B&B Monday Update 1/5/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/5/04


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Apparently, it’s the morning after the Brookester has hit the road, and Ridge has crawled into her office to look at that stupid tri-picture frame that he gave her and to talk to himself about their family and their business and how all of it is gone. “You’re gone,” Ridge cries to himself. As Ridge is mindlessly taking up space in Brooke’s office, in comes good old Nicker-Bocker. Upon Ridge telling his new favorite brother that Brooke has hit the road, Nick says that he already knew, and that he’s oh so sorry. Ridge doesn’t buy it, and tells Nick that he will be sorry if he doesn’t skee-daddle on out of there pronto. Oh course, Ridge blames Nick for the loss of his marriage, and as always, Nick says that he’s very sorry. Ridge tells Nick that he can’t possibly imagine what he’s done to him. “I had it Nick, I had the life I wanted; and now it’s gone because of you.”

Nick tells his brother that he didn’t want it to happen, but Ridge doesn’t believe him. Ridge accuses Nick of being glad that he’s the father of the spawn, and then goes on to congratulate his brother on ruining his life. Nick informs Ridge that he’s not walking away from anything. Then he tells his little brother that there is no way that he will ever be able to take his place in Brooke’s life. Then Ridge goes into the speech about how Nick is such a horrible person because he wouldn’t give up his claim to his child to save the Bridge. Ridge then says that Brick will never have a happily ever after because of the horrible position that Nick had put Brooke in. Then Ridge starts yelling at Nick to get on out of there. As he yells and waves his arm, he knocks over that damn picture frame. Nick looks back in through the door as Ridge curls up on the floor by Brooke’s desk and cries while clutching the picture frame. (Much like Brooke used to do!)


“She did it!?” Eric asks Stephanie as they stand around in his office. Eric just can’t believe it. “They’ve always loved each other; it just so sad.” Stephanie agrees. Eric is also a little confused about Stephanie’s new found pride in Brooke. Stephanie admits that Brooke has changed and that she’s become more mature. (Well, being about 40 plus SHOULD do that to a person). Stephanie even says that she’s proud to call Brooke her daughter-in-law. Eric is just dumb founded. “You’re actually sorry to see her go,” he asks in utter bafflement. Stephers can’t believe that she’s actually admitting this, but she informs Eric that by Brooke walking away from the Bridge proved to her that Brooke is the right kind of woman for her number one son and moron Ridge.

Apparently, Eric has left old Stephers alone in his office, for she is sitting by her lonesome when old pal Sally shows up to shoot the crap. Sally notices that her buddy looks a little stressed, and hopes that “the king and queen haven’t been fighting over Brooke’s unborn prince.” (ha ha... how I love good old Sal.) Sally wants to hear some Forrester family gossip. Stephanie let’s Sally in on the rumor that Eric Forrester went into business with a one Ms. Spectra. Sally giggles a giggle, and then let’s Stephanie in on the “rumor” that Eric Forrester is showing interest in his ex-wife, the FIRST Mrs. Forrester. Stephers says that they’re just friends and that nothing romantic is going on. That leads both girls to wonder; what is Eric waiting for?

Over at Cafe Russe, Massimo and Jackie are meeting for a delightful lunch. Jackie informs Massimo that Brooke has broken the Bridge. Mass can’t believe that Brooke actually went through with it. Then he wants to know where his number two son is lurking about. Jackie again catches Massimo up to speed; Nick is looking for Ridge. Massimo doesn’t think that that’s a good strategy at all. Massimo is grateful that Brooke hit the road for a while. Jackie agrees and thinks that she and Mass need to take a time-out for themselves as well. She suggests that her hubby takes the rest of the day off to go traipsing about on the beach but Mass, ever the stick in the mud has too much work. Jackie doesn’t understand why Massimo can’t enjoy all of the success that he’s obtained, and seems rather flustered by that. Mass tells her to enjoy the fruits of his labor while he goes to a meeting.

Jackie is now sitting at the bar at the Cafe Russe as her pal Eric strolls over to say hello. The two chat about the devastating destruction of the Bridge. As the two talk, Eric admits how much he’s missed their little chats. “When we were sharing the beach house that was my favorite part of the day.” (Uh oh Eric... I’d stay away from Jackie if I were you!) Then the two go back to compare and contrast how different the spawn situation is for each of their sons. Jackie admits that she hopes that Brooke and Nick do end up together when all is said and done. After a minute, Eric invites Jackie for a traipse on the beach, but Jackie doesn’t think that’s a smart plan; after all, she’s married to a very jealous man. As Jackie gets up to leave, Massimo happens to walk back into the restaurant just in time to see Eric kiss her hand. Mass don’t look too happy friends!

After Jackie leaves, Massimo approaches Eric who is still sitting at the bar. He informs Eric that he saw him pawing at his wife. Massimo threatens Eric to stay away from Jackie. “Don’t start this with me Forrester. You try to take something of mine, I grantee I’ll take something of yours,” Massimo sneers. (Them sound like fighting words!)

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