B&B Wednesday Update 1/7/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/7/04

By Space Bug
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Well, we’re still at the Marone Mansion and Ozzy just can’t believe that Massimo had another one of those rings made just for him. Mass goes on with another noble Marone speech. Jackie finally tells him to shut up and give him the ring. But, Massimo says that Oscar can’t just be given the ring; he’s got to earn it. Massimo goes on to say that Ozzy won’t receive his ring until the day that Massimo thinks that he deserves it. (Well that’s just great.) Now it’s Ozzy turn to talk about how important the Marone ring is and about it’s history and honor...yadda yadda yadda. Ozzy is just so happy that Mass thinks of him as part of the family, and agrees that he can’t wear the ring just because of his name; he’s got to prove himself.

Then Ozzy starts blabbing on about the Marone legacy and the history of it. Massimo then begins to talk about some of the nastiness that was the Marone Empire; that some people that they took over throughout the years weren’t too happy with the clan. “Eat or be eaten,” Ozzy utters. “Does that scare you?” Massimo asks. Ozzy says that all of this doesn’t scare him; it excites him. Massimo adds that when the two young love birds are married, Bridget will be apart of all of this great Marone stuff too. As she willingly agrees, Ozzy again tells Massimo how much all of this stuff means to him. Ozzy says that he’s going to prove himself to Massimo; what ever it takes. Well, it’s time for Ozzy and Bridget to hit the road. As the two make it outside the door, Bridget gushes about how great Ozzy was and about how much she loves his integrity. Ozzy says that now that he has a family again, he’s not going to let any of them down; especially Bridget. Back inside, Jackie and Massimo gush about how great Ozzy will be.

After Jackie decides to go to bed, Massimo stays up by the fire holding his damn ring. Then Massimo says to himself that Ozzy will earn his place in the family working close to that “damn Eric Forrester.” “You’ll be very valuable to me,” he mumbles. (What an ASS!!!!)

Down at Forrester Creations, good Old Sal has found Eric doodling in his office. Sally starts preaching about love for some reason, and tells Eric that he should have a special lady in his life, and informs Eric that her highness is at home all by her lonesome. Eric says that Stephanie has been his buddy for quite some time now, but not his inspiration. Sally says that that’s a pity; since she is becoming fonder of Stephers by the moment. Eric agrees that he’s got a new found respect for Old Stephanie also, especially with the whole Bridge things. Sally almost starts to bash Brooke, but Eric tells her to put a sock in it. Sally admits that she didn’t mean to cause any harm to the Forrester clan, and that she was just trying to be there for Stephers. Then Sally goes on to tell Eric about how she had tried to hack into the laboratory computer to change the results of the paternity test so that it at least looked like “Captain Nicolas Payne” was the spawn’s father. (That’s right folks...Sally said Nicolas and not Dominick. Funny, Funny, Funny). Eric starts to flip out as Sally describes the state of mind that she was in; she was overcome with grief with Macy’s death the sequel and was totally out of her mind. She says that she went on the warpath and blamed Brooke for everything that she had ever done to her family. Eric begs Sally to tell him if she had done anything to have changed the test results. Sally says that she had failed. “Are you sure you didn’t do anything to impact that test?” Eric asks. Sally reiterates that she didn’t even get the chance. After they decide that it’s all water under the Bridge...ha ha, Sally says that she’s had enough talking about Romeo and Jezz-abelle, and wants to get the skinny on Eric’s love life. Sally suggests that he could always stop by her little home for a cup of Irish whiskey...LOL.

When Eric says that he tends to fantasize from time to time, Sally goes down to list of Eric’s “lovers”. When she can’t really think of anyone other then Stephanie, she absent-mindedly brings up the beach house incident with Jackie Payne, and then she gets it! “Eric, say it isn’t so! Not Jackie Marone!” Eric informs Sally that he and Jackie are good friends and that he respects her marriage; BUT on the day that she finally sees through Massimo, he wants to be the one to be there for her. Sally says that Eric is asking for TROUBLE!

Now Ridge is back home at Forrester Fort Two. He’s taking a jaunt around what I suppose was supposed to be the nursery for the spawn. As he walks over to the crib that is in the middle of the room, cute sweet Sammy comes frolicking up calling for him. When she finds him in the room by the crib she apologizes for it being there; she tried to get it out before he saw it. Sammy tells him how sorry she is about everything. Ridge says that he told TAYLOR’S children that there wasn’t going to be a new spawn and that their new mommy and baby sister Hope weren’t going to be staying at their Forrester Fort Two anymore. Ridge says that although the kids were disappointed, they took the news rather well. He goes on to wonder about how much more loss his Tay-tots can handle. Sammy says that the same thing could be asked about their daddy. Ridge goes on to describe the loss of his spawn; blah blah blah...we’ve hear this all before.

Sammy reminds Ridge that the spawn will always be part of his life, but Ridge pretty much says that being and uncle just won’t cut it. Then he starts blabbing about the Marone ring and how he won’t have to have another one made. After what seemed like a pause, Sammy re-hatches the day that she and her family moved away from LA. She describes how upset she was that life as she knew it was over. Then she says that as the car pulled out of the driveway, Ridge ran over to her and yelled something that she never forgot. She is shocked when Ridge says it back to her. “Always in motion is the future.” Sammy tells him that the sentiment of that statement still rings true today.

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