B&B Friday Update 1/2/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/2/04


Written by Spacebug
Pictures by Juanita

Right where we left off at the cabin, Brooke just doesn’t want to let go. Ridge tells her that she doesn’t have to, but Brooke says that she has to. Ridge tells Brooke that he’ll only lose if he loses her. Then a teary eyed Brooke tells Ridge to take off her wedding rings. When Ridge adamantly refuses to take off the rings, Brooke does it herself. Ridge tells her that they deserve that ring and all of their happiness. Brooke says that they did until she screwed up. Then she hands him the rings and goes to stair out the window. Ridge follows, and starts spewing an Eric speech about how the ring represents eternity, blah blah blah. As Brooke tells him that their love will get them through even the worst of times, Stephanie walks in and agrees. Ridge wants to know how his mommy knew where they were. Brooke informs him that she had asked Stephers to pack some things for her and bring her child up; they are going away for this. Ridge congratulates Stephanie; she finally got what she wanted. Stephanie tells him that she never wanted this, and informs him that only someone who really loves him could give up so much for him. Ridge doesn’t think that Brooke should have to make this sacrifice, but then Stephanie draws the parallel to this situation and that of her own when she found out that Eric wasn’t Ridge’s father. She admits that Brooke has more courage than she did for she revealed the truth. Stephanie also says that Brooke is finally showing that she has true character and integrity and pleads to Ridge to let the Brookester have this moment. Then, Stephanie starts to tear up as she hugs Ridge, and then leaves to check on the baby before she really starts to show emotion. Brooke tells Ridge that some day they will find their way back to each other. “Unforgettable, that’s what you are,” utters to her Forrester stud right before he hugs her. Then she says good bye, and walks out the door. Ridge takes a seat, completely in shock. As Brooke stands outside the door in the snow, she really starts to cry. Poor Brooke. Poor Ridge. Poor Bridge. Too bad, so sad.

Over in Deacon’s new office, he and Bridget are practicing walking. Through his grunts and strains in trying to take small steps, Deacon is STILL managing to hit on Budge. After they decide to call it quits, the two exes get into how Bridget doesn’t know Ozzy and about how she should be with Deacon. Bridget tells Deacon that he’s got his hopes up over nothing, but of course he doesn’t listen and goes off on another spew about how he’s the right guy, and not Ozzy. Bridget then decides to call it a day and head on out to say hello to Papa Eric.

After Bridget has left, Ozzy stops into Deacon’s office looking for his bride-to-be. Upon Ozzy asking if Deacon and Bridget are finished for the day, Deacon says yes, but not if he had it his way. Ozzy don’t look too happy ‘bout that! Ozzy agrees with Deacon that Budge does have feelings for him; pity, compassion, obligation. Deacon disagrees, but Ozzy says that he’s going to put a wedding ring on Bridget’s finger for the rest of their lives. “I really hope that you get out of that chair,” Ozzy says, “cause the sooner you do, the sooner Bridget can say good bye for good.” OUCH! Well, now, everyone is gone again from Deacon’s office, and the big bad porker is now working to take some steps on his own. Deacon is all excited about taking his first steps alone. He just can’t wait to tell Bridget, so he wheels himself on out to notify her.

Down in Papa Eric’s office, Budge is sitting in there all alone flipping through a magazine when Ozzy comes in bearing a dress! Upon opening the garment bag, he pulls out a wedding gown from Eric’s new collection. Then Ozzy spews some VERY sweet sentiments that makes both me and Bridget melt. Then she decides to try on the dress. Bridget comes on out modeling the dress. It looks really good, and Ozzy agrees. Then the two start smooching there in the office. Well, as timing would have it, that’s just when Deacon quietly cracks open the door. He sees the kiss and doesn’t look all too thrilled.

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