B&B Friday Update 1/16/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/16/04

By Space bug
Pictures by Boo

Over at Forrester Fort One, not so young Thomas has come home to find his dear old dad Ridge doodling with some sketches. Thomas tells Ridge about his little visit from Samantha, and isn’t all to subtle about how great he thought that she looked.

Thomas even tells Ridge that he should go for it with Sam, for he doesn’t want to see him lonely anymore. Thomas even points out that while he can take care of himself, Phoebe and Steffy need a mother. Ridge says that he likes Sammy very much, but that he’s still very much in love with Brooke.

Thomas reminds Ridge that Brooke had hit the road, but Ridge tells his son that he thinks that she will be back to their Forrester Fort very soon. (I don’t know what is worse...seeing Ridge get sex advice from his mother or from his son!)

Just then, Ridge’s little e-mail/pager do-hicky goes off, saying that he’s needed in Massimo’s office right away.

Across town, Jackie is making Nick look at a condo. She tells him that his piece of crap boat is no place to raise a child; plus, “the three of you will be all cramped up.”

Nick wants to know what she’s talking about...three? Jackie informs her son that the Brookester is coming back eventually, and she thinks to him. Nick reminds her that there is one little catch; she loves Ridge. “But she loves you too Nicky,”

Jackie says before she goes on to say that nothing or no one can break the bond that Brooke and Nicker-bocker share now...the spawn. Jackie thinks that Brooke will inevitably want to be with the spawn’s father in the end of the day. This gives Nick a sense of spirit as he decides to buy the condo.

Just then, his do-hicky pager/e-mailer thing goes off, summoning him to Massimo’s office.

Well, over at Marone Industry head quarters, the brothers Marone find each other in Mass’ office. Nick tries to apologize again, and tells Ridge that both of them need to move on with their lives.

Ridge disagrees if Nick’s plans include Brooke.

Just then, the phone rings. It’s BROOKE! She hopes that the boys are getting along better. When they tell her that that’s a no-go, she says that that’s why she’s left; she wants them to find peace. SHE HAS FOUND PEACE, and that’s why....she’s not coming back....

In other parts of LA, Bridget has arrived to the private dinning room to find not her adorable fiancée waiting, but her big bad porky ex-husband Deacon there instead.

Bridget scolds him for tricking her, but before she can walk out.

Deacon wows her with the fact that he can now stand up and shuffle his feet on his own. Bridget is all so happy for him, but that’s cut short when Deacon continues his pleas about how they belong together...blah blah blah.

Then, he pulls out his piece of crap ring and asks her to take off Ozzy’s so that she can wear Deacon’s.

Bridget is getting more annoyed, but maintains her composure. Then, Deacon requests a dance...actually, more or less Bridget rocking him back and forth. He starts saying more things about their ‘future’ that upset her, and when she goes to turn away, he falls flat on his face.

Bridget drops to her knees crying that she’s oh so sorry, yadda yadda yadda...SNOOZE! *Jennifer Finnigan has only one week left of air time...DON’T WASTE IT WITH THIS CRAP!

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