B&B Friday Update 12/26/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/26/03

By Spacebug
Pictures by Juanita

Well, today we begin with the Brookester coming into Massimoís office at his request. Apparently, Massimo doesnít want to discuss the ins and outs of Logan Designs, but what else; the spawn. Brooke tells him to go ahead and take his best shot at her; after all, sheís given him all of the ammunition that heís ever dreamed of, but Massimo simply says that there is nothing that he could call Brooke that she hasnít called herself. (Hmmmm, I beg to differ since remember, this was a MISTAKE and Brookeís defense has been poor poor pitiful me.) Anyways, Massimo has decided that it would be in the best interest of everyone if Brooke dumps Ridgeís ass and spends the rest of her life with Nicker- Bocker. ďDo right by my grand-child,Ē Mass sincerely pleads. Brooke canít believe what he is asking her to do; give up the love of her life for her child? (She couldnít even give up the impulse of her libido for her child Bridget; what makes him think that she could give up Ridge for her unborn child? Come on Mass, asking a little too much are we?) Well, Brooke just doesnít know how to answer that; she just canít give up Widge; not even to save the precious Marone clan. After all, Ridge and Nick will get through this; they can get through anything. After all, theyíre brothers! Massimo begs Brooke to not drive this wedge any further, but Brooke doesnít think that anything could tear the brothers Marone apart for good.

Speaking of the brothers Marone, upon Nick walking into his office, he finds a Ridge in there. Not a literal Ridge how ever, but a man by the name of Ridge. And Ridge has something for his new favorite brother Nick; adoption papers! What nerve! Nicker- Bocker canít believe that Ridge went through and had these papers drawn up after he had specifically said that no one was going to raise his child but him. Ridge thinks that itís in the best interest of the spawn that Ridge raise it, but again, Nick begs to differ. Ridge finally admits that heís doing this to help to save his marriage. Now Nick is confused. He thought that the Bridge was as strong as ever, but apparently not. Itís missing a few Bricks... ha ha. Ridge says that itís mighty hard for him to ďlay down with his wifeĒ when she has another manís spawn inside of her. Nick wants to know how these papers will make any difference what-so-ever in that. Ridge expresses that if the spawn is legally his, then he shouldnít have a problem boinking Brooke. Then Widge really gets desperate. He threatens Nicker- Bocker with going to court over this. Nick informs him that heíll most likely lose, but Nick says that no matter what he does, he ainít going to win. Itís pretty much either lose his brother or his wife. Just then, Brooke who has been listening to this argument THROUGH THE OPENED OFFICE DOOR comes in give her two cents. She tells Ridge to not worry about a thing; she knows EXACTLY what they have to do. NEVER FEAR, THE BROOKESTER IS HERE! *Be afraid Ridge; be VERY afraid!

In other news, Ozzy and Eric are having a chat over at Forrester Creations. Eric tells his new son-in-law-to-be about the piece of crap company that big bad porky Deacon is starting in this very building; thus meaning that heíll have great access to Bridget. Ozzy isnít all too thrilled at that prospect coupled with the fact that Budge is also handling Deaconís physical therapy, but hey, Bridget knows to watch out for Deacon, Ozzy says. Eric isnít so sure. Donít underestimate Deacon, he forewarns. Ericís solution to this problem is to hire Ozzy as a kind of watch dog; to keep an eye on the former Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe. At first Ozzy isnít all too sure that heíd be a good fit at Forrester Creations, but with some quick talking, Eric easily convinces him to take the gig.

Down at the kid friendly beach house of Deacon, Bridget is now making his home wheel-chair friendly as well. Deacon isnít up for much fun today; in fact, heís rather cranky. He wants Bridget to take her sunshine and hit the road, ďJust leave and forget about me,Ē big bad Deacon whines. Well, apparently Budge isnít seeing this as the golden opportunity that she should, and tries to get Deacon to open up and tell her his woes. Apparently, Deacon has finally realized that he has no use of his lower torso and itís really starting to piss him off. ďIím not a man,Ē Deacon cries. (Well duh! You werenít a man when your twig and berries were operational you moron!) Bridget tells the idiot to give it some time and that nothing is going to be in working order if he gives up. And would you know, right as Budge is moving Deaconís leg around while he reminisces about their old begotten sex life together, something else moves as well...apparently all of the reminiscing helps Deacon to RISE to the occasion. And by the way, HE MAKES SURE TO INFORM BRIDGET ABOUT IT! Budge is happy for Deacon but feels a little embarrassed about the whole thing. The two sit there and giggle about Deaconís progress...GIVE ME A BREAK! RUN BRIDGET! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

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