B&B Monday Update 1/26/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/26/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Up in the master bedroom of the Marone Mansion, Massimo and Jackie are having a little tiff about his little word war with Eric. Jacksters give Mass her word that he has absolutely nothing to worry about as far as Eric... blah, blah, blah, we’ve heard it all before. Jackie then drops the bomb that she doesn’t want to quit her job at Fendmore’s. Massimo is very against her not quitting. Then, Jacksters pulls the “happy card” and says that if she’s not working at her beloved job that she wouldn’t be a happy camper and that she might just resent Massimo for that. After continuously telling her hubby that her working is all for the best and that she loves him and only him, Massimo finally concedes, and they kiss and make up.

It’s the morning after the party, and the new Bridget is over having coffee with Ozzy at the Marone Mansion. The two get into a discussion about the little scene between Eric and Mass at their little shin-dig. As predicted, Ozzy took Mass’ side and Bridget took her father’s. The two begin to have their very first argument, but good old Ozzy calls a truce before it gets out of hand. The two love birds decide that they will have disagreements about their families, but that they can’t let it ruin their feelings for each other. Just as they kiss and make up, Jackie comes on down and tells them that she and Mass just finished that. Bridget is still worried about Massimo and Eric going at it. “They can’t avoid each other for ever; they’ll both be at our wedding”. Jackie promises the couple that everyone will be happy-go-lucky by then. (Well, just because Jacksters said so, I’m sure relieved.)

Over at Forrester Creations Eric and Deacon are having a little business chat which turns personal rather quickly. Big, bad, Deacon asks Eric if he’s concerned at all about Bridget marring a Marone. Deacon tells Eric that if he gives him a green light, then he’d be all for making Bridget a Sharpe. Well, Eric didn’t take that all too well and pretty much tells Deacon to stay the hell away from his daughter...again. After Eric leaves, Deacon hobbles around his office, digging through his desk muttering to himself.

Big, bad Deacon comes across Eric’s sketches of Jackie, along with his personal tax records.

Down in the cutting room of Forrester that annoying intern Caitlin is busy as a little bee doing her whole interning thing. Who does she run into but young Thomas Forrester? Thomas sparks up a conversation with the little kiss-ass, but doesn’t reveal his last name. Caitlin goes on the gush about how great the company and Eric are and that she wants to be a designer...yadda yadda yadda. Upon asking Thomas what he wants to do when he’s all grown up, he says that he’s gonna run a company with his name on the door of it. Caitlin tells him that Forrester is a great place to start. (Or finish... depends on how you look at it I guess). After Thomas hits the hallway, Eric appears in the cutting room. Of course Caitlin leeches onto him so that she can kiss more ass. Then she asks if she can interview him for her class project. Much to her joy, Eric says that he’d be happy to.

As Eric and Caitlin make their way into his office, Deacon hobbles himself out some mysterious back door before they see him. Then he calls Massimo to tell him about the dirt that he found. Mass tells his big bad counter-part that he’s calling an end to this vendetta for Jackie’s sake. Well, that idea went clear out the window when Deacon told Mass about Eric’s little doodles. Massimo flips out... THIS IS WAR!

*Side note: WHERE IS JENIFER FINNIGAN????? I knew that she was leaving, but I NEED HER BACK! The Bridget/Ozzy chemistry IS DEAD! And by the way, last time that I checked, recasts were supposed to resemble each other. Well, friends, all I’m saying is that if looks didn’t matter, then JF should have just been replaced by Jennifer Lopez or wacky Sharon Stone because they would have made just as much sense as this JF wanna be that they dragged up. *Let’s all pray that JF’s absence will be like Y&R’s Heather Tom’s first departure...it didn’t last for more than a year because a recast just didn’t work. JENIFER FINNIGAN, PLEASE COME BACK!!!!

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