B&B Thursday Update 1/22/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/22/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

Well, it is still party time at Forrester Fort One. But Massimo is the party pooper. That’s right kids; every party has to have one. He is still glaring at Eric’s hands on Jackie’s shoulders.

As he is watching, Eric keeps trying to get through to Jacksters, but that’s a no-go. She says that she will not let Eric ruin her marriage before it has even begun.

As this is all going on, the other party animals have all arrived. Ridge is in tote with Thomas and his new set of twin daughters, Thorne is solo, as is Sammy, and Nick brings up the rear.

After Nick makes his entrance, he and Ridge have an almost civil conversation about the Brookester; Nick informs Ridge that her call was made from over seas. Ridge still thinks that they should adhere to Brooke’s wishes that she should not be found, but Ridge however wants to be kept informed as to any progress that Nick makes in finding out her wear-abouts.

A little later on, as Nick is traipsing about on the terrace of the original Forrester fort, he receives a phone call informing him that Brooke’s phone call came from Paris. At that, Nick calls the air port and tells the boys to get the Marone jet all fired up for a jump across the pond.

Other party small talk ensues as well; Thomas asks Sammy when she’ll model another teddy for him;

Ridge and Sammy have a heart to heart about how heart sick he is without Brooke, Bridget chit chats with her almost forgotten nieces and nephew, and Thorne asks Stephanie where his dear old dad is. At this point, Stephers notices that Eric, Mass, and Jackie are all MIA.

“Take your hands off of my wife!” Massimo orders as he approaches Eric and Jacksters. Eric goes on with his whole, “How can you let him control you like this?” thing; and Massimo goes on with his whole, “you don’t respect our marriage or my wife” speech. Then Massimo yells quite loudly, loud enough so that Ozzy and Stephanie come on out to see what all the fuss is about.

Massimo announces that Hudson is going to take Jackie home, and that he’s going to be following soon. Stephanie and Ozzy try to get Mass calmed down, but that ain’t happening. He apologizes to Bridget and Ozzy after Jackie is ushered out, and then he hits the road himself.

After that little charade, Ozzy and Bridget have a tender moment together, wondering why the two great men in their lives have to hate each other, and then vow that they will not let their feud tear them apart.

As the party begins to get underway once again, Eric makes one of his BS toasts to the happy couple about love and marriage and commitment… all that jazz. Then, Ozzy re-says his time honored, but wonderful speech about how Bridget is oh so great. Then it’s Bridget’s turn to talk. She says how much she loves Ozzy and then, through her tears she tells everyone how much she loves them and about how they have all turned her into the person that she is today. (It was really sweet, and you could defiantly tell that Jennifer Finnigan wasn’t really acting… being that Friday is her last air-day and these are her last scenes with her onscreen family, her tears were completely sincere, and the way her speech was written seemed like it was more so a way for her to say good bye.)

Down at Los Olas, the only Mexican restaurant IN LA, Deacon is having sodas with the young Caitlin. She is still unwilling to believe all of the bad things that big, bad, teary eyed Deacon has been saying about the wonderful Eric Forrester, but Deacon says that in time she’ll see the truth. Caitlin assures him that she is an excellent judge of character.

Deacon tells her to watch herself in this cut-throat fashion world… “You’ll be as confused as a goat on Astroturf,” he tells her before she hits the pavement.

After young Caitlin leaves, Deacon eyes Massimo over at the bar. He shuffles his big bad teary eyed self on over to have a chat with Mr. Marone. Mass isn’t really in the mood to play nice with Deacon, and Mr. Sharpe correctly guesses that Eric is his source of anguish. Deacon proposes that he and Massimo team up to “wipe that smug smile off that bastard’s face”. He even dares Mass to do something about Eric. “So, you ready to cow-boy up?” Deacon asks. Massimo has a rather pissed off, but intrigued expression on his face.

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