B&B Tuesday Update 1/20/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/20/04

By Space Bug
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Well friends, it was another boring day in LA yet again. Here’s the jist of what happened:

There was a delightful breakfast at the Marone Mansion with Mass, Jackie, Nick and Ozzy in attendance. Nick filled everyone in on the Brookester’s phone call from the night before. Jacksters tells her son that Brooke probably just needs more time to clear her head; then she’ll be home in a jiffy. Well, Nick is a little tired of waiting on Brooke. On to better thoughts, Ozzy and Bridget’s engagement party is brought up; apparently the shin-dig is to take place this very evening. As Ozzy gushes about how great his new father in law is, Massimo isn’t sitting all too easy. After the boys hit the road, Mass and Jackie have a not so pleasant chat about her where abouts the night before.

Massimo tells her that her coat “reeked of sea air” and that he knew that she had to have been with Eric. Jacksters fesses up, but assures Massimo that she and Eric are only friends, and tells him that she resents that Massimo is expecting her to give up her career and her friends just because he’s jealous.

Massimo confesses that he has opened himself up to her so much that he’s just afraid of having his little stone heart be broken. Jackie again professes her love for him, and finally agrees to give up her job as Fendmore’s Forrester rep if that will make him happy.

Speaking of Forrester Creations, Bridget has stopped by to see her dear old dad Eric. She tells him about Deacon’s little ploy to get her back the night before and about how bad she felt about having to break his heart yet again.

Eric tells his dear daughter how much he admires her willingness to see the good in every body, but that he wants big bad porky teary eyed Deacon to stay away from her. Bridget says that Eric needn’t worry himself into a tizzy; she made her feelings very clear to the idiot Mr. Sharpe. Then Bridget goes on to chat about her and Ozzy’s engagement party and how wonderful it will.

Over in Deacon and Amber’s office, the two are working as they discuss Deacon’s failure to get Bridget back. Amber says that she’s not really all that surprised that he failed.

She warns that even if he were to get through to Bridget, there would be no way on God’s green earth that he’d EVER get Eric to see the light.

Deacon decides that he’s just going to have to get through to Eric. (Yeah, like that would EVER happen).

After Bridget has left Eric’s office to go and see Ozzy to gush about how great the engagement party will be and about what a great wedding gift it will be to have the Forrester and Marone clans getting along all hunky-dory like, Deacon pays Eric a visit.

Eric commended big bad porky teary eyed Deacon on his great progress, but that he doesn’t want him shuffling anywhere near his precious Bridget.

Deacon attempts to plead his case, saying that he’s changed, blah blah blah, but Eric doesn’t want to hear it. No means No! (You know, somebody should keep score between Deacon and Massimo and how many times they deliver their constant repetitive speeches on “family loyalty” and “how much I’ve changed”.... I really wonder who would win.)

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