wouldn’t Brooke be greeted by her SON Rick who LIVES at the house??) Jacksters says that she just wanted to make sure that the house was all spiffed up and that the refrigerator was all stocked for the Brookester’s return. (Again, wouldn’t the house be clean and frig stocked with RICK LIVING THERE??) Brooke thanks Jacksters for her kindness, but seems a little apprehensive. Right as Jackie goes to pat Brooke’s belly, saying how thrilled she is to be a granny, Brooke pulls away and drags Hope upstairs to put her to bed.

With Brooke on the second floor of her...let’s say bungalow... (Yeah, Brooke’s bungalow), Nick tells Jackie that she’s about as subtle as the titanic hitting the ice berg. Jacksters takes offense to this and reinstates that her intentions are good. Nicker-bocker wants his mommy to stop pressuring Brooke; after all, she just got home.

Jackie again tells Nick to quit waiting around; Brooke made her decision by coming home with HIM. Nick reminds Jacksters that Brooke is still pinning after Forrester. Jackie tells Nick that he’s just going to have to help Brooke to forget about Ridge and think about him. Jackie finally admits that the reason why she’s pushing this so hard is because she spent most of her life alone watching Nicky grow up without a father; she doesn’t want that to happen to his spawn. Nick looks as though he appreciates her gestures, but is still a little annoyed at the force of them.

At Jackie’s advice, Nick goes on up to find Brooke sitting on her bed doing what friends? Pinning for Ridge of course! Brooke whispers to Nick that she wants to see him so badly that it hurts.

Down the stairs at Brooke’s Bungalow, Ridge is here! But, his journey to Brooke is blocked by Jackie. She stands at the bottom of the stairs and tells Ridge to leave Nick and Brooke alone and pushes him back! (She’s got BALLS!)

Else where in LA, actually, at Forrester Creations, Caitlin is....SKETCHING IN ERIC’S OFFICE?! OK...what ever. Eric comes in and the two of them chat about the good old days of Forrester; when Stephers was his inspiration, and he had both of his sons by his side. Caitlin comments that she met Thomas bopping around the place and that he’s a great “kid”. Eric agrees, and replies that if Thomas was a little bit older then he wouldn’t mind setting the two of them up. Caitlin says nopers... she just wants to focus on her work. Eric then inquires about her parents; that they must be proud of her determination. Caitlin informs him that her mother died when she was a wee little tike, and that her dad doesn’t know that she’s interning at Forrester... “He wants me to have a stable future,” she says reluctantly.

Eric agrees that he can see where her dad is coming from; after all, Eric is the proud father of THREE daughters. (It’s nice that he actually remembers Kristin and Felicia, isn’t it?) Eric tries to console Caitlin, telling her that her daddy is only looking out for her.

Down in the bowels of Forrester Creations, in Thorne’s dungeon office, young Thomas is holding a piece of fabric up to his face while looking in a mirror; trying to see what he’d look like if he sported a mustache. When Uncle Thorne comes on in, he jokes with his nephew about his lack of facial hair.

Thomas says that he thinks that growing a little scruff will make him look older. Then he dishes about “the girl” that has a “crush on him”. When Thomas reveals that it’s the new intern Caitlin, Thorne admits that she’s cute. (THORNE!!!! YOU BAD!) *Question: WHY would Thomas go to THORNE for love advice? Come to think of it, why would you go to Thorne for ANYTHING...unless you were a woman that is... ;) And number two... I wonder if Thomas has heard the family story about how Uncle Thorne was almost his “daddy”... that would make for a fun trip down memory lane! *But then again, this show doesn’t use its history for ANYTHING but to destroy it.

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