B&B Thursday Update 1/29/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/29/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

DAY FOUR OF NO JENNIFER FINNIGAN! *At least I wasn’t reminded by having to watch new imposter Bridget today...thank god. But, anyways, today was another snooze show friends... very uneventful.

Let’s see, well, Nicker-bocker and the Brookester boarded the Marone Jet with Hope to head back to LA. (If you haven’t heard, Hope has been re-casted to be about 3 or 4, and is now being played by the same set of twins who were once Abby Carlton on Y&R... small, small world, and ADORABLE with a capital A little girls.) Any who, after Nick gets cute little Hope all situated with her coloring books, he tells Brooke about how excited he for his little spawn to come on out. Nick is very excited about raising his son, and he isn’t ashamed to say it. Brooke says that she is finally appreciating what a gift the spawn is, even though it’s not of the sperm that she wanted it to be from. Nick promises not to pressure Brooke into anything; he knows that he hasn’t always given her her space, but he’s going to try mighty hard to comply with her wishes. The Brookester eyes Nick’s legal pad and starts reading his chicken-scratch out loud. Nick tells her that the words are song lyrics that he was thinking up on his ride across the ocean. Before dozing off, Brooke tells Nicker-bocker that she’d like to hear his little ditty when he’s finished writing it.

As Brooke sleeps, Nick thinks up some more lyrics. Then we flash to his little fantasy world as his song is being sung.

In Nick’s little dream of the future, he, the Brookester and the spawn are the perfect little family; taking bike rides, frolicking on the boardwalk, blowing bubbles, rolling down hills, (yes friends, he and Brooke did log rolls down a hill.. and she was wearing WHITE pants...I’d hate to clean that grass stain!) Nick’s little vision ended with him and Brooke taking a little row-boat ride during sunset.

How lovely. As the song finishes and Nick is back to reality, the Brookester is still asleep. Nick looks at her longingly, and much like his big brother, he fondles her hair a bit as she sleeps.

Over at the Insomnia, Thomas is chilling with one of his cronies, talking about cars and what not. Then his pal eyes a young “honey” across the room. Thomas recognizes the “honey” as being Caitlin. Then, he calls her to come on over and say hello. As his buddy hits the road, he says “So long Forrester”, thus cluing the idiot Caitlin in that Thomas is a Forrester.

The two sit and chat at the table about how great it must be having Ridge for a dad and being a Forrester. (Well, despite the scandal and heartbreak, not to mention occasional gun fire or car crashes, being a Forrester isn’t all that bad I suppose...YEAH RIGHT!) The two flirt some more before Caitlin decides to get back to her sketching.

As she walks away, Thomas looks ever so intrigued.

Down at the Marone Mansion, Massimo and Hudson have a chat about the family and all that great stuff. Hudson comments on how content Massimo seems. Mass blames it on the family; it has changed him for the better oh so much.

Then Eric comes on over to join the party and to have that little chat that he had requested yesterday. The two start out their conversation pretty civil, each taking responsibility for wrecking Old, Awesome REAL JF Bridget and Ozzy’s engagement party. Eric requests that they set their differences aside for their sakes. Massimo agrees and says that he doesn’t want to drive a wedge between the young couple. Eric then comments on the Brookester and her impending return. While Massimo says that he sympathizes with Ridge, he can’t deny that he wants to see Brooke end up with Nick since he is the father of the spawn. Eric sees where Mass is coming from, but of course isn’t all to ready to give up on the Bridge just yet; after all, he’d be about the last pillar holding it up. Then, of course the rival patriarch’s conversation turns to Jackie. Eric comments that Mass made a good move by allowing her to stay on with Fendmore’s... he thinks that it shows that the two families are attempting to co-exist.

Massimo takes this of course as an insult and goes onto the war path about how Eric needs to keep his distance from Jacksters, and how dare Eric use family as an excuse to further his own interests. Fed up, Eric tells Mass that it’s a good thing that he had that creepy portrait made of Jacksters because that will probably be all that he’ll have left of her. Again friends, MASS IS PISSED!

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