B&B Wednesday Update 12/31/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  12/31/03

By Space Bug
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Happy New Year's Eve!

It’s New Year’s Eve in LA, and Thorne and Darla have decided to pay a visit to their surrogate mother/mother-in-law Sally who is just about ready to watch some football. After some chit-chat, the conversation is turned to Darla’s nervousness about having her Forrester spawn. Sally tells her never to fear; she’ll be her coach. Darla is very grateful and can’t wait to get the spawn out; she doesn’t know what part of her body hurts worse. (Macy wouldn’t have complained.) As Sally tells Darla about how easy and natural giving birth is, Darla’s water breaks. Sally can’t believe this development! Thorne gets up to call the doctor but then realizes that there ain’t time for that! He “honeys” Darla to come on out the door as Sally half mindedly joins the parade. (I have not doubt that this kid will be fine. With Thorne and Darla as parents and Sally as the brains of this whole operation, this kid has a chance...doesn’t it? I THINK NOT!) As we arrive at the hospital, we over hear a couple of nurses saying that a patient named Darla Einstein is in labor and they think that it will be a problematic delivery because she collapsed down stairs. Just then, on the gurney we see Sally being rolled in with Darla and Thorne walking in behind her, informing her that she’ll be fine. OH HA HA....NOT. Well, Darla is in a room with Thorne right by her side acting all couple like. (Can I PUKE any time soon?!) After the doctor comes in to check on the couple of stupid, Sally comes in bringing up the rear to play coach. She instructs Darla to breath and pant...like a dog. (She shouldn’t have much trouble doing that!)

Over at Forrester Fort One, Papa Eric has decided to pay Stephers a visit. The two start to chat about what friends? Bridge! Stephanie informs Eric that the Bridge has been shattered; that Brooke is leaving her idiot Ridge. Eric is slightly pissed. He thinks that the crashing of the Bridge is all Stephanie and Massimo’s fault since they’ve been jamming the idea down Brooke’s throat the whole time. He is NOT a happy camper. Eric is just a little upset with Stephanie and proclaims that this decision isn’t in the best interest of Ridge; “He doesn’t want this!” Eric screams.

Speaking of Bridge, they are up at the cabin at Big Bear. The two have some sweet talk as they watch the snow fall. Brooke makes a very metaphorical reference to the falling snow as a curtain coming down on a fashion show; ending it. Brooke tells Ridge that she just wants to enjoy this moment and not worry about the future. “Let’s enjoy what we have right now,” Brooke says. Ridge agrees, but thinks that there is something going on with the Brookester. Ridge, ever the intellect is picking up on Brooke’s references of endings and not wanting to look to the future. The more that Ridge tries to get Brooke to talk, the more that she attempts to pour on the charm in attempts to get him to shut up. “Let’s just forget about everything else,” she says again. As Brooke traipses away to fix Ridge some dinner, he tells her how much he loves her. Brooke states that by the end of the night he’s going to know about how much she loves him. (Tough love’s a bitch, ain’t it?) As Ridge is stoking the fire, Brooke pops in the Bridge tune of “Unforgettable” and she and Ridge dance. (Again, I would just like to point out that on the almost last night of Thacy before the car accident, Macy popped in “When I fall in Love” for her and Thorne’s last dance.) As the two love birds twirl, the say some nauseating sentiments to each other. Ridge tells Brooke that in his arms is right where she belongs. Brooke hugs Widge in tightly. Then we have some clips of a very much younger Bridge dancing through the years. How sweet. (Random question: the cabin at Big Bear is where everyone seems to go to either have sex or break up. I wonder how many couples have had sex on the floor that Bridge is twirling about on. I know that I can’t add it up...but think about it. I hope that floor has been sterilized!) After the dance, Bridge sits down to have a drink and a chat. Ridge decides to apologize for his inability to get it up the other night; saying that the spawn won’t come between them. Then he reminisces of how the Brookester has been beside him 100%, and now it’s his turn. He tells Brooke that he is completely devoted to her, the spawn, and the family. Brooke says that they need to talk about the family right now. However, before she gets started, Ridge interrupts by saying that their love can get through everything, blah blah blah. After they share a smooch, Brooke starts to what...tear up and begins to tell Ridge that she’s leaving him tonight. Ridge shakes his head. “No Logan, you are not leaving,” he says with a ‘you’ll have to get through me first’ expression on his face. (Well, that shouldn’t be a problem.)


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