B&B Tuesday Update 1/13/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/13/04

By Space Bug
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Over at Massimoís office, his compadre Hudson again questions his tactics on bringing Eric down. Hudson canít believe that Massimo wants to take advantage of Ozzy like that and wonders how Bridget will react if she finds out that they are behind the conspiracy.

Massimo tells Hudson that Eric wasnít really much of a father to Budge anyway, and then goes on to point out Ericís faults. Massimo says that Bridget will understand for she is not foreign to business. Then he promises that once Bridget is a Marone, she will always be protected and never humiliated.

Down at Forrester Creations, Bridget has stopped in to visit her dear old dad. Once Bridget drops the bomb that Massimo invited Ozzy to have dinner with Nick, AND RIDGE, Eric goes on the Mass war path again; saying that Massimo never told Ridge that Nick was coming to dinner, and that Massimo is trying to control his children just like he tries to control everything else. Bridget tries to justify Massimoís actions, but Eric doesnít really want to hear it. He informs his daughter that Massimo has undermined every important relationship in his life; Ridge, Stephanie, and...Jackie. (Time out...didnít he just meet Jackie like a year ago? Why is she in the top three?) Bridget decides to inform Eric that Ozzy is a Marone also. Eric says what a great guy Ozzy is, but he thinks that the less time that he spends with Massimo, the better. Eric doesnít want his buddy Mass to come between him and Bridget, or her and Ozzy.

Well, Massimo is now home at the Marone mansion admiring the portrait of Jackie that, yes friends, is hanging over the fire place. Nick pokes fun that her eyes follow you all over the room. As the Jackie joins the group of burly men, Ozzy asks where Ridge is, and assumes that he canít make it to the dinner.

Massimo says that Ridge is on his way, as Nick looks a little surprised that his brother is even supposed to be coming.

Just then, who shows up but Widge himself! And let me tell you friends, he ainít happy AT ALL to see Nicker-bocker standing in the living room. Ridge decides right away that heís outy, but Massimo pulls him aside to tell him that he WILL have dinner. Ridge says absolutely not, and that if Mass ever wants him to come over to the house again then he will never set him up like this. Massimo gives his golden boy a couple of choice words before going over to the table with Nick and Ozzy.

Jackie manages to drag Ridge over to have a seat as the five of them pretend to play family. As always, Massimo has to make a lecture about the value of family and about how great it is to be a Marone, blah blah blah. He even goes as far to say that family duty comes before all; even love and business. (Run, Ozzy, RUN!)

At the conclusion of his boring speech, Ozzy makes a toast to the Marones. (He is becoming QUITE a kiss ass lately isnít he?) After the praise the Marone name portion of the dinner is finished, Massimo goes on to say that Nick needs to get himself together and move off of his boat The Shady Marlin. ďYou canít raise a child on the docks,Ē he tells his number two son. Ridge starts to get a little antsy and then he starts yelling a bit. He tells Massimo that there is no way that heíll ever get over what Nick did to him and the Brookester, and that they will never be an actual family.

Then Ridge decides to go on the war path with Nick. He approaches him and rants on about how he is such a jerk and about how he had had everything that he had ever wanted until this little punk came along. Mass looks just a little perturbed as to how his precious sons are acting...HE AINíT HAPPY ABOUT IT!

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