B&B Monday Update 1/12/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/12/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

In our favorite town of LA, Ridge is sitting at Brooke’s desk at Logan Designs looking at a picture of the two of them from happier days. (Question: wouldn’t you think that Ridge would have his own office? It is half his company isn’t it?)

Any who, Bridget stops by to check on her favorite, older, leading man. Budge informs Ridge that she and the Brookester have been exchanging emails, but that her wonderful mother isn’t ready to come back yet. Ridge whines on about how awful everything is and how it will be so hard to see Brooke and not be able to be with her.

When the conversation changes to Bridget’s love life, she confides in Ridge that she’s worried about the tension between the Marone and Forrester clans affecting her relationship with Ozzy. Ridge tells her to hold on to Ozzy no matter what and hopefully it will bring her lots of happiness. (Ok, Budge... quit whining about family tensions...THACY WROTE THE BOOK on family rivalries; hence why they will always be B&B’s eternal Romeo and Juliet story.)

Down at the Marone Mansion, Massimo has decided to kiss and make up with Jackie. However, instead of offering up an actual apology,

Massimo presents Jackie with a portrait that he had commissioned of her that he wants to hang above the mantle. Jackie “loves” the picture, but doesn’t want it hovering above her living room. “Don’t you think that would be a little ostentatious?” she asks her warped husband. “Not at all,” Mass chuckles. Jackie repeats to him how much she loves her Marone Sr. and that Eric is not a threat to them at all. Massimo believes that, but upon Jackie wanting some attention, he has to leave for an important meeting. Jackie looks ever so disappointed.

Over at Forrester Creations, Eric is ranting to his new favorite son Thorne about how hard he tried to keep Jackie away from Massimo, and how he didn’t understand how his efforts failed him. After all, he tried when the couple announced their engagement, and the day of the wedding. Thorne kind of gives him the standard “I don’t know what to tell you dad,” comments along with shooting him a couple of “I hear you”, and “Been there, done that faces”, as well. (After all, if you will recall, Thorne tried to get Macy back the day her engagement to big bad porky Deacon was official and the night before her wedding. Like son, like father I’d say.)

 Just then, Oscar comes traipsing into the office to discuss the ad campaign for Eric’s “Come Back Collection”. Eric wants to pull out all of the stops, but nothing too ostentatious. (That word twice in the same episode? WE GET IT! MASSIMO AND ERIC ARE COMPLETE OPPOSITES!)

After the threesome call their meeting quits, Eric gives Jackie a call on her cell phone to tell her to keep being his Fendmore rep. Jackie apologizes for the way that Mass treated Eric earlier, but she thinks that it’s a good idea for them to not work together anymore. Eric tries to make her see that Massimo is controlling her, but Jackie attempts to make it clear that Massimo is her husband and then hangs up.

Well, Massimo is now in his office with his buddy Hudson. Hudson asks his boss if he is still hell bent on bringing down Eric Forrester. Massimo says sure thing, but Hudson is worried because he hasn’t found anything coming out of Forrester; it’s all so secretive. Massimo makes the comment then that they will just have to get inside.

As Ozzy is standing alone in Eric’s office, Bridget sneaks up on him to say hey. As the cute couple chit-chats, the phone rings, and Ozzy answers it to find Massimo on the other end. Ozzy tells him how excited he is about his new job and about how much he wants to prove himself. Massimo invites Ozzy to dinner with him and the Brothers Marone. After Ozzy accepts the invite, Massimo reiterates that he WILL prove himself. (Uh Oh.)

After Mass hangs up with Ozzy, Hudson questions if this is a good use of his second cousin. Massimo doesn’t really care what he has to do; he’s going to bring down Eric Forrester once and for all. “I’m going to take away his most cherished possession before he tries to take mine,” Massimo spews through clenched teeth. (And just when I was almost starting to tolerate him he has to go and want to use Ozzy...sham sham sham.

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