B&B Tuesday Update 1/6/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/6/04

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Over in Deacon’s office, he’s walking all by himself, saying aloud that he’s got to do this for Bridget; he’s got to get her back. But as the big bad porker allows himself to think back to seeing Budge and Ozzy smooching in her wedding dress, he falls in a heap...HA HA!

Stephanie then walks in to find Deacon writhing around on the floor underneath his parallel bars. Deacon tells her to just leave him alone. (Oh, like Stephanie can help him get back in his wheel chair.) Well, some how Stephanie did get him into his chair so that they can have a talk. Deacon tells Stephanie that she can’t understand what he’s going through, but Stephers says oh contraire, and tells Deacon about her stroke. “You can’t give up,” she says to him. Deacon says that nobody can help him; not even Bridget. “She doesn’t give a damn about me. She went off and got engaged to Oscar.” (He’s finally getting it!) Stephers tells Deacon that while Bridget is engaged to Ozzy, that doesn’t mean that she can’t help him. Deacon tells Stephanie that he loves Bridget. Stephers asks Deacon why he would think that Budge would give him another chance to begin with, but Deacon says that she already has. “Why do you think that Oscar is in such a race to get engaged?

He knows that Bridget has feelings for me,” Deacon pleads. Stephanie tells Deacon to get a grip on himself, but Deacon says that he knows deep down that Bridget thinks that he could make her happy. Stephanie agrees that Deacon is a different guy. Deacon starts literally crying that if Bridget could forgive him then she could love him or something like that...I don’t know, he wasn’t making much sense. Stephanie feels Deacon’s dilemma, and pulls him in for a hug.

Down at one of the guest houses at Forrester Fort One, Ozzy is waiting for Bridget to finish getting ready as he looks at a little old picture. When Bridget comes out and notices Ozzy holding the picture, she questions him about it. Ozzy says that it’s a pic of him and his mom and tells his bride to be that today would have been her birthday.

Ozzy then goes on to describe the family night that he and his parents would have in honor of the day... blah blah blah, and about how his mother would always prepare the family’s secret lasagna, which he lost the recipe for. Well, tonight is going to be sort of a family night for the two announce that Massimo invited them over for dinner. Ozzy fears that they are just going to receive another lecture about their engagement, but Bridget says that she doesn’t care what anyone has to say; she ain’t changing her mind.

Over at the Marone Mansion, Massimo comes home to find Jackie getting ready for Ozzy and Bridget’s arrival. Massimo inquires about Jackie’s day and asks her if she had any company or visitors. Upon Jackie denying that she saw anyone in particular today, Massimo says that she’s lying. Jackie turns around looking a little afraid. Massimo informs Jackie that he saw her with Eric and says that the two had quite an intimate good bye. Massimo tells Jackie that while he trusts his wife, he doesn’t trust Eric. Jackie says that Massimo works too much and that if he spent a little more time at home he would no that Eric is no threat to their marriage.

Back at the Marone Mansion, Bridget and Ozzy have just arrived. Massimo tells Oscar that he heard that he had taken the job that Eric had offered him at Forrester. Massimo says that he understands and that it made perfect sense. “After all, you’re going to marry his daughter.” Jackie is caught off guard for a minute, and right as Ozzy starts going on the offensive about he engagement, Massimo informs him that he couldn’t be happier and pulls him in for a firm embrace.

As the happy foursome sit down for some dinner, Massimo tells Ozzy to hang on to Bridget, and to not make the same mistake with her that he had made with Jackie all those years ago. Then Jackie decides to toast to all of the Marone women. On that note, Mass makes a special point to say that today is Ozzy’s mother’s birthday. Massimo tells Ozzy about how much he liked Ozzy’s mother, and then makes a toast to all the Marone women; present, future, and past. Then he says something in Italian. After the toast, Massimo says that he prepared the secret Marone lasagna. After dinner, Massimo starts rambling on about how the Marone clan is laced with senses of honor and duty.

“You are the future of an enduring legacy,” Massimo says. Then, Massimo gives Ozzy one of the Marone rings. How sweet.

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