B&B Wednesday Update 1/28/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/28/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Today friends, is day three of no more Jennifer Finnigan, and I am still devastated. The new imposter Bridget is making her rounds with the cast; she visits Papa Eric at his office to talk about Bridge. She tells him how forlorn poor Ridge is about not being with Brooke. Their little pity party continues as Eric complies that it’s just not fair that the Bridge had to be broken. Eric, in an unusually perceptive moment notices that new imposter Bridget is taking Brooke and Ridge’s situation so close to heart because she’s worried about her own relationship with Ozzy.

Eric tells new imposter Bridget not to worry; that everything will work out. New imposter Bridget just can’t help but fret, especially with what happened at the engagement party and all. She expresses to Eric how important it is for Ozzy to prove himself to Massimo. “But MY loyalty is to you dad,” new imposter Bridget says before she shoves off to a class.

After new imposter Bridget is gone, Eric scurries over to his phone and rings up Massimo. “We have to talk,” he says into the receiver.

Over at Marone Industries, Jackie has decided to pay her favorite 50 year old step-son a visit. Of course, Jacksters is there to give Ridge the same speech that he’s heard not only from her, but from Massimo and from Stephers; he’s gotta quit pinning over Brooke and move on. Jackie of course brings up the fact that this is Nicky’s child that she’s carrying and that the best thing for him to do is to step aside. As Ridge and Jacksters verbally battle it out, Ridge’s secretary comes in with the info that she had gotten from tracing Brooke’s phone call. She tells Ridge that Brooke is in the south of France at a religious retreat and then passes him the digits.

Speaking of the Brookester, she’s still in her dark candle lit convent room gazing out of the window...praying. She wants God to tell her the next step that she should take... blah blah blah, and then she asks for a sign. Just then, her little prayer time is interrupted by her ringing phone. (I wonder who that could be.) Brooke looks surprised, and picks up the phone...only to find that no one is there...

That would be because Jackie hit the little what-cha-ma-call-it button to disconnect the call. Ridge of course is pissed and tells her that she has no right to prevent him from chatting with his wife. Jacksters again tells Ridge that Brooke had asked to be left alone after all.

Ridge gets that, but doesn’t think that it’s very fair if he has to play by the rules and Nicker-bocker doesn’t. Jackie again plays the spawn card, thus saying that Nick has more claim to Brooke because she’s carrying his spawn. Finally Ridge has enough of listening to Jackie sing Nick’s praises and tells her to take her phony compassion some place else.

Well, after Brooke realized that no one was on the other end of her phone call, she went over to her window to begin to pray again, (because apparently Brooke can only pray in front of a window). However, before she can utter the classic opener “Dear God”, Nick appears at her door. The Brookester is quite surprised to see him and is at first a little put-off that he didn’t respect her wishes. Nicker-bocker tells her that he just had to make sure that she and his spawn were safe and sound and that now that he saw that for himself, he was gonna fly on back to LA.

Brooke however tells him to wait; it’s time for her to saddle up and head on back as well. Before they go though, Brooke tells Nick about all the praying, counseling, meditating and walking that she’s done and about how she’s really found peace. Nick says he’s mighty proud that she’s steering her own course. Then the two frolic on out of the room... without any luggage and leaving the 10 or so candles that Brooke had lit all ablaze. (That was sure a smart move.) Just after they close the door though... who would have thunk? BROOKE’S PHONE RINGS AGAIN! IT’S RIDGE CALLING HER AGAIN! BUT OF COURSE, SHE’S NOT THERE! *This is classic plot recycling of mixed up signs!! Do we all remember when Ridge went to Taylor’s grave for a sign? Old awesome JF REAL Bridget showed up first, but before she could reveal herself, Brooke beat her to it. SIMILAR? I THINK SO!

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