B&B Wednesday Update 12/24/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  12/24/03

By Space Bug
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Merry Christmas Eve!

Well, today was the first Christmas Episode of B&B that we’ve had in such a long time. Although, I have to admit, I would have taken last years show over this any day... If I recall, last year this time we had Thorne and Macy making out in that light house in Italy... how quickly things change in a year. Too bad, oh so sad. But, speaking of Macy, we were treated with her singing her rendition of “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas”. Sally was playing one of her daughter’s CD’s as she sat alone in her apartment in the dark looking at an old album with pics of my poor baby Mace in it. Who disrupts this sad scene but Thorne and Darla who come on in to get Sally to come to the big Forrester hullabaloo. Sally doesn’t feel like celebrating though; she’d rather sit and sulk and listen to Macy sing. (Actually, I think that I’d rather do that too.) Darla feels really bad as she leaves her pal sitting miserably. (As she should actually.)

Over at Forrester Fort One, everyone is having a great time singing and smiling; all problems forgotten. Nick sings a little song with his guitar and then passes it to Ridge. Darla and Thorne told Stephanie of Sally’s sadness, so Stephers decides to have a chat with her bosom bud.

Stephanie went over to Sally’s and said something to her, which I missed while flipping to AMC to see Bobbie Eakes as “Krystal”. But, Stephanie did give Sally a present, which she opened after the queen departed. It was a locket with Sally and Stephanie’s pictures in it. How sweet!

As more rip roaring song singing is coming out the windows of Forrester Fort One, in comes Sally through the front door all dressed up in a Santa suit; her spirits have obviously taken a soaring leap. Everyone gets a chuckle at the diamond clad St. Sally, as she thanks Stephanie for her beautiful present, telling her that’s just what she needed. Then, Sally happens to eye Eric’s new toy; a karaoke machine! At the sight of that, Sally breaks out into her rendition of “Santa Claus is coming to Town.” (Ok, everyone pretty much sang what they sang when part of the cast made a Christmas album that sold in Europe a good 7 to 10 years ago....everyone who is LEFT, that is).


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