B&B Friday Update 1/9/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/9/04

By Spacebug
Pictures by Boo

GREAT SHOW TODAY FRIENDS! (Except for the Thomas recast)

Well, it is raining today in LA as Ridge looks out the window longing for his precious Brooke. Then the door bell rings. Who is it but Stephanie. She announces to her golden boy that she is going to be moving in with him.

Ridge says absolutely not, but then in comes the new Thomas to be the deciding vote. As long as his happening grandma Stephers makes his papa happy again, Thomas has no qualms about her moving in.

After they out vote Ridge, grandma and grandson share a special hand shake as Ridge looks on ever annoyed. (Ok, I am NOT IMPRESSED by the new Thomas...he needs to get better...QUICK!)

Over at the guest house at Forrester Fort One, the rain has forced the love birds Bridget and Ozzy indoors from their picnic.

After the two change into Bridget’s bathrobes...that’s right friends, Ozzy was running around in Bridget’s pink bathrobe, they go to have a little indoor picnic on the floor. However, even the eats got wet. When Budge goes to make some hot chocolate, Ozzy and her start to make out just a little bit. Bridget reminds Ozzy about their conversation about waiting until they are husband and wife before they do the deed. After a while of kissy face, Bridget reminds Ozzy as to why she doesn’t want to rush into anything with him; things with big bad Deacon just turned out so badly and she doesn’t want to screw up that badly again.

Ozzy gives her another one of his speeches about how he’s in this for the long hull, and blah blah blah...he’s TOO cute and sweet!

Down at the Marone Mansion, things are heating up! Eric asks Jackie flat out if she is happy in her marriage to Massimo. (Now, one has to remember that the last time we saw these two, Mass was frolicking about outside the window...HE’S GOT TO BE SOAKED!) Any who, of course before Jackie could answer, Massimo comes storming in...out of the storm.

He is pissed friends! He can’t understand why Jackie could possibly be unhappy since she’s got the world at her feet. Eric accuses Mass of treating Jackie like she’s a piece of property. Of course that didn’t sit all too well with Massimo. He tells Eric that he warned him once; and that now he better be ready for hell to break lose. After Eric leaves, Massimo softens ever so slightly and asks Jackie again if she is truly happy with him.

Jackie says that she is, and that Massimo is being too over-dramatic. Then Massimo crosses the line by requesting for Jackie to quit her job. She says that she refuses to be cut off from the rest of the world because of his jealousy. Jackie hopes that her ever loving hubby will understand; Mass says that he does, but we all know that he’s lying through his teeth. Later on after Jackie has left the room, Massimo confides in his ever trusted compadre Hudson that this is all out war with Eric Forrester. Hudson agrees, but almost begs Massimo to reconsider his tactics; “you can’t do this to poor Oscar and his sweet fiancée Bridget,” Hudson asks. Massimo says that soon enough Bridget will be a Marone and that she will one day understand. (WHAT ARE YOU DOING ASS-MAN ASSIMO??? DON’T MESS WITH BRIDGET AND OZZY! UGGGGGG!!!!)

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