B&B Tuesday Update 12/30/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/30/03

By Space Bug
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 *Ok... I didn’t get to watch today, so here is a short “jist” of what happened.

  Jackie stops by to chat with Nick.  He informs her about Bridge’s trip to Big Bear.  He also says that he suspects that Brooke is leaving him.  Jackie is all excited; this is Nick’s chance.  Nick is still a little beat up about the whole situation.

Ridge high-tails it over to Forrester Creations to talk to the lone Bridge supporter- Papa Eric.  Ridge doesn’t know what to think about Brooke’s surprise desire to romp about at Big Bear, and reveals that he fears that she might be surcombing to Mass and Stephanie’s pleas.  Eric tells his number one son to stand by Brooke and that everything will be OK.

Over at Forrester Fort Two, Bridget stops by to inform her mother that she’s engaged.  Brooke is happy, but then lowers the bomb about Bridge: it’s over.  She tells Bridget that she’s going to leave Ridge; save him from sacrificing himself for her yet again.  Bridget realizes that letting Ridge go is something that her mother has to do and as the two share a moment, Ridge walks in to interrupt.  The two say that they got all emotional over Bridget upcoming nuptials as Bridget hits the road.

All of Bridget’s road hitting leads her to Nick’s office.  She tells the troubled sea captain that she wanted to check in on how he was doing.  (Budge, ever the do good-er).  Nick says that he’s a little on edge; he feels that something is up with Bridge.  He just doesn’t want to cause anymore problems for them.

Down at Forrester Fort One, Jackie has popped in to don Queen Stephanie with a bottle of champagne.  After Stephanie hints that the Bridge might just be finished after tonight, Jackie thinks that this is a time for the two of them to be celebrating.  Stephanie is finally rid of the Brookester, and Jackie will have her as the daughter-in-law that she’s always wanted; they both win!  Good old Stephers just doesn’t see it that way and isn’t thrilled that Jackie is so eager to franchise on Bridge’s impending misery.

We leave off with Bridge arriving at Big Bear with Ridge oblivious as to what is about to happen, and Brooke worried about how much hurt she is going to unleash yet again.

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