B&B Friday Update 1/23/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/23/04

By Space bug
Pictures by Boo


Well friends, it was another boring show today. The party is done, and Stephanie and Eric are prancing about the living room of Forrester Fort One, talking about what an idiot he was as far as Jackie was confirmed. Stephers tells her ex that he has crossed the line and that she can see why Massimo got so upset. Eric tries to tell her that heís concerned for Jackie as a friend, but Stephanie isnít buying that thatís all thatís going on. She tells him flat out that anything between Massimo and Jackie is between them and none of his business. Eric gets tired of hearing what a moron he is, so he hits the road.

Soon after Eric leaves, Ridge comes on down stairs. As he and his mommy get into a chat about Ericís senselessness about Jackie, Ridge gets a phone call from Nick. Nicker-bocker tells his number one brother that heís on the Marone jet; he got a lead on Brooke and heís gone to find her. Ridge totally disagrees with Nickís actions, but Nick tells him that heíll keep in touch, and then hangs up. Ridge decides to fire up the Forrester Jet to go play tag with the Marone one, but Stephanie tells him that heís not going. Then we have to hear the mother/son talk about how Ridge needs to let Brooke do the right thing for literally about the 8th time. Stephanie tells Ridge that he needs to focus on his children and let Brooke decide what she needs to do. Finally Ridge gets it and sulks that he wonít go.

On the Marone Jet, Nick is just clueless as to what to say to the Brookester. As he sits strumming his guitar, he starts thinking up some lyrics. By the end of the episode, Nicker-bocker has written a little song for his sweet heart. How touching.

The Brookester is back! Thatís right kids; we finally have real scenes with Brooke today...oh joy of joys. We now know that Brooke is in a convent retreat thing in Paris. A nun comes into her room and attempts to give Brooke some advice about her life and her future. (You would think that Brooke would feel more comfortable in a brothel than a convent, but what ever). Brooke listens to Sister Madeline, but just isnít willing to accept that she doesnít really have a say in where her future takes her.... blah blah blah, enter Brooke whining her. *And might I add, for someone who got pregnant in the end of October, Brooke is really poking out. I think that somebody gave KKL the wrong pillow.

Over at Las Olasí Mass and big bad teary eyed Deacon are having a chat about wanting to take Eric down. Mass tells his buddy Deacon about how Eric has disrespected his wife and his marriage and that is just something that you donít do. Deacon starts letting on that he wouldnít be dealing with his stupid cane if it wasnít for Eric; that and heíd be married to Bridget at the moment. Massimo tells Deacon to take a time out where Bridget is concerned; Ozzy is in Massimoís clan, and you donít mess with his happiness. Well, Deacon agrees, but doesnít even think that that relationship would have ever happened if Eric hadnít kept Deacon away from Bridget. Deacon and Mass both want revenge, and Deacon tells him that heís the guy to help out. After all, Deacon works for Eric for crying out loud. Massimo gives Deacon the green light to do what ever he has to do to find out dirt on Eric and to CRUSH him.

Down at Forrester Creations, Eric finds young Caitlin traipsing about his office. Apparently, she just couldnít wait to see his new design all finished. Then we are subjected to more of Caitlinís ass-kissing. BORING! She tells Eric how heís such a great nice man and he is ever so eager to receive the compliment.

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