B&B Wednesday Update 1/21/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/21/04

By Space Bug
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Well kids, today is the day of the engagement party.

Over at the Marone Mansion, as Massimo is getting ready and chatting with Hudson, he tells his comrade that as long as Eric keeps his hands off Jackie and stays away from her altogether, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Upstairs though, Jacksters receives a phone call on her cell from Eric. She tells him that they shouldn’t be talking and that she needs to respect her husbands’ wishes before she hangs up on him. Shortly there after, Jackie is ready to go and she, Mass, and Hudson hit the road.

Down at Forrester Creations and in big bad porky teary eyed Deacon’s office; we get to meet Caitlin, the new Forrester Intern. For some reason, she decides to display her over achiever tendencies to Deacon by spewing off all sorts of fashion jargon and gushing about how thrilled she is to be at Forrester and about how much she admires Eric. Well, speak of the devil, just then Eric comes traipsing in to give Deacon a sketch or a file, (I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention.) Deacon sarcastically asks Eric why he’s not already at the engagement shin-dig, and Eric replies just as slyly that he’s on his way, after he thanks Deacon for holding down the fort. Then, Deacon introduces Caitlin to Eric, and of course she is immediately charmed. (I’m surprised that Deacon didn’t have to call house keeping to get someone to clean up the puddle that I’m sure she left on the carpet.) After Eric leaves, Caitlin inquires about the bad vibes between the two.

Deacon for some reason decides to tell her that he was married to Bridget and that if it wasn’t for Eric, he’d be married to her again. (Ok, maybe if it wasn’t for Brooke having your child...you still would be married you idiot!) Caitlin thinks that it’s weird for a father to have so much say over whom his child is marrying, but she still sees no tarnish in Eric’s image. Deacon comments that Eric has fooled almost everyone to thinking that he’s some great all around guy.

Over at Forrester Fort One, preparations are all under way for the party. Bridget and Stephanie have a little chat about Brooke and how much Bridget misses her. Stephers tells Bridget yet again how proud she is of the Brookester.

Bridget agrees, but wonders if she’s destined to screw up just as badly. Stephers doesn’t think so; “You have control over your own destiny,” she tells Bridget. Then the two talk about Ozzy. Stephanie admits that she was surprised about how fast the engagement happened. Bridget says that of course Ozzy proposed strictly out of love, but that he also wanted to give her a push away from Deacon; and that that plan worked like a charm. After more Ozzy praising, Bridget decides to go and change for the shin-dig.

After Bridget leaves, Ozzy arrives to have a chat with Stephanie. He tells how much Bridget admires her and looks up to her and feels that she has formed her into the woman that she is today. Stephers is quite flattered, but admits that Bridget hasn’t done too shabby for herself. Then Ozzy goes on to say that he knows how protective Stephanie is of Bridget, and that he is also. “I don’t just think of Oscar Marone anymore.... I think of Bridget and me...us.” (He’s so cute!) Stephanie commends Ozzy on his great and wonderfulness.

Soon after, Mass, Jackie and Hudson arrive. As they share some small talk with Stephanie, Bridget arrives and is all kiss-face with Ozzy. Then, Eric arrives.

Mass, Jackie and he kind of stare at each other for a minute; say hello, and then part ways. Later on, as Mass is telling a sea story, Eric confronts Jackie over at the punch bowl. He starts talking innocent business, but Jackie tells that they won’t be doing any business anymore, and then walks away leaving Eric looking more confused.

As Massimo’s story continues, Stephanie comments if Jackie has heard any of this. After a quick gaze around the room... they realize that Jacksters is no where to be found

That’s because she’s on the balcony! And of course, who comes up behind her but Eric! He tells Jackie that they will have to talk business eventually, but Jackie then drops the bomb that she’s leaving her post as Fendmore’s Forrester rep. Eric can’t believe that Jackie would allow Mass to have this much control over her. As he grabs her by the shoulders in attempts to get through to her, we see Massimo traipsing past the door way...AND HE SEES ERIC TOUCHING JACKIE!

*And Massimo looks like he’s going to crap kittens. I think war will be inevitable tomorrow friends!

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