B&B Monday Update 12/29/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/29/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Never fear, the Brookester is here! That’s right folks; Brooke heard the brothers Marone arguing in Nick’s office about the whole spawn situation, and she has announced that she knows exactly what has to be done. (I don’t know about you, but now I can sleep at night!) Brooke’s solution to the problem is to spend time alone with Widge. She wants to hightail it up to the cabin! “We need to get away and I’m not going to take no for an answer. We need to regroup,” the Brookester pleads. “I guarantee the next time that we’re all together the situation will look very different.” Hmmmm, Brooke, whatcha planning?? Ridge tells his Logan that the cabin won’t solve their problems; that everything will be the same when they get back. Brooke says absolutely not; EVERYTHING will be different. Then she whines about how much she wants to go. Ridge is worried that he’ll just disappoint her again...ha ha. Finally, with Nicker-Bocker looking on, Widge agrees, and Brooke runs out all teary-eyed to start packing their bags.

Over at the hospital, sweet Bridget has stopped to check in with her doctor friend about big bad porky Deacon. Bridget tells the good doctor that Deacon became a little aroused while she was massaging his leg earlier. The good doctor says that’s wonderful that Deacon is beginning to regain the use of his lower torso again. Budge however is a little worried. She reminds the doctor that she and the moronic Mr. Sharpe were once married and wonders if that may be a problem. The doctor says that this is more or less a test for Bridget; to see if she can motivate a patient without getting emotionally involved.

Down at Forrester Fort One, Ridge’s blood parents are having a pow-wow about the spawn situation as well. Massimo tells Queen Stephanie that he hopes that he got through to Brooke, but he doesn’t know. Massimo warns Stephers that he’s afraid that Brooke will react to the Bridget problems the way she always does; by sticking her head in the sand and covering up all of their problems with sex and romance. (Way to be Massimo! I don’t think that I could have said it better myself!) Stephanie tells Massimo that she doesn’t think that Brooke will just ignore this problem cause she CAN’T ignore it. “Brooke ant’s to do the right thing,” she says, and she informs Mass that Brooke needs to be ENCOURAGED, and not HARRASSED. (Wow, Stephers, I’m impressed!) Massimo knows and gets this, but is also worried about the saying that the way to HELL is paved with good intentions. (And he along with everyone else on this show should know that! *all except Macy...she doesn’t count cause she’s no longer ON THIS SHOW...lol) “The truth is, I feel sorry for Brooke,” Massimo says. (Wait, WHAT?!) “Look, she’s a smart young woman,” Stephers says. (Double what?! Brooke young... AND SMART?!) Mass and Stephers wonder if Brooke loves Ridge ENOUGH to give him and their whole life up.

Now Bridget is at Ozzy’s apartment where he has just begun to cook her dinner. (HE IS TOO PERFECT! I LOVE HIM I TELL YOU, LOVE HIM!) As Ozzy starts slicing the veggies, he asks how big bad Deacon is doing in his therapy. Budge says that he’s doing OK, thus causing Ozzy to think that “a couple more sessions like that and he’ll be walking in no time.” Bridget is just a little bit quiet after that statement. Then the two continue to chat about Deacon some more, and about how Budge is worried about Deacon as a PATIENT and nothing more. Upon Ozzy asking if he can feel anything, Bridget seems to get more and more uncomfortable with talking about this. Oh, but Ozzy wants to talk about it because he admits that he’s not too crazy about his girl spending her days with an ass who has the hots for her. Bridget nods and says that she understands Ozzy’s concern, and after he showers her with more compliments about how great and wonderful she is, the two embrace sweetly...awwww.

Back at Marone Industries, Massimo has decided to pay everyone’s favorite number one son a visit. Widge informs him right off the bat that if Mass has come to talk about the Brookester, then he just better keep on trucking. Massimo informs Ridge that he had just had a civilized conversation with the Brookester, but as civilized as the conversation might have been, Ridge is still pissed. He correctly assumes that Mass requested that Brooke end the Bridge married. “Leave us alone!” Ridge says. Ridge then tells Mass about the Big Bear trip. He informs Massimo that HE is the one that is causing all of the strain and stress and that this little romp in the mountains will help. Ridge says that he and Brooke are going to deal with this together. He promises that he won’t let Brooke leave him, no matter what.

As Stephanie answers her door, she finds a Brooke on her doorstep. Not a babbling stream though, but a babbling woman. Brooke informs Stephers that she and Ridge are going to trek on up to Big Bear for New Years. Stephers isn’t all too happy at first until Brooke explains that she’s doing what she wants her to do; she’s going to break the Bridge. Brooke just wants one last romantic night alone with her husband; that’s all she’s asking for is just ONE NIGHT. (OK, TIME OUT! Now, does this sound familiar to ANYBODY?? OK, let’s think now... summer of 2000... Somebody else wanted ONE LAST NIGHT ALONE WITH HER HUSBAND UP AT BIG BEAR. All she wanted was ONE LAST NIGHT...ALONE... up at Big Bear. Is ANYONE else seeing recycled material?? Well Brooke, if it was up to ME... never mind... you don’t want to KNOW what I think. All I’m saying is that if MACY didn’t get her PERFECT LAST NIGHT ALONE AT BIG BEAR with her Forrester Stud, NEITHER SHOULD YOU.) Stephers is shocked. Brooke says that this is the most difficult decision that she’s had to make. She then says that she can’t always follow her heart... blah blah blah. Stephanie tells Brooke that someday Nick and Ridge will both appreciate this. Then Stephanie tells Brooke that Ridge is a very lucky man, and then she thanks Brooke for doing this. Brooke admits that she’s always wanted what was best for Widge, but she just wishes that she didn’t have to give him up to prove it. “God help me tonight,” Brooke mumbles through her tears as Stephanie looks on with... could it be...compassion?

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