B&B Thursday Update 1/15/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/15/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo


Back in the seduction chamber in Forrester Fort Two, newly donned SAUCY Sammy is still trying to seduce her Forrester Stud. It just isn’t going as well as she’d like. Ridge tells her that although she is one wonderful woman, he loves the Brookester so much that there isn’t any room in his heart for anyone else. Plus, Ridge tells Sammy that this whole seductress thing isn’t really her cup of tea.

Sammy agrees, and thinks that comforting him with mac and cheese would have been a smarter route. The two joke a little bit with their Star Wars quote, and before Sammy WALKS OUT OF THE ROOM STILL WEARING HER TEDDY, she tells him that she’ll always be there for him if he ever changes his mind. She also thanks Ridge for the best sex that she’s ever had. (At least she’s got a sense of humor.)

As all of this is happening upstairs at Forrester Fort Two, downstairs, Bridget has decided to prance on over to say hello to Stephers. The two have a chat about Brooke and how much she has grown with her whole decision to put Ridge ahead of her own selfish needs; blah blah blah. Bridget comments that she really misses her mother, and she misses Ridge too and wants to know where his hide is. Stephanie says that he’s upstairs, but he’s not alone. “Sammy’s with him,” she says. Budge just can’t believe that Stephanie has put Samantha up to this. “Sex doesn’t solve everything,” Budge tells Stephanie. Stephers gives her an ‘I beg to differ face’ as she replies: “You wanna bet.” Bridget decides that she doesn’t want to hear anymore of this, and takes off.

Well, poor Sammy has walked out of Ridge’s room, and accidentally into Thomas’ room. (And I bet that the poor girl thought that her night couldn’t have gone any worse.)

Thomas is sure thanking his lucky stars, and poor Sammy is shocked to turn around and find him gawking at her. Then, to top that off, THE KID HITS ON HER! Sammy plays around with his teenage hormones, asking him what he would do if she took him up on his “offer”. She lets Thomas lean in to kiss her, and once his eyes are closed, she walks away, only to let him fall over.

The two joke about how he needs to find someone his own age as he hands her a bath robe to put on. When Sammy does decide to shove off, Thomas sincerely tells her to not give up on his dear old dad; that he does need someone. “Yes, he does, just not me,” Sammy says sadly as she walks away.

Meanwhile, back down the stairs in Forrester Fort Two, Ridge has emerged to find Stephanie still in the living room. When she comments that she thought he’d be in bed, he immediately confirms his pervious suspicions that the whole seduction thing was all her idea.

“Mother! I suppose you even bought the teddy,” Ridge half jokingly comments. When Stephanie looks at him with a guilty expression, he just can’t believe that she would do this. Stephers justifies her actions as “helping him out”.

Ridge goes on to give his ‘woe is me, I miss Brooke’ speech. Stephanie hears his plight, and understands where he’s coming from completely. She tells him that eventually, things will get easier, and in the mean time, he’ll always have her.

The two have a very “hallmark moment” as they embrace.

Down at the kid-friendly beach house of Deacon, Amber the idiot has decided to make and appearance. (You know, I was almost, and I stress, almost going to comment that I’ve missed our local neighborhood buffoon, but then she started her screeching thing again, and that just went straight to hell.)

Any ways, Amber has brought Deacon over a tux and a selection of ties that he requested. Upon inquiring what the new threads were for, Deacon says that he’s going to sweep Budge off her feet. He’s planning a set up where Bridget is going to think that she’s going to be having dinner with Ozzy, only to find Deacon there instead. (Ok kids, where have we seen this before? Think long and hard now...what, late July was it?)

Amber tries to tell Deacon that he’s gotta forget Budge and move on with his life, but Deacon ain’t budging on his plans to make Bridget his. Besides, he’s got a secret weapon that she won’t be able to resist he says.

After a long day of bopping about, Bridget has finally made her way back home to the guest house of Forrester Fort one, only to find a bouquet on her door step with an invite to the PRIVATE DINNING ROOM, no less for tomorrow night.

“Ozzy, you are so romantic,” she says to herself.

*WRITERS; please, PRETTY PLEASE quit recycling Thorne and Macy stuff! Come on! Half of the sentiments that Bridge was muttering before they collapsed, along with the whole family rivalry thing that Bridget and Ozzy are facing, PLUS Deacon, the ex who keeps screwing up and won’t quit till he has another chance...I’m so glad that you’re all willing to give these characters a shot with this stuff.

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