B&B Wednesday Update 1/14/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/14/04

By Space Bug
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Well, we are still over at the Marone Mansion as Nicker-Bocker and Ozzy stand around the freakishly huge portrait of Jackie and discuss the great honors that being a Marone is... we all know that song and dance by now, donít we? Mass comes over to chew the fat with the boys, and mentions to Ozzy that he should move on into the mansion with him and the Mrs. Ozzy says that heís very comfortable at his apartment and isnít in the market for an address change. Nick jokes that he might get his Marone ring a little faster if he decides to play house with Jackie and Mass.

As the three of them are yakking it up, Jackie tries to get Ridge to stick around and join in all of the fun. How ever, Ridge decides to be a stick in the mud instead and wants to just go on home. Jackie blatantly tells her step-son that he needs to give up on Brooke and that Nicky isnít all to blame. She reminds Ridge that the Brookester made the ultimate decision to book. After a while, itís Ridgeís turn to stand in front of the mantle and admire the wonder that is Jackie.

Mass comes over to console his number one son for a bit. He uses that opportunity to sing Ozzyís praises, and when the topic of Bridget is brought up, Mass makes a comment that a manís intelligence can be judged by the woman that he marries. Of course, thatís the cue for Jackie and Mass to cuddle and coo, and for Ozzy to get all excited about Budge. Ridge decides that itís time for him to really get out; heís not really wanting to sit about and listen to how great all of their relationships are going.

After the Marone Mansion has been cleared of that old party pooper Ridge, Jackie and Nick sit down for a mother son chat. Upon asking her how married life is, Jackie seems a little bothered. She confides in her son that she loves Mass oh so much, but at times she feels like a piece of property.

Nicky says that if anyone can control the old man, then itís her, but Jackie fears that she canít contain Massí jealousy. Nick is confused until Jackie explains whatís been going on with Eric. She says that sheís relieved that Massimo hasnít mentioned the topic in days, but that makes her all the more suspicious that heís planning something. After she and Nick are bored of that topic, Nick decides to scold his mommy on how she has been so blunt about the Brookester to Ridge lately. Jackie admits that she doesnít mean to sound cruel to him, but that heís gotta face the fact that itís over.

Nick realizes that, but he thinks that his estranged brother deserves a break.

While Jackie and Nick are chewing their fat in the living room, Ozzy and Massimo are chewing fat of a different kind as they traipse about the balcony.

Massimo tries to get Ozzy to open up about his work, but he keeps the details vague. After Ozzy leaves the Marone Mansion and goes back to his apartment, he finds all of his stuff out in the hall way.

When his super comes by, he informs Ozzy that the building has been bought by new owners and heís out. As Massimo and Hudson are still chatting about how to get Forrester secrets out of the young Marone wanna be, Ozzy calls Mass to hit him up on his offer to stay with him.

Of course Massimo is thrilled to have Ozzy camp out at his mansion. After he hangs up, Hudson correctly guesses that Massimo bought the building just to throw Ozzy out of it. (That is straight out of Victor Newmanís book if you ask me all you Y&R fans!)

Over at Forrester Fort Two, cute sweet Sammy has delivered a bag that old Stephers forgot at Forrester Fort One. (I know that Sammy is a ďdear friendĒ, but now she inhabits the entire fort all by herself... as Budge who is family is still in the guest house. Isnít there something wrong with that?)

Any who, Stephanie and Sammy have a chat about Bridge which actually is quite similar to Nick and Jackieís chat. Bottom line; the sooner that Ridge moves on the better. Stephanie admits that it wonít be easy for Brooke to resist Ridge again if she comes back to find him still pining away over her. Sammy admits that sheíd like to help her crush, but Ridge ahs made it clear that they are just friends. Stephanie tells her young protťgť that the Bridge has crumbled and that Ridge is going to have to turn to somebody, and Stephanie would like Sammy to be that person.

(This is big... Sammy is now the chosen one; the torch has officially been passed.) Stephers says that she thinks that Samantha should be there when Ridge comes home, and hands her the little bag that she had originally fetched. (Ok, letís stop and think about this. Itís bad enough that Ridge is being set up by his mother, but SHEíS IN A BEDROOM DOWN THE HALL, no less. PLUS, HIS KIDS ARE SOMEWHERE IN THE FORT! EWWWWW!!!!!

As Ridge drags himself down the long hall of Forrester Fort Two to make his way to his bed chamber, he opens the door to find it all lit with a soft candle glow. ďBrooke?Ē he mutters to himself.

About a second later, Sammy pokes herself out wearing a little teddy type thing. (Stephanie buying your lingerer? DOUBLE EWWWW!!!) Well friends, Sammy is no longer cute sweet Sammy, but now cute sweet SAUCY Sammy.

She does her whole thing about how both she and Ridge are lonely and that he needs to move on; blah blah blah. Ridge tries to do his Brooke/Bridget hair fondle thing, but it turns into a kind of friendly ruffle.

Sam, ever the persistent one doesnít give up, and somehow gets a little neck nuzzle on the golden boy.

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