B&B Thursday Update 1/8/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/8/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

Well, it’s the next day in LA, and Ridge has stopped by to say hello to Massimo. Papa Mass tells Ridge that he and his kids will get through this. Ridge says that Massimo should be pretty happy though; Brooke is out of his life for good. Ridge also comments that Jackie should be pretty happy too; as soon as Brooke comes back, he assumes that she’ll be there to pick up the pieces and direct her to Nick. Massimo reminds Ridge that Jackie’s son is his brother, and that they are all family; when one hurts everybody feels the Payne. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) Massimo then goes on to say that despite his feelings about Brooke, he didn’t want to see it end in this way for any of them. Then Massimo wonders that if Ridge will stay on at Logan Designs after everything that has happened. Ridge says oh contraire; after everything that has happened, he wants more than ever to make that company a success. Then Ridge admits that he wants to keep his hand in the fashion industry because it is a passion for him. Massimo doesn’t look all too pleased at that remark, but says that he hopes that Ridge can keep up on his doodling. Massimo then inquires if Ridge has seen Eric recently. After Ridge says no, Massimo tells him about the run in that the two of them had over Jackie. Ridge tells Massimo that his imagination is going wild. Ridge tells Massimo that he has nothing to worry about; Eric respects the vows of marriage. Massimo says that he hopes that Ridge is right. “God help the man who tries to take what is rightfully mine,” he says. After Ridge leaves, Massimo gets a phone call. It’s Hudson tattling on Jackie! He tells his boss that Eric is there at the house. Massimo hangs up on his butler and gets that evil look in his eye.

Speaking of Jackie, she is at home at her desk looking at her day planner. She says to herself that she had almost forgotten that she has a meeting with Eric today. Then she remembers back to their encounter at the Cafe Russe, and then to Massimo telling her that he doesn’t trust Mr. Forrester Sr. As Jackie is still sitting at her desk, Hudson the butler comes down to inform her that Massimo requested that their dinner reservation be canceled so that they could stay in and eat at home tonight. Jackie doesn’t seem all too happy and comments that if it were up to Massimo, she’d never leave the house. As Hudson begins to walk away Jackie says to herself that she’s got a business meeting this afternoon and that Massimo won’t keep her from that. (Hudson heard that though!) Just as Jackie is about to go upstairs, who rings the door bell but Eric. Eric informs Jackie that he is canceling their meeting and thinks that it would be best if Fendmores finds another buyer to handle the Forrester account.

Jackie just can’t believe what Eric is saying. Eric tells her that he values their association more than she knows. Then Jackie figures it out that this has to do with Massimo. “Eric, what has my husband done, and why are you going along with it?” she asks forcefully.

(Might I add that Hudson is peaking his head in and listening to this whole conversation?) Eric tells Jackie that he’s not intimidated by Massimo, and the two talk about what happened at the Cafe Russe. Jackie goes on to say how frustrated she is that Massimo interfering in her career and her friendships, blah blah blah. Then Eric asks her point blank if it is possible for them to be just friends. When she doesn’t answer, Eric starts to kind of stroke her hair.

Just then, we see Massimo traipsing past the window. He stops to have a peak, and friends, HE IS PISSED!

Over at Forrester Creations, Eric, Thorne, and Ozzy are in a meeting together. Thorne wants to get all caught up as to what has been happening. As he describes how amazing his new baby girl is, Eric comments on what a beautiful name Alexandria is. (Duh... named after one beautiful and wonderful lady.) Any way, back to business, Eric informs Thorne though that Ozzy will be in charge of their new campaign. Thorne doesn’t think that’s such a good idea; he doesn’t think that Ozzy has enough experience. (Ok Thorne, what the hell do you know...go back down to your dungeon office and stay there!) Ozzy agrees, but then says that he’s going to do the absolute best that he can in business and with Budge also. Thorne comments that Ozzy is setting the bar pretty high for himself. Ozzy then goes to lay on an elaborate quilt of kiss-ass; saying that nobody sets the bar higher than Eric and Thorne and that this company wouldn’t be so much of a success if it wasn’t for all of their talent and determination in designs and in business. (WOW...question... I know that Eric has made the company a success...but when has Thorne done ANYTHING???) Ozzy then hands Thorne a folder of new marketing strategies that he worked out the night before. Then he says that he’s not a man of empty promises and he promises that he is going to make the two of them proud. Then Ozzy holds out his hand to Thorne, and the two of them shake. Now the three are just finishing up a meeting, and as Thorne hits the road, he tells Ozzy that he agrees with his pop’s decision to hire him. (Well, Ozzy’s got Thorne’s approval...he’s good to go.) As Ozzy is going through things in his brief case, he sees a note from Bridget, and hurries on out. As Ozzy leaves, Megan comes on in to give Eric a list of his meetings. Would you guess that he has a meeting with none other than Jackie Payne?

Down at Forrester Fort One’s guest house, Bridget is running about wondering if she should call her beau Ozzy to tell him about a surprise that she’s got cooked up.

Soon, Ozzy comes bolting through the door wondering what the big emergency is. Bridget tells him that there is no emergency; they are just going on a picnic. Ozzy tells her that he can’t really do that right now, but Budge ain’t budging. “You will go, or the engagement is off,” she says. Ozzy asks Bridget if her decision to call off their engagement over him not wanting to go on a picnic is just a little extreme, but Bridget admits that she wanted to get his attention. Bridget wants to celebrate all of the good things that is happening for Ozzy and have some alone time together. Bridget then tells Ozzy that if his boss tries to give him any hassles, well, he shouldn’t have too much of a problem with that. Then Ozzy tricks Bridget into thinking that he and Eric got off on the wrong foot. After that game is done, Ozzy tells her about how great everything went and about how he’s in charge of the new campaign.

Bridget then says that she understands that Ozzy needs to get back to the office, but since all of the calls that he has to make are to Asia and with the time change and everything, he can squeeze in some alone time with Bridget after all...and the two start kissing ever so cutely. Now, the two love birds are sitting on the couch and Ozzy is giving yet another “Bridget, you’re so wonderful” speech. He tells her that she has given him so much confidence and that he’s a new man because of her and that all he wants to do is to make her proud. As he wipes her tears away, Bridget tells her man that she is proud of him, and she kisses him again. (OH HOW SWEET!!!)

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