B&B Thursday Update 1/1/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/1/04


Written by Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Happy New Year!

Back at the cabin, Ridge pleads to Brooke that there is nothing that they can’t face together. Brooke says that that statement is no longer true and that the worst thing for them to do is to go around believing that it is. Ridge tells Brooke to stop worrying about his relationship with Nick, but Brooke announces that she’s not going to get the happiness that he deserves as long as she’s his wife. Ridge tells Brooke that she is everything to him, but she flips it by saying that he is everything to the budding Marone clan. Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn’t want to tarnish Ridge’s family and when he says that he’s very proud of his Logan, she corrects him by saying that he’s proud of whom she was PRE-SPAWN. Ridge tells her to stop, but Brooke doesn’t. She tells him that she can’t stay married to one brother and be pregnant with the other brother’s child. (Why not?!) Brooke tells Ridge that nobody loves him more than she does, but nobody’s hurt him more either. “So tonight, that’s it. It has to end for everybody’s sake,” Brooke declares. After Ridge states again that he’s not going to let her do this, Brooke says that she’s not going to be the same selfish person that she’s always been. She can’t bear the thought of “wearing” Ridge out. She says that the only way for their love to survive is for him to let her go. “What are you doing?” Ridge asks aggressively. Brooke tries to explain that the Bridge just isn’t strong enough. She has to leave before they stop loving each other. She tells Ridge tearfully that she’ll never stop loving him, but that there are other things that matter and that she just can’t turn her back any more then she could keep him in a situation that would cause him pain. “I can’t do that to you; I can’t do that to us,” she cries.

Over at the hospital, Darla is still panting like a dog as she prepares to birth her spawn. After Thorne comes back in, the doctor announces that it’s time to deliver. Just then, Sally comes in yelling a whole bunch of sports talk. Then who appears but Gladys, all decked out in a cheer leading costume, ready to film the event with her trusty video camera. As Darla is giving birth, it appears that it’s now Gladys’ turn to be queasy, with sympathy pains. Sally forces her to get back into the game and to start filming. Finally, Darla pops out a girl. (It’s about freaking time!) After the doctor cleans up the spawn, Darla and Thorne cuddle and coo over what will most surly amount to being the absolute dumbest child known to man. After all is quiet, Darla decides what she wants to name this bundle of joy. “Alexandria”, after Macy. (I got you beat babe... when and if I ever have a baby girl, her name is going to be MACY ALEXANDRA...talk about Macy tribute!) Thorne agrees that that would make Mace very happy. Sally thinks so too, and thanks Darla for the gesture. (Ya know what...come to think of it, if it wasn’t FOR Macy, little Alexandria wouldn’t even exist. Darla you’d better thank your lucky stars EVERY DAY for Macy, seeing as though you took her man, AND HER DREAM. UGGGGGGGG.)

Down at Marone Industries, Stephers finds Nick in sulking in his office. (Isn’t this New Year’s Eve?) Stephanie announces that she’s here to chat about Brooke, but that she’s not there to play the Brooke bashing game. “I have nothing bad to say about Brooke,” Stephers informs Nick. (He and I are both appropriately shocked.) Stephers correctly points out that Nick is wondering if Brooke will go through with leaving Ridge. Stephanie says that she feels bad for Bridge; that they’re both losing everything. Nick doesn’t know quite how to grasp this. Stephanie says that eventually the Brookester will be happy again; just not with the golden boy Ridge. Nick decides that Brooke will never get over Ridge, but while Stephanie agrees that they’ll always love each other, but that individually, they’ll find their own happiness. Then, Stephanie informs Nick that Brooke is taking time to herself for a while, and that Stephers is going to run Hope up to the cabin so that Brooke can high-tail it out of there tonight.

*Ok, side note. Despite what you may think, I DO feel sorry for Bridge...I’m just bitter that Thacy didn’t work out. And, I love Schae Harrison and think that she’s great, but again, I’m VERY bitter about Darla and Thorne’s one night stand, and as much as I like and respect Schae, I’ll most likely NEVER enjoy watching Darla again...especially while she’s paired with Thorne.

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