B&B Tuesday Update 1/27/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/27/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Well friends, today is day two of no more Jennifer Finnigan. I AM OH SO SAD. New imposter Bridget is up at Marone Industries chewing the fat with Ridge.

Ridge informs new imposter Bridget that his favorite brother Nick has taken off in the Marone jet to go and find Brooke in France. Ridge is very opposed to this; after all, the Brookester wanted to be left alone. New imposter Bridget points out that Nick is probably doing this for the baby, but Ridge also addresses the fact that his little bro has some self interest in finding Brooke as well.

New imposter Bridget gives Ridge yet another chance to pine over the loss of his marriage and the fact that the spawn is not his. Boo Hoo... Too bad, oh so sad. Ridge comments that here he is the ultimate loser while Nicker-bocker gets to prance about playing the hero. Let’s say it together now: POOR, POOR PITIFUL RIDGE! :’’(

Speaking of good Nicker-bocker, he is still on the Marone jet with that stupid bracelet compass thing in hand, ready to go. His good pilot comes to inform him that Brooke’s credit card usage has been traced. Nick checks it out to find that the Brookester has American Expressed herself into the Sacred Heart Retreat Center. After Nicker-bocker gets off the plane he hops into a car and drives himself to the convent. Upon arrival, Nick runs into Sister Madeline... the nun that Brooke is pals with. (What a coincidence! Out of all of the nuns in the convent, he runs into the one that knows Brooke!)

Nick questions the nun as to the where-abouts of the Brookester. He tells her that he’s the father of the child that she’s carrying. At first, the sister played dumb, saying that she couldn’t reveal any names about any of the convent’s guests, but the whole “I’m the dad” card that Nick pulled kind of got to her. She told him that the Brookester and baby Hope are doing well, but Nick doesn’t take the word of the nun...he needs to see it for himself. (Sorry, but this was a little too “The Sound of Music” for me... you know, when the kids wanted to see Maria but the mean old nuns wouldn’t let them... what ever).

Back in LA, Caitlin is just so tickled that Eric is letting her interview him. Upon questioning Eric’s training, he tells her that he started to draw and then he learned how to sew with an old machine that he bought at a yard sale. (Ok, time out...who here sees Eric Forrester bent over a Singer... or at a Yard Sale for that matter? Are there even yard sales in LA?) Anyways, as the two chit chat about his sketches, Caitlin comments on how beautiful the woman is who is featured in them. She correctly guesses that Eric’s “model” is someone that he knows. Then, right on cue, Jackie comes on in to say howdy-do.

She tells Eric that she’s staying on at Fendmore’s. Eric is just so happy, but is disappointed that Jackie won’t stick around for lunch and was acting a bit skittish. After she leaves, Caitlin correctly guesses that Jacksters was the woman in the sketches. Eric complies and after Caitlin hits the hallways, he looks longingly at his Jackie doodles.

Up in Massimo’s office as Marone Industries, he and Hudson are having a discussion about how pissed his is at Eric, but that he trusts Jacksters to stay loyal to him. As Deacon shuffles himself up to Massimo’s door, he hears the ass say that while he wants to make Eric’s life a living hell, he’s not going to use Ozzy to do it; he doesn’t want to mess up his cousin’s relationship with new imposter Bridget. Just then, Deacon comes in with his “smoking gun”.

Mass is very disappointed to find out that all Deacon managed to dig up were Eric’s personal and LEGIT taxes. Massimo again decides to end the feud for he doesn’t want to jeopardize his marriage. Deacon then threatens the old goat that if he doesn’t stop Eric and soon, he’s going to turn Jacksters against Massimo the same way that Eric turned (well, Old and wonderful Jennifer Finnigan Bridget) against him. Massimo stews at this comment... HIS BLOOD IS REALLY BOILING!

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